Mega Gaming & Comics Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Variant Pre-Sale is LIVE!

While I am sure there will be many Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary variants, one that has an extreme low sell run, will be the MEGA Gaming and Comics Warren Louw Variant.

The Pre-Order is already live,  and I believe by the time word gets out to other Comic Book Collecting web sites, they will all be gone!  Just remember, You heard about them here, 1st at CHU.
There are 6 different package combinations of the 4 different covers, to order:

Don’t plan on picking this variant up?
Let us know on the comments, which ones you will get.


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25 thoughts on “Mega Gaming & Comics Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Variant Pre-Sale is LIVE!”

    1. What do you guys think about the forbidden planet / jetpack variant?
      They’re doing a set with a virgin cover that is low print.
      I’m considering pre ordering that (I more than doubled my money with their equivalent for dark nights).
      Ive already pre ordered a bunch of the Lee variant as heard that was selling out in advance but again appreciate advice on that as I can cancel up to the point of postage….

  1. Quick nube question for the CHU community…..
    When a 2nd print comes out, for example dark Nights next Wednesday, what tends to happen to the value of the 1st print in the short term?

    1. 2nd prints do not negatively effect 1st prints. If anything 2nd prints are a good sign that the 1st print sold out and that it is in demand. 1st prints almost always hold more value then 2nd prints, with the rare exception of a low print run 2nd print with an amazing cover.

  2. Meh.. I’m not buying into this cover. Even if there was just one to choose from, I wouldn’t budge. I said budge, not bulge. I know how all you dirty minded folks think.. 😉

  3. Just like most things lately – I see something posted…. I like it to like it alot …. then I see the prices …. and I say “Nope”. I just cannot support these 3-packs anymore that sell from 55 – 100+ dollars. It is ridiculous value for what you’re getting.

    1. Definitely just crap for the PC though if you do buy them. These are definitely not for the flippers as they rarely ever heat up past their initial selling point. In most cases you wait long enough, you’ll find them for a fraction of the price on eBay.

      1. These stores have got some set of cojones trying to get $60, $70, whatever for 3 comics of essentially the same cover. And yet I”m sure they do often get that, otherwise this would not be a continuing trend.
        And lets not forget the grandaddy of them all…. the guaranteed virgin 9.8 with a purple character foot for $250. Sheesh.

    1. My initial thought was the same. Harley looks strange. And not in a good way. I protest these ridiculous 3 pack variants by not spending my money on them. I will only buy a store variant if it really catches my eye. The last one I bought and am still really pleased with, is the JLA Mattina Lobo stogie variant. What a great headshot of the main man.

  4. I’m happy with the Natali Sanders variants. I’ll stick with just one exclusive this time around for Harley. Unless bulletproof does another Dell’Otto one.

    1. Natalie sanders is the big thing, along with Frison, IMO. Sanders’ work is the better of the two, but they are both amazing artists. Love their work.

  5. I purchased the virgin covers (I love virgin covers, although this new craze if definitely a bit frustrating since before “good” virgin covers weren’t being made for every title) but anyway, I supposedly purchased the last of on of them and there were only 4 of the other and I check later in the afternoon and not only is everything in stock again, but there are double digits of each of those covers. I don’t know if people cancelled or they just added more, but either way, a bit weird.

    1. Some shops do that to make you think they’re almost out so you will buy it then. Without naming names I know of a few exclusive cover comic shops that do this. It’s kinda underhanded to say at best. Pulling tricks on your customers isn’t good business.

      1. And sometimes they have stock they didn’t sell at a convention they were holding it for and reoffer it to the public. Which is acceptable and happens quite often.

  6. I like the cover, but Im at the point where they could be free and I wont bother with sets anymore. Ive been stuck too many times with the versions no one wants. And the buy ins are so high that you have a lot smaller ROI, especially since you really only have one book to recoup all the money back on.

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