Black Order Revealed for Avengers Infinity War

Marvel Studios co-president, Louis D’Esposito tweeted out an image of the Black Order in the upcoming Avengers Infinity War film. This appeared at D23 Expo. Check it out below
We gave you warning a while back that, Corvus Glaive and the Black Order would be Thanos’ henchmen in Avengers Infinity War here, and here.
Glaive first appears in Infinity #1 FCBD. He is also a member of The Black Order, which first appears in New Avengers #8 (Vol. 3)

14 thoughts on “Black Order Revealed for Avengers Infinity War”

  1. I picked up a copy a few months ago and threw it up on eBay where it sat all this time. Within hours of the announcement today, it sold, lol.

  2. Have been picking these up here and there the past year. Think I was paying $4 with the last one a few weeks ago being $10.99 with shipping. Can’t believe they are now selling up to $40! Time to put a couple up for sale before the under-cutters chime in!

      1. I started with getting three off of Mycomicshop when they had a bunch of them last year and as it looked like they would appear in the film a couple of months ago I started picking up some more wherever I could find the cheapest price. I have six or seven…Need to dig them out.

      2. Looks like a total of eight… also found a couple at my lcs when the rumors first started circulating way back when.

  3. I have found over the last 6 months 5 copies of issue 8 and 10 (1st Thane)
    Put up 3 sets on Saturday night at 48$ a set.
    By Sunday morning all three sets were sold!

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