NYCC Day 3 Cosplay Gallery

As the weekend at NYCC went on, the Cosplay got more and more interesting. Here are some of the costumed highlights from Saturday.
Thanks again to Tyson B. from for some of the snaps.

img_5869 img_5875 img_5874 img_5872 img_5865 img_5864 img_5863 img_5859 img_5855 img_5854 img_5852 img_5846 img_5842 img_5877 img_5873 img_5858 img_5853 img_5847 img_5830 img_5828 img_5827

One thought on “NYCC Day 3 Cosplay Gallery”

  1. These where easier to see then the other ones with just the video. Maybe u should download the images and display them like this one. That’s if you can. If not it’s cool lol.

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