Alana’s Weekend Specs: The Return

Hey CHUniverse, Welcome back to Weekend Specs!!! After a 7 month hiatus of no comic book collecting I’m back home to to pass on some future TV and movie comic book specs. After the recent assault of store exclusive covers and Indy comic movie options I had to take a break from my passion for collecting comics. To be honest there is absolutely no space for new comics in my house, nor do I need much to make my collection feel more complete to me. When it comes to writing about upcoming movies and tv comic connections (which I love to do) you can only go so far before you run out of material. If you’ve read my past articles you know we have done complete checklists for movies that won’t be out for years and once you get so far in the future for comic spec info it gets hard to come up with new accurate specs without just making stuff up. So a break was needed and now I have returned, just like a few of my favorite comic book TV shows Outcast and iZombie. This week I’m going to focus on some returning movies and TV shows specs, starting with Suicide Squad 2. Lets jump in!!!

Firestorm #3 (1978) 1st Killer Frost. Rumor has it Killer Frost will be replacing Harley in the sequel to the highest grossing DCEU movie yet to date. This makes sense as Harley will be spinning into her own movie franchise soon. With K. Frost already a regular on the Flash show and a staple in DC Tv’s Arrowverse she will now be a two-fer with a movie appearance. The casting is going to be key if she is expected to replace the great performance and fan favorite Harley Quinn. But believe me DC will push Killer Frost just as much as Harley was for Suicide Squad 1. I can see hundreds of Killer Frost cosplays and racks of Killer Frost merchandise at Hot Topic in the future. Also be sure to check out Fury of Firestorm #19 2013 1st Caitlin Snow as a few have held the Killer Frost mantle and Caitlin’s 1st is just as important as K. Frost’s 1st appearance.

House of Secrets #61 1st Eclipso. With Killer Frost joining Suicide Squad a chance they could use Eclipso for the villain. Think Malekith meets Green Goblin meets Mumm-Ra lol. Somewhat pricey book already due to scarcity but could hit big if this were to pan out.

The Incredulous Trump and Hilarine aka Trump vs Hillary Civil War coloring book. This is my first article for CHU under the Trump administration and we’re dropping bombs. Book is great has a beautiful Hulk 181 homage and Civil War homage double cover and tons of funny stuff inside. Definitely worth consideration for your personal collection. If someone could get this signed by Trump and Hillary maybe even Bernie too this would go for big bucks in auction.

Ultimate Fallout #4 1st Miles Morales. There is a variant as well. The Miles animated movie is moving along with casting news. When it comes to the Spiderverse, I would hold all key books. Venom movie in the works, good chance Silk and Spidergwen will show up on the big screen sometime in the future, Spider-Man reboot already successful before the movie even comes out. I imagine Sony will be cranking Spiderverse movies out one after another soon. So hold all spider-characters 1st appearances Miles, Carnage, Spidergwen, Silk, Venom, etc.

Captain America #110 1st Madame Hydra. “Viper” on the Agents of Shield show. Aida has recently became Madame Hydra. So far she’s a pretty formidable villain and has made this season of Agents very entertaining. There is a past Viper movie appearance in the 1998 TV movie Nick Fury and who knows maybe, we could see her in the future Avenger movies. It appears Red Skull will be returning to the MCU why not introduce Madame Hydra as well.

X-Men #52 (vol 2) 1st Bastion, X-Men #191 1st Nimrod, X-Men #205 2007 1st Hope Summers. Other then Stryfe (which I mentioned way back when Deadpool film first came out) a good spec on coming Deadpool 2 and X-force movies possible villains would be Bastion and Nimrod the time traveling sentinels chasing Cable through time. Remember when Cable showed up on the X-Men animated series in the early 90’s?, a great storyline of Cable being chased through time by Nimrod. I could see them reimagining the Messiah Complex storyline for the X-force film introducing Hope Summers, Nimrod, Bastion, and Mastermold.

Walking Dead #127 1st Outcast preview. Outcast #1 1st Kyle Barnes. Have written these up in the past, but with the return of the show with season 2 it’s worth another look. Show is great can be slow at times but definitely a hit. Also I want to note that Outcast is shown on network television outside of the US like Fox, meaning it will have a bigger world viewership then domestic since it’s shown on Cinemax in the states. What does this mean? There could be a global want for this book in the future. Walking Dead books started hitting their stride around Season 3 could the same start for Outcast.

House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1 1st iZombie. iZombie #1 1st titled series. Have written these two books up in the past as well. Speaking of season 3, iZombie returns for its third season. I love this show it’s a good break from traditional comic book tv shows. I expect these and the Outcast books to gain some more value as they have plenty of room to grow. In my opinion iZombie has a longer remaining tv life then the zombie show of zombie shows Walking Dead.

So that’s it for now a couple new specs a couple old specs. Will be submitting a Bronze Age write up next week for the CHUniverse. Let me say its great to be back I wish I was around to tell you how much I hated Ironfist when it came out, and is it just me or is Legion really hard to follow, LOL. Thanks for reading and the well wishes, see ya next week!


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  1. J. Coleman says:

    Now CHU feels complete.

  2. agentpoyo says:

    Yay…. Alana’s back.

  3. Cody says:

    Nice to see you’re back! Legion is actually one of my favorite new shows. It is hard to follow at first but gets better around 4 episodes in.

  4. Alana says:

    Should note Xmen #52 could be considered cameo of Bastion next book would be Uncanny Xmen #333 for full appearance of Bastion.

  5. Louie says:

    Welcome back Alana! Great write up!

  6. OC_Guy says:

    Welcome back!

  7. Dan Piercy says:

    Unfortunately, Outcast seems like dead spec. Hopefully you are right, both the show and comic are really good, fantastic even, I think.

    • Vann says:

      Biggest Problem with Outcast is the lack of broad viewership through Cinemax—-I don’t personally know anyone who subscribes to it.

  8. A. King says:

    Welcome back. I have a bunch of Outcast, so hopefully you are right about it heating up as both the comic and show continue

  9. Bob Dobalina, Mr. says:

    Check out the Killer Frost write-up on FACTS and S*I*C* G+ groups from last week.

  10. Best posts on chu by far 2nd would be Mel v variants.

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