Arthur Adams' Store Exclusive Marvel Legacy #1

Arthur Adams is getting into the Web Store exclusive game with three covers for Marvel Legacy #1. Much in the same way J Scott Campbell has done in the past, Adams will release three separate covers exclusively to his site. These go on sale today at 12 Noon Eastern, 9 AM West. Check them out below:
Larger photos at the bottom

And the details:
PRE-ORDER! SAVE 15%: limited time offer
Order your copies of Marvel Legacy #1 Arthur Adams EXCLUSIVE, featuring cover artwork by Arthur Adams!
When To Order
Online sales begin on September 16 at 9 am Pacific Time.
(12 pm Eastern Time)
Order Processing
Expect 14-21 days after fulfillment begins to receive your shipment. The fulfillment period start date will be posted on the product page. International orders may take longer.

If you are at NYCC this year, he will have copies there as well.

11 thoughts on “Arthur Adams' Store Exclusive Marvel Legacy #1”

  1. Nice. I like Adams. I think J. Scott is getting a piece of the action. All the way at the bottom. Copyright © 2017,, a J. Scott Campbell Studios brand.

  2. $70 for all 3? Meh.. I like Adams’ art most of the time but these covers are meh.. that and I’m done with the 3 cover sets.. they need to die like Gwen needs to die. And stay dead!

  3. I like his work but these are definitely not his best in my opinion… really the only one I like is the third one… which is odd because I normally like color but this is a case where I think it works better without

  4. What a deal. 3 of the same comic story for only $70 (oh yea…. with very different covers).
    I was really hoping there’d be a 9.8 trio for around $250 because that’s an even better buy on moderns. Sadly not offered

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