Inexpensive Variant Watch: Generation Gone #1 Jesse James Exclusive

Jesse James Comics is at it again with another low price variant. This time for Generation Gone #1, the new Image series that was just released last week.

Having spoken to Jesse about the variants, he said he likes to put out the variants at a low cost so more people get the chance to pick them up. The Generation Gone #1‘s are $6.38 shipped. Not a bad deal.

21 thoughts on “Inexpensive Variant Watch: Generation Gone #1 Jesse James Exclusive”

  1. Jesse James is a good guy, recently spoke to him about these exclusives and the very reasonably priced SDCC foil variants. He expressed a similar sentiment in that he wanted to get the comics into customer’s hands by offering them at a reasonable price. He is very proud of his stellar ebay feedback score.

  2. This “variant” cover is way too similar to the actual inside artwork, if not a direct copy & paste with some creative boxes around ’em. I dug the story, I will buy issue #2, but this is stretching the definition of “variant”, for sure.

  3. HARD PASS (or, boyKot, if I may turn a phrase…)
    Cheap variant or not, Ales Kot is too busy working through his own existential dilemmas via obtuse comic book plots (Change, Zero, The Surface, etc.) to give any story a satisfying conclusion.

    1. I am not saying I don’t disagree with you. When you have a hit model wife that leaves you, you can get into a bit of a funk. But, my personal experience with him is he is flippant and rude. He was with Tradd Moore and did nothing but leave his hood up, didn’t take his glasses off, complained that people were only getting books signed to sell, and was ruining Moore’s normally very pleasant attitude (turd in the punch bowl syndrome).

      1. Not saying you don’t disagree? That double negative is a sly way of saying you DO disagree, eh? 😉
        I wasn’t aware of his ex-wife, but it sounds like she and I have similar tastes. 🙂

    2. I don’t do Kot either. Zero started out okay but I lost interest fast. Wolf was just horrid. And I knew about Anthony’s experience with him so yeah.. I boyKot’ed long ago. I love your new term as well, so I’m using it whenever I can. One can say Kot sort of Wiebe’s himself, his downfall of his books is his own doing. 😉

        1. Kot to me is that type of writer that starts a project, gets easily distracted and then will never finish such story. Has any of his books ever finished, like, completely? I mean they could probably call some mini-series but that’s likely due to him just stopping, not actually writing them to end that way. Just seems his books start off with some buzz and then you never hear about them again and then your surprised when you see it reaches beyond #3.
          This is why I love BKV and other writers who create solid books with solid stories. They have the ending planned before even jotting down the entire story on paper. You know your in for the long haul with the writer. They don’t start a story not knowing how it’s going to pan out, they already know and that’s why they keep us reading cause they keep it entertaining.

      1. For the record, my knocking of Kot is not knocking of Jesse James Comics.. I think Jesse James is awesome, I’ve bought from them on eBay and it was great!

      2. I’ve bought from him on eBay as well and totally agree.
        My comments were not meant to detract from Mr. James.

  4. Copy paste or not I like this cover. As a store exclusive priced at 6.38 its a steal. I visited his store while visiting family in Phoenix. Coolest dude ever. I didn’t even know he was Jessie until he actually introduced himself at the end of the conversation. Took the time to explain in detail how he operates his business. Very pro customer philosophy. Glad a shop owner like him is making a name for himself in an industry thats sometimes way too money driven.

  5. Thanks for the heads up! Personally I think the cover is pretty cool and considering the cost and free shipping that’s pretty hard to beat. I’ve never had a bad experience with Jesse either.

  6. To show you how much people hate Kot and his big mouth, after the Chris Kyle fury I listed all of my copies of Zero #1, more than 10 total with all the variants for $5 with free shipping just to get rid of them. Not one bite

    1. He went after Michael Moreci. Moreci is one of the nicest guys I have met. Great creator, nice guy, real talent. Matthew Rosenberg had a very public twitter fight with Kot as a result of him going after Moreci.

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