Back Issue Buzz: What If? Spider-Man The Other

We have mentioned this book several times now, but it seems like What If? Spiderman The Other could be getting more buzz.
One copy of What If? Spiderman The Other just sold for $50 on eBay, straight out, no best offer.

The book features the first appearance of Poison, who is on the Dell’Otto variant of Edge of Venomverse and could appear in the story. Furthermore, the story shows the arm of a Venomized Gwen. Could be a big one. The book is a relative ghost on eBay and all the cheap copies off Amazon sold after we mentioned them. Chomichron has the print run at 31,058. Might want to scour those back issue bins for this one.

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  1. Goodness. I had this in my PC and this price seems too good not sell. Just listed on ebay at £50 uk and sold in 5 minutes….

  2. I think I have this one…by the time I have the time to dig it out and try to get $50 for it, it will probably be down to $20. I have a feeling once people start flooding ebay with their copies trying to get up to $50 for it the price will start to fall pretty quick.

    1. Depends. Lower priced copies have disappeared off eBay as quickly as they are listed. I know the $50 one was only on eBay for about six hours and had a ton of best offers before it sold ?
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      1. I love the experience when I get flooded with all these low-ball, cocky best offers, and then the item sells at full price within hours of listing it. Some best offer comments are so rude, you wouldn’t want to sell to them anyways, as they ridicule you for attempting to charge “far more than the book is worth”, etc. Of course, I once also had someone claiming to be a parent trying to buy a book for their child and telling me what a terrible person I was for buying a book for $2.99 and selling it for $25… I don’t remember which book it was, but it had at least up to a 3rd printing, and I told them if they really supposedly just wanted it for the STORY and not the VALUE, they could easily buy the 3rd print for less than cover price!

        1. Lol. These people get me. eBay buyers in general get me. I had a guy last night who wanted a refund because the books were “damaged” they were white covers that had a bit of color transfer which all the books in the run had. Another guy said a book came in bent. I said send me pictures of the packaging and front and back of the book. He did. The problem was the packaging used in the picture wasn’t mine and the backing board of the comic was stamped with a store stamp that matched the shipping label. I responded nice try but that wasn’t my copy and pointed it out. Needless to say I haven’t heard from him again and got positive feedback.

      1. I should, but I know its not in my “Spiderman box” because I checked, but I do remember picking it up so its somewhere….it could be in sooo many other boxes though if it was put away in a temp spot…. You know one of those quick clean up temp spots that gets forgotten a few years later. I actually started going through my boxes to organize them better, so I should come across it soon….I hope.

      2. Don’t you hate when you think you have a book but know you have to look through every box for it. When this happens to me I just buy the book again if it’s below $20 and really need it.

      3. Yeah, if there is a glut of these in the coming weeks and there is a bunch of under cutting I might pick it up…again… If the price hits the $20 range.

    1. My first copy came in a what if lot I bought a couple years back at the time the book in the lot I wanted was Skaar’s first appearance. Paid $10 for 15 issues. Got what if? the other and first demon in a armor first Venompool in the lot both which have now blown up.

      1. That is a sweet deal. Another copy just sold for $50 shipped. Not sure why people aren’t bumping up the price to $60 if it is selling for $50 within minutes.

    1. There updated. A lot of the posts without pictures are because I do a lot of them on the fly from my phone and believe it or not, even coding pictures can be a pain from the phone.

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