Alana's Weekend Specs: Meet the Klyntars

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs. Don’t let the title fool you were shoving more Venom down your throats this week. The symbiote race in Marvel comics is also known as the Klyntar race. The Klyntar’s origin has recently been revealed on the Guardians of Galaxy cartoon, Thanos brings the race to Groots home planet and conducts experiments on them creating the raging symbiotes. So this week I’m bringing you all the symbiotes I haven’t written up in the past along with a checklist for the other symbiotes we have already discussed in other Weekend Specs. Also it’s  time to get ready for Hellboy if you haven’t yet. We have the main villain for Black Panther rerevealed among the many different villains coming to the film.  And lastly whatever happen to that Booster Gold guy? Let’s jump in!!!

Fantastic Four #360 1st Dreadface
A symbiote capable of mind-controlling subjects by touch. The alien was captured aboard the ship of Devos the Devastator but escaped during an altercation between Devos and the Fantastic Four. Dreadface is presumed dead.

Venom: Along came a Spider #1 1st Hybrid
The character was introduced as the fusion of the four ‘Life Foundation symbiotes’, bonded to prison guard Scott Washington. Years later, Scream and Hybrid are hunted and killed by Eddie Brock. The Hybrid symbiote was able to survive and was taken in by the US Government, forcibly separated, and bonded to four soldiers to battle Carnage: Rico Axelson (Phage), James Murphy (Agony), Howard Ogden (Riot), and Marcus Simms (Lasher). The four soldiers come to be known as the Mercury Team. While on another rampage, Carnage kills the Mercury Team without their symbiotes. The four symbiotes temporarily bond with Deadpool to fight Carnage. After Carnage’s defeat, Deadpool unbonds with the symbiotes and the symbiotes bond to Mercury Team’s dog.

True Believers #1 1st Payback
Bonded to a more evolved cousin of a normal race of symbiotes. Payback is currently a vigilante and head of the True Believers team.

X-Men: Kingbreaker #2 1st ZZZXX
He is a unique brain eating member of the Symbiote species that was discovered several years ago by Shi’ar Emperor D’Ken. Unlike other symbiotes, ZZZXX doesn’t bother to ask permission or care to know his host.

Carnage 2011 #4, #5 1st Scorn
In issue four unnamed unbonded Symbiote, issue five named bonded and full character. Originally a piece of Carnage recovered after his apparent death by Sentry. The piece was used to develop an advanced prosthetic arm used by Dr. Tanis Nieves. After she rejected its attempt to bond with her, it became attached to Shriek but grew fearful of her. Dr. Nieves accepted its desire to return to her and bonded with the symbiote to become Scorn.

Venom #31 1st Andrea Benton, Venom #38 frst Mania.
Eugene Thompson’s neighbor in Philadelphia who bonds with a clone of the Venom symbiote which is possessed in turn by a demonic entity, like the spirit of Vengeance.

Captain America Sam Wilson #3 1st Symbiote Karl Malus
Somehow surviving within the Carnage symbiote after being consumed by it during the events of Superior Carnage, Malus later emerged from it as a symbiote/human hybrid.

Carnage vol.2 #10 1st Raze
While infiltrating a ship that Carnage had hijacked, Claire Dixon was captured and used as a test subject for Carnage’s augmented powers and bonded to the newest spawn of Carnage. Calling herself Raze, she attacked her former allies and tried to kill Toxin. Presumed dead when the ship exploded, she stowed away on the Anti-Carnage’s task-force’s ship.
Other symbiotes that have already been written up in past Weekend Specs or are widely known.
Amazing Spider-Man #252 1st Black Suit 1st Klyntar, technically 1st Venom unnamed.
Amazing Spider-Man #258 Suits alive 1st Klyntar revealed?
Web of Spider-Man #18 Venom Arm appearance.
Amazing Spider-Man #298 1st Eddie Brock
Amazing Spider-Man #299 1st Venom last page reveal.
Amazing Spider-Man #300 1st full Venom
Ultimate Spider-Man #33 1st Ultimate Venom
Amazing Spider-Man #654 1st Agent Venom
Amazing Spider-Man #344 1st Cletus Kasady
Amazing Spider-Man #360 1st Carnage last page reveal.
Amazing Spider-Man #361 1st full Carnage
Ultimate Spider-Man #60 1st Ultimate Carnage
Venom vs. Carnage #1 1st Patrick Mulligan
Venom vs. Carnage #2 1st Toxin
What if Spider-Man the Other 1st Poison
Edge of Venomverse #1 1:50 Mattina variant 1st Poison cover
Amazing Spider-Man #31 1st Gwen Stacy
Edge of Spiderverse #2 1st SpiderGwen
Guardians of Knowhere #1 1st cameo Gwenom cover only.
SpiderGwen #24,25 1st Gwenom???
Amazing Spider-Man #375 1st Anne Weying
Venom Sinner Takes All #2 1st SheVenom last page reveal
Venom Sinner Takes All #3 1st full SheVenom
Amazing Spider-Man #569 1st Antivenom
Scream, Lasher, Phage, Agony, Riot
Venom Lethal Protector #4 1st appearances for all.
Important Symbiote bonded to other Marvel characters appearances.
Cable and Deadpool #50 1st Deadpool covered with symbiote not Venompool.
What if? Demon in an Armor 1st Venompool.
There is also a collection of the 4 parts of the
Venompool story in a separate book with a much later print date with full Venompool cover.
Deadpool vs. Carnage #4 1st Hybridpool
Mary Jenom
Amazing Spider-Man #678 Variant 1st cameo cover only.
X-23 Venom
All New Wolverine #19 Venomized Variant 1st X-23 Venom on cover.
Edge of Venomverse #1 1st full X-23 Venom.
Gwenompool (Venpool)
Gwenpool #13 Veomized Variant 1st Gwenompool on cover.
Edge of Venomverse #2 1st full Gwenompool
May Parker Venom
Earth X Wizard Special Edition – First Cameo
Earth X #1 – First Full appearance of Peter Parker’s Daughter as Venom. Appears on the cover of Edge of Venomverse, look what happened to Poison..
There’s also 1st Venomhulk and 1st Venomisher in the What if? series, a slew of other Venomized characters 1st appear on different covers some low print run incentive variants. I’m a firm believer that first Black costume Spidey should be Venom’s 1st appearance, just because the symbiote jumps off one person and bonds to another doesn’t make it a different character it’s still the same symbiote. Some argue the symbiote wasn’t fully bonded with Peter and for some reason that makes it not Venom yet. The black goo is still the same being either way in my opinion. My point of view on this is unbiased as I own all the Venom keys pretty much. Also be aware it’s rumored the Venom movie is getting the Ultimate Venom origin not the 616 origin. On to a couple non Venom books.

San Diego Comic con Comics #2 1st Hellboy
This and Next Men #21 are going to be the go to Hellboy books for the movie. I own Dime Press #4 as well, but Dime Press is just a cover prototype that’s it. Doesn’t have the gear or Gauntlet and is blue. Reported print runs of 1500 on SDCC comics #2, and 2000 on Dime press. These Hellboy books still have plenty of room to grow.

Booster Gold vol 1 #1
Guess people have gotten tired of waiting on Booster to show up in film or TV. Can be found in the $20-$30 range again. Good time to pick up a copy if you don’t have one, it will happen soon.

Fantastic Four #53 1st Klaw 2nd Black Panther and Origin.
So it’s reported that Klaw is the major villain of the many villains in Black Panther film. Just adds to this books accolades, now a major key.
So hopefully this helps you all get in front of this new symbiote price spike, a lot of these are cheap. Who knows what’s in store for these characters down the road in film or TV, but you all saw the huge price spike for SheVenom this week so best to be prepared. Nice to see we nailed a past write up involving New Mutants awhile back when hints from the casting calls went out. Now the show is cast I’m kinda excited for the show. So there you have it another edition of Weekend Specs and no reason I have to write up another symbiote anytime soon thank God. Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting!!!

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    1. Yeah. Last minute editors addition. Someone emailed me about the female symbiote on the cover. I said that’s Earth X Venom and realized we haven’t talked about her.

  1. Good Lord! I had no idea there were that many symbiotes running around the Marvel Universe! Talk about running an idea into the ground!
    Excellent job tracking all of these characters Alana. Very good job!

  2. #awesomesauce great list as always. you might want to add a few preview books on it as well stuff like comics sceen #2 amazing heroes #39 wizard #18 marvel age #12 and web of spiderman #24 or #27 as well as secret wars #8 and the secret wars black spiderman figure is the first venom figure ever made . thank you so muchf or the information .
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    1. Yep to add on what Adam mentioned:
      Web of Spider Man 18 = 1st Eddie Brock arm
      Web of Spider Man 24 = 1st Venom arm
      Plus additional useless cover appearance:
      Quasar 30 = 1st Venomized Thor cover

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