Atoll #1 Variant

I have been hinting at this for a little while. I have been holding off on this until we had them in hand. Well, they actually came in today. I have mentioned my love for great white sharks so when I found out Tim Daniel was writing Atoll, I knew I had to have a variant done for it, however, we actually did two.

So here I am presenting Atoll #1 Color and Black and White Feeding Frenzy variants.


I partnered with Kevin from Frankie’s Comics  who will be handling all the orders and shipping.

The Color Variant is limited to 350 copies.

The Black and White Feeding Frenzy variant is only available in sets, and are limited to 150 copies.

You can use code CHU10 to save 10% off these and everything else on the site.


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27 Responses to Atoll #1 Variant

  1. Steven Fraser says:

    Sweet covers.

  2. Nicc T says:

    I check the site daily but I don’t post as much as I used to. That said, I’ll always support your variants Tony. And they look damn good! I’ll be ordering a set next week Wednesday. That payday. Good stuff Tony!

  3. NotJon says:

    Had to grab a set the books look great! Congrats on the design!

  4. The Authority says:

    Read issue #1 for the 1st time yesterday. A mature readers only title, I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was to read. I know I shouldn’t have been as I’m a Tim Daniel fan. A few gratuitous shots here and there but the story absolutely rocks. After reading it, I thought to my self, “how far can they take this story ? “. Then I remembered thinking the same thing about The Walking Dead after reading issue #18 or #19. Lol

    This is why I read comics and don’t write them. Hahahaha

    I would definitely recommend the book.

  5. Me thinks I want to grab a copy! I enjoyed, “Atoll,” too as I discussed in a blog post (link below)–much thanks to CHU for turning me onto the book!

    My review where I discuss Atoll:

  6. Jesus says:

    Just placed my order for the set. Congrats Tony on another excellent variant.

  7. A. King says:

    For some reason unknown to me all my pre-orders for Atoll got canceled. So I am most definitely getting a set of these.

    • jclu007 says:

      I had 3 copies pre ordered and they never showed up. My order, according to my LCS’ diamond rep, hasn’t been ‘cancelled yet’. 1 copy showed up this week. Not sure if I’ll ever see the other 2. I love the frenzy colouring on this CHU variant. I’ve placed my order.

  8. Mel V says:

    love it

  9. Gabriel Cruz says:

    I have been chasing this copy without having to pay eBay prices.

    • Anthony says:

      These are not eBay prices I can assure you Cruzzer. We paid for two books, two printer plate changes, shipping out to us, art, and some other fees. I tried to make them as cheap as possible (including discount code)

  10. Bill says:

    Got mine!

  11. J says:

    Love the cover art.

  12. Rick Foster says:

    When does Atoll #2 come out?

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