Boston Comic Con Announces Exclusives Line Up

We have been friends with the good people at the Fan Expo store for a while now. They put on awesome shows all around the US and Canada. Their next show is Boston Comic Con which is August 11-13. They have been nice enough to give us the official debut of their line up of Exclusive Variants yet again. So here is what is in store.

Boston Comic Con is celebrating it’s 10th year with some amazing celebrity guests and comic creators. But if you cannot make it, check out the Fan Expo store to pre-order the exclusives.

Here are the three Exclusive covers:
Joe Jusko Corner Box Variant for Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #1

Joe Jusko Virgin Corner Box Variant for Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man #1

Robotech #1 Artgerm Foil Variant

You can pre-order the exclusives at the Fan Expo store now.


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8 Responses to Boston Comic Con Announces Exclusives Line Up

  1. John T. says:

    Hmm… doesn’t look like those exclusives are up on their store website yet.

  2. Wells Floyd says:

    Yeah, I can’t seem to find them either.

  3. Philippe Brault says:

    Chances of me not getting that Robotech #1 Artgerm Foil Variant are non-existent.

  4. Bill says:

    So much for “Exclusives” which always meant to me that you need to attend the convention in order to purchase. Oh well …. less for me to buy I suppose.

  5. CRUZZER says:

    I need that Art Germ Foil.. :/

  6. Gregory Baez says:

    They are on sale with a few others they added

  7. Philippe Brault says:

    Hmm… 30$ is a bit steep for that robotech now that I think about it. 40$ with shipping is pretty high (expecially for us Canadians :p )

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