One to Watch: Walking Dead #171 

If you missed out on Waking Dead 171 (and I am not talking about the Pink Signature VariantEdit because that one is moving above $80 now) but with the success of the book this might be one not to miss out on.
It might be time to think about grabbing a couple of the regular copies as well. The Princess is an insane character, and while she looks like she might be a friend for now, she could turn into the next big Walking Dead baddie.
Jesse James comics has on Waking Dead 171 on eBay for about as low as you can them.

15 thoughts on “One to Watch: Walking Dead #171 ”

  1. I agree. Issue 171 was a great read and the Princess seems reeeeeally interesting. I’ve always loved the absurdity of that A cover. People make fun of it, but I think it’s great.

  2. Kind of hoping she turns out to be a friend, but in a wacky neighbor sitcom way. TWD could really use a lighter character, someone to add a little humor to the book. So far any attempts at such have been relegated to Negan’s dialogue, which makes any jokes just too twisted to lighten the mood.

  3. This issue is like #108. I’ll keep buying them at the LCS’s as long as they have them out for cover. Granted, Ezekiel is already dead in the comic and is a shit character on the show so the book is dropping like a mafia informant in cement shoes ($50 for a CGC 9.8???), but there will be money to be made from this issue at the right time

    1. I hope she meets Rick and he finds her so annoying while she’s talking to him for the first time, he shoves his prosthetic claw of a hand right through her skull, killing her instantly. Do it Kirkman, don’t let us down by keeping this annoying cheesy character who should not have survived the zombie apocalypse this long for too many issues..

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