Mel V’s Variant Picks for 5/17/17

What Up CHU? Mel V. here with your weekly variant picks. Well my extensive comic buying vacation is coming to a close (I did buy comics but in a small margin, not nearly as much as I usually do). Want to give a big shout out to ebayer thedigitallongbox for giving me a sweet deal on that Secret Warriors 1 1:50 variant. As I stated last week, I’m going to buy and hold this one. Also last week, I was hunting for that Z-Nation #2 virgin variant. NO LUCK! but my boy AK Trey K. had my back and was able to get me one. This buds for you my friend. I also missed The Superwoman and All-Star Batman 1:1 variants from my list (but Tony had the Batman one covered). Shame on me. These have been doing extremely well in the aftermarket selling for upwards $15 nice score if you were able to get one.

Let’s get into this week’s offerings to the Variant Gods

1st up we have:

God Country #5 Cover C Variant Gerardo Zaffino Spawn Month Color/BW Cover
I usually don’t add monthly cover theme books but I couldn’t pass this one up. Actually most of the Spawn covers look really good, but this one really stood out to me, and when you add two hot properties together magic could happen. This comes in Color and B/W and sets of both are being listed for $20 and above while the color alone is fetching about $6.00 and the B/W about $10.00

Ian Livingstone’s Freeway Fighter #1 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver Cover
Ian Livingstone’s Freeway Fighter #1 Cover C Variant Orlando Arocena Cover
Ian Livingstone’s Freeway Fighter #1 Cover D Variant Robert Hack Cover
A triple threat dose of great comic covers from across the pond and from good friend, writer Andi Ewington. I had the honor of previewing issue 1 and I really enjoyed it. If you’re a fan of Furosia from Mad Max then you’re going to love this book. All the variants are sold out at Midtown, which is a good indication of how well these may do. These ae based on the board games from years back and still are quite popular. None of the Variants have shown up on EBay yet that I can see… but I expect that to change very soon.

Luke Cage #1 Cover E Incentive Mike Deodato Jr Variant Cover – Deodato been on fire lately and it continues with his rendition on Luke Cage. Listed on eBay for as low as $50.00 but has sold for as high as $70. Get it if you can find for cheap

Nightwing Vol 4 #21 Cover B Variant Casey Jones Cover – Last week I missed the variant for a new Baddie in Batman, well this week I won’t miss the introduction of Time Bomb. I’m aware that DC has had several versions of a character named Time Bomb but the previews is calling him a “NEW VILLAN”. And it doesn’t hurt that this isn’t a bad looking cover as well. Selling for a little above cover

Powers Vol 4 #8 Cover C Incentive David Mack Variant Cover >– Every once on a while I will put a cover here that I’m just drawn to. No reason besides good looking art. I’m a fan of Mack’s watercolor style. I can’t imagine this book being ordered high, so this one maybe tough to find. Don’t see any on the bay at the moment either

Wonder Woman 77 Meets the Bionic Woman #4 Cover D Incentive Bill Sienkiewicz Virgin Cover– Sienkiewicz and nostalgia. What more do you want. Not many sales on eBay and only one listing for $27.99

Zombie Tramp Vol 2 #35 Cover F Variant Pow Rodrix Artist Risque Cover– I chose this cover because I can’t figure out if this is in poor taste or a hell of a zombified tribute. I wanna know what you guys think? 19 have sold at $3.99… I’m gonna pick up a few

Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers #1 Cover E Incentive Stanley Artgerm Lau Variant Cover – Street Fighter fans are going to eat this one up. Artgerm Fans will too. Not to mention variant fans will eat this up. But there is another market for these books, fans of the UFS Card game. It comes polybagged with 2 cards. Both cards are fully compatible with all UFS card sets and cannot be obtained outside the comic. I guess there are 3 reasons why this book could be sought after


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16 Responses to Mel V’s Variant Picks for 5/17/17

  1. Gabriel Cruz says:

    I am the only one at my LCS that has “ANY” Street Fighter Comics (+all variants) received on the pull list. 🙂

  2. Dan Piercy says:

    Eeeeeesh…like the WW/BW for PC. That’s about it; I am picky though.

  3. Dale Wieber says:

    I like the Spawn variants this week. The slowest cover is nice too.

    One not on your list that I really like this week is DC Comics Bombshells 27. It’s a nice cover with both Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

    • Vann says:

      I agree with you—that one could be a sleeper. It’s tough to tell as not many of the “New 52” Bombshell covers really did anything in the aftermarket….this one looks different, so fingers are crossed.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I bought in on all those other DC Bombshell sexy type covers long ago.. they never moved much. I don’t expect this one to either. It’s a nice cover but don’t expect it to be a great flip, buy it for the PC I say.

  4. Ed says:

    the artgerm is going to be a tough, tough find. would not be surprised if there are only 300 of them.

  5. Alkis Macrozonaris says:

    There were roughly 6 or seven SF vs DS copies sold on Ebay on presales between 36$ and 70$ in the last few days. There was one that was just put up an hour ago today at 50$ BIN and it sold quickly. There are none listed as of right now.

    Seems like this book is moving as fast as it is listed. And yes… not too many up for sale.

    Might be looking at the Wednesday winner and/or Variant winner!

    • agentpoyo says:

      3 months from now you’ll find them a whole lot cheaper. The collectors wanting them are seeking them out.. once the collectors get their copy to stash in the PC, the sizzle will fizzle my nizzle.. 😉

    • NotJon says:

      It’s still a Street Fighter book. Dollars to donuts that it’ll be a Wednesday winner and a “Pick of the week 1 Year later” loser!

  6. The Zombie Tramp cover….I want to say poor taste but then I don’t know….

    I didn’t even realize what you were talking about until I saw the grave stone. Took me a second.

  7. NotJon says:

    No, that’s for sure true Tony. I just feel like when it comes to speculating on variants it pays off slightly more often than setting all your money on fire in the hopes that it somehow increases the value! Even with established artists on main stream titles with cover appeal it feels like a verrryyy expensive game of craps. Don’t get me wrong, I do buy variants week of release, but only for love of the cover. I just find the pay off is often times higher when you look at the margins on cover price books versus ratio stuff. We all want the next ASM 678, but it’s a lot of expensive duds to get there.

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