Seth Rogan to direct live action Invincible Movie

As Robert Kirkman is wrapping up his run on the book Invincible, it has been reported that Seth Rogan will be writing and directing a live action Invincible movie.

Invincible first was previewed in Tech Jacket #1 (2002) from Kirkman before moving on to his own series with the 2003 Invincible #1 which sells for $200+. There was also a Larry’s Comics convention variant that was limited to 1,000 copies.

From CBR:

Fans may finally get to see a live-action adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s other long-running comic book series. A film adaptation of “Invincible,”  by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley, is in development at Universal Pictures, with Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg on board to write, direct and produce, as reported Tuesday by THR. Kirkman will also produce, as part of his Skybound Entertainment banner, which has a first-look deal with Universal.

“For nearly a decade I’ve had to endure the ‘what about Invincible?’ question as fans have watched ‘The Walking Dead’ grow into the multi-media monstrosity it has become over the years,” Kirkman said in a press release. “The answer was always that we were waiting for the right team to partner with. That team has arrived! The esteemed misters Goldberg and Rogen have proven themselves to be top-notch directors with a keen collective eye for stunning visuals after slumming it by writing hit after juggernaut hit.”

“We will not sleep until the movie is perfect! No matter how much damage it causes our bodies, minds, and our most intimate relationships with those we love, we will not rest until ‘Invincible’ is as great a movie as it deserves to be,” Rogen and Goldberg said in a joint statement.

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18 Responses to Seth Rogan to direct live action Invincible Movie

  1. Vann says:

    Jesus…..I don’t think I’ll ever understand how Rogan is (still) popular. I just don’t get it and it really does boggle my mind….

  2. agentpoyo says:

    Hollywood is living in a different reality and he’s got money….

    I think he’s a better writer, behind the scenes type of guy to be honest. As an actor, he’s going the route of Adam Sandler where every character is the same…..

  3. Brennan says:

    I’m going to watch what I say here because you just never know, but if you go and read the THR article, and then look around at other postings (not this one 🙂 ), you will find that some of them are changed juuuust enough to avoid being word for word. In many instances there are complete phrases lifted.
    That’s not cool in my books. Some online ‘news’ sources need to put in a bit more effort I think.

    • Anthony says:

      I put all quotes in indented quotation and give reference to the source. But yes, some sites lift whole phrases and sentences, sometimes entire articles, from other sources without giving credit.

      • Brennan says:

        Your articles always demonstrate your integrity Tony. You do a great job thinking for yourselfand using your own thoughts and words. I’ve never once felt that info here has been lifted.
        I can’t say the same for other sites though. I think I only visit some of those other places just to see what’s being passed off as journalism this time!

      • Brennan says:

        The sad part is, they give credit sometimes and still lift the work! Does no one check original sources anymore?!?

      • Anthony says:

        no. I can have the conversation with you off line, but no, most people just read a story and figure it is original

  4. TopherS says:

    People are still under impression that Tech Jacket is the only first appearance. This preview appeared in multiple issues of the MOTU mini from Image, released the in the same month as Jacket 1. Some are more rare than the Tech issue.

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