Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 58

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. thank you for reading this each and every week. I love you guys and being able to playin this sandbox is one of the greatest blessings in my life, so thank you for the friendship, encouragement, advice, and support. Super Sons #6 was one of my reads of the week. If you can find it on Youtube, search for a fan film from Blinky Productions called Rick and Morty Strike. July 30th was Sunday and it is time for Pickle Rick. McDonalds should get off its high horse and make a set of Rick and Morty collector glasses and happy meals, or at least bring back the Szechuan McNugget sauce. Now let’s make some comics on because you can’t teach that.

1. Rick and Morty Little Poopy Superstar #1 Fried Pie Variant – Rick and Morty is white hot. It is the new Simpsons or Family Guy. Rick and Morty #1 is a tough book to find no matter what print or variant. The regular version of this is cheap, and so is this book store variant as well $5 and up

2. Fantastic Four Annual #2 – wow a Doctor Doom movie? Fox really hates the Fantastic Four and should allow Disney/Marvel to have their toys back. The best Fantastic Four incarnation ever was the one from 1994, but the 90s animated series and the classic 1966 series were good as well. Dr. Doom is one of the best villains of all time. this is his origin story, and, if the movie is done right you can have a Dr Doom movie without the Fantastic Four and it can be
a hit. You can have the Thing and Reed brought in only do the “Sins Past” origin, tweak, and boom magic $25 and up.

3. Marvel Milestone Edition Fantastic Four #5 – I have been buying the Milestone Editions for years. Reprints do well depending on the issue they reprint. Dr. Doom’s first appearance is iconic, and with a new movie, this is a winner. In dollar to five dollar boxes nationwide, go get em

4. Astonishing Tales #1 – Dr. Doom in his own series. Bronze age and new movie equals money. Go find em and hold em

5. Fantastic Four #198-200 – classic origin. Reed and Dr. Doom battle. Doom’s face revealed. Jack Kirby art. #200 is $10-20 and that’s cheap

6. Amazing Spider-man #245 Bubblicious insert variant – Now I want some cherry flavored gum, thanks Spidey. This was part of a batch of books from October 1983. The promoition was for one month and had Bubblicious gum inserts (like the tattoos in #238) inserted into the
books. This is a difficult find in the wild and is awesomesauce $30 and up

7. Adolescent Radioactive Blackbelt Hamsters #9 – this is the final issue of the first comic to spoof the TMNT. Final issues of comics like this are extremely low printed and tough to find in the wild. $1-10 for this book

8. Marvel Age #91 – wow did you see the Avengers Infinity SDCC footage/trailer? Disney is upset that it leaked but it is amazing. This Marvel Age book has a killer Thanos cover and previews the Thanos Quest mini series $10

9. Crisis on Infinite Earths #12 – Wow, did you see the Flash season four trailer? Loved it. This book is the first time Wally West becomes the Flash $10 and up

10. Green Arrow #99 – Oliver Queen’s son will be a part of season six. Connor becomes the second Green Arrow in this issue. #0 got some heat awhile back, so I wanted to spotlight this issue

11. Thor #21-25 & Thor Annual 2000 (1998 series) – A new Avengers Movie. Pre-movie hype time. Thor vs Thanos, books are cheap, great story as well $3 and up

12. Dork #1-3 – Evan Dorken classic Milk and Cheese apperances and tough to find in the wild $5-10

13. Snickers Comics #2 – given away at this years SDCC. Features a great story with Jesse Quick and Supergirl entitled the Fastest Women alive. Now I want snickers, square gum, and this comic darnit

14. Refreshment Through the Ages #1 – this comic has no spec vaule. It is a promotional comic from 1951 from Coca-Cola and is just #awesomesauce. I am a cokehead (liquid not powder) and
collect so it is #awesomesauce

15. Supergirl #1 3rd print (2005 series) – I really liked the trailer for Supergirl season three. I didn’t realize this series had a third print for number one it seems tough to find with Churchhill art and
Power Girl on the cover $10

16. Action Comics #685 – the trailer for JLA was amazing. I got a “Funeral for a Friend” vibe from it. This has a Supergirl cover and a 3rd print which is tough to find $20-30

17. Batman #492 3rd print – I listened to the Knightfall audio book last night. Loved it and I want to ask you guys, better nineties crossover Death of Superman or knightfall? I am going for Knightfall this 3rd print is a tough find in the wild but I now want one for my Knightfall set $25 and up

18. Gen 13 #48 – Who here misses the comic Chew? I miss the book. John Layman is a great writer, Gen 13 #48 is his first comic book work. He also penned issues of Marvel’s Gambit as well $5-10

19. Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spiderman Volume #19 – remember this, hardcovers are just back issues with thicker spines. This reprints Amazing Spiderman #194-195, the first two appearances of the Black Cat. She will be in a movie.

20. Superman Man of Steel Mini Series #3 – I really enjoyed the JLA trailer. This mini series is now 30 years old and the entire series is key, but, this is the first post crisis meeting between Batman and Superman and is so undervalued $5-10

21. Super Villain Team Up #1 – this is a cool bronze age spec. Dr. Doom and Namor in a team up book. It only lasted 17 issues, but Doom is going on the big screen for the 5th time (hopefully good this time) and one day Namor will be on the screen. If Aquaman breaks the box office, trust me, someone will put a Namor movie on the fast track.Compared to other series in the time period, this series has zero love from a spec prospective #testify

22. Cloak and Dagger #18 (1990’s series) – this is a Infinity Gauntlet mini series tie in. Until recently, and I hope the tv series is good, but Cloak and Dagger back issues from this series are in dollar boxes. This tie in could be worth $5-10 soon go hunting now

23. Batman #189 – this might not be a hidden gem but it has cooled off. Gotham season four’s villan is the Scarecrow, good old Jonathan Crane. This book has heated up and cooled down in recent years. Hoping Gotham does Jonathan Crane right since we haven’t had a decent on-screen
Scarecrow since Batman Begins

I love you guys. Thank you for everything.
now that I fade away I find myself obsolete
blind adam out


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  1. Alana says:

    They have Sriracha Mac sauce now Adam.

  2. OC_Guy says:

    Fun list as always! Might have to pick up one of those ASM 245 variants! Never knew they were out there.

  3. stlcardinalfan says:

    Long time reader, first time posting. I just wanted to thank you Adam for your Hidden Gem posts. Your comic book knowledge is second to none and I look forward to reading each and every one of them. Keep up the good work!!

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