Low Priced Exclusive Alert: Calexit #1 Jesse James Variant

The good people at Jesse James Comics in Arizona are at it again with very affordably priced store variants up on eBay. This week’s edition is for Calexit #1 Jesse James Exclusive. The first issue is sold out at Diamond and getting press coverage since it deals with a topical story.

Jesse James Comics have their exclusives priced at $6.21 shipped, and you can grab the Calexit #1 Jesse James Exclusive here.

7 thoughts on “Low Priced Exclusive Alert: Calexit #1 Jesse James Variant”

    1. I got all the covers including the Ultimate. After the Dark Days casting spoiler Dark Knights cameo. I figured this is going to be a pretty important issue.

  1. If it is a major Batman book I’m pretty sure the low print run virgins and lower print run Ultimate will be sought after. There’s definitely more then 250 people in this world that religiously collect Batman so that Ultimate could end up doing crazy things. Always a gamble though

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