Squirrel Girl/Defenders Easter Egg

Gabriel Cruz writes for http://www.comicsheatingup.net

While watching The Defenders several weeks ago, I came upon an Easter Egg that got me curious. I have noticed that Bleeding Cool, nor anyone else talking about The Defenders Easter Eggs has reported on it, yet. so CHU readers, this is an exclusive one just for you, along with a comic book speculation at the end.

During a scene of Episode 6, titled Ashes to Ashes, we all see the scene of Iron Fist tied up in a chair, while Luke Cage is reading a newspaper. It was in this scene there is blue graffiti on the wall that said “Squirrel.”

From Episode 6 of The Defenders, everyone noticed Danny Rand/Iron Fist tied up, but did some of you notice the word “Squirrel” (Squirrel Girl ?)  appearing plain sight on the wall in blue?

Later the camera cuts to a different view, and “Monkey” also done in blue paint. For those unfamiliar with tagging, in the style it was done, the N is also used for the K and the E.

Episode 6 of The Defenders, same building, now we see the word “Monkey” (Monkey Joe?)

Could Netflix MCU have been referencing “Squirrel Girl” and “Monkey Joe” who both 1st appeared in Marvel Super Heroes #8 Winter SpecialI don’t think it was a coincidence.

Now, a little bit of Squirrel Girl history some of you may not know about. She was once Nanny to Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ daughter, Danielle Cage, as seen in New Avengers #7 vol 2.

Whatever the case is, we all know that Squirrel Girl will lead “The New Warriors” which has been green-lit by ABC, to premiere 2018 on Freeform.

It may be time to start looking your own copy of Marvel Super Heroes #8 Winter Special before it’s too late.



Everyone calls him Cruzzer. He is from the Six Two Three, A to the Z, and Everything in between. Interests include his COMMUNITY, Hiking, Street Fighter, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), AND, Lots of #FullFrontalNerdity. His friends will tell you that he is a Renaissance Man and does a bit of everything.
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17 Responses to Squirrel Girl/Defenders Easter Egg

  1. OC_Guy says:

    Good article! Picked up a couple of MSH #8’s a couple of years ago. One in very high grade…They still aren’t too expensive. Might be time to pick up another one.

    • CRUZZER says:

      According to Ken Brown over at Drawn To Comics in Glendale Arizona, “it is an undervalued comic considering how low the recorded circulation of the comic is only at 15,450 copies. source: Standard Catalog of comic books 2nd ed.”

  2. NotJon says:

    I dunno on one hand SG does have a lot of enduring popularity, but on the other hand this is an ABC series. It doesn’t scream long term potential to me, and the book has already seen a climb due to the series casting. Given how modest some of the gains have been in marvel television properties that have actually succeeded, it seems really risky to but a copy to spec this late in the game.

    • CRUZZER says:

      i would guess there may be at most another 7500 sold through newsstand as that market was already beginning to shrink at that time, no mail order subscriptions for that title at the time that I know of as well. just some extra FYI on the comic.

    • Karl says:

      With prices in the U.K. Already between $130 and $200 I’m going to sit this one out… although I may regret it!

      Still waiting on news for Replica…. please happen…. I have 15 near mint copies (2 of the variant)… please!

  3. alana says:

    i dont get it, it says T Money not Monkey Joe

    • CRUZZER says:

      Back in the day when I tagged Cruzzer, I would often turn my last Z in to a E and R, something, a style another local graffiti artist taught me to do. Don’t do it nowadays, stopped in 06..

    • Kraig says:

      That’s what I saw as well, just T Money.

    • agentpoyo says:

      It looks that way but tag artists always do things like mix letters.. . if you look at it a different way, like Anthony mentioned in the post, the N and E also create what looks like the K…

  4. CRUZZER says:

    I never said it said “Monkey Joe” , read it again. “Later the camera cuts to a different view, and “Monkey” also done in blue paint. For those unfamiliar with tagging, in the style it was done, the N is also used for the K and the E.”

    I then said,”Could Netflix MCU have been referencing “Squirrel Girl” and “Monkey Joe” who both 1st appeared in Marvel Super Heroes #8 Winter Special . . .”

    • Brennan says:

      So it says “t monkey” in your opinion??
      I’m going to have to disagree and say that you’re grasping at straws here. Sorry.

  5. Cody says:

    I’m ridin with you CRUZZER! Marvel and Netflix may be up to some shenanigans.

  6. JayClue says:

    I can see it, kinda. With both having a 1st in the same book, it is an interesting theory.

  7. OC_Guy says:

    Looks like the Teen Titans tower to me.

  8. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    as long as squarell girl remains a cost play all star and remains popular the book will stay in demand . and the new warriors show could be good?? and didn’t Jessica&luke name the baby Daniel in another issue of new avengers as well? #testify blind adam out

  9. TopherS says:

    Her second appearance was in Marvel Age 119 . She also appeared in Marvel’s Year in Review 4 which came out in the same month ( Dec 92 ) but was probably released later in the month. She also appeared in Marvel Ag 124 and then didn’t appear again until 2005. These three issues and the first appearance of her Santa costume are cheap and undervalued imo.

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