Rose City Comic Con Review and Exclusive Variant Giveaway!

From Cruzzer:
I had a wonderful time traveling to Portland Oregon from Glendale Arizona. I had a crew of 3 people split up and were all taking pictures for me and posting them on Instagram using the hashtag #FullFrontalNerdity. I encourage anyone on Instagram to please use this hashtag when showing your followers your pictures of cosplayers, or comics you picked up that week. A group of friends and I have been using that hashtag for several years now. We are all still uploading all the pictures (over 700+ pictures) and hope to pick out some of the best ones to feature on CHU in the near future.
My last name is Cruz, and I travel a lot, hence the nickname Cruzzer, I’ve had it since I was in grade school. It was my second visit to Portland in the last year, but this is the first time I actually visited spots throughout the city in depth.  
Depending on where you stay, you can access a majority of the city via the rail + walking distance. I purchased an all day mass transit pass for $5 and got my money’s worth out of it. I visited a several comic shops like “Things from Another World” in the area, and attended a private reading of Tongues by Anders Nilsen at Floating World Comics in Portland. I told him I’d give him a quick shout-out. I am huge on supporting individuals who put out or publish their own work. Good stuff so check it out.  I ate at several different locations, but I was really impressed with Theo’s Restaurant, I tried The Heart Stopper on my 1st visit, and it put a hurt on me, in a good way, I just had to keep coming back and trying new items on the menu. just a personal recommendation if you ever go to Portland.
At Rose City Comic Con, I picked up some exclusive books for some Comics Heating Up Readers who personally got in touch with me before going to the Con. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it, if not I would have put up something on CHU for the first 5 users to order books. Lesson Learned.  NOW TO THE GOOD STUFF! I bought 2 exclusive books back to giveaway, the purchase come out of my pocket, so I am just passing what I call “Comic Karma” (#ComicKarma, yes, we got a # for it too) along. Thing was, they were not bag and boarded and I could not find a dealer on the floor who sold any, but I still picked out the best ones and put them in bags and boarded right away as soon as I got to the location I stayed at. 
Anyway, this isn’t like the normal giveaways Anthony does, we got some rules you need to follow in order to win these. You can win either The Realm Action Figure Rose City Comic Con Exclusive Variant, or a Motor Crush Sketch Blank signed by Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr and Brenden Fletcher.
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2. Enter your answer below in the comment section. NOT JUST YOUR NAME!
For a chance to Win The Realm:
What is on your pull list? (Bonus points to you, if you shop at a LCS with an independent business owner rather then just an online store.) Tell us what you are reading and why, and give us some depth, and explain with your passion on why we should also pick it up if we aren’t already.
For a chance to Win the autographed Sketch Cover:
Aside from “the big two” (DC and Marvel), what indy comic book have you read, or are you reading, that you would love to see as an ongoing series, and possibly even made in to a film?
3. One entry per person, we have ways of knowing. and you couldn’t have won a giveaway on ComicsHeatingUp in the last 6 months. You can enter for both, but if we pull your name out twice, you only win the 1st one. We want different blood winning, so you all don’t think our giveaways are a sham. The book will be shipped out by Cruzzer via USPS after the winner has been announced and done by Anthony.
5. Winner will have 48 hours to contact CHU before we move on to the next winner.
6. If this is your first time commenting on the site, be patient, the comment will need to be approved.
That’s it, and GOOD LUCK!


Everyone calls him Cruzzer. From the Six Two Three, A to the Z, and Everything in between. Interests include Hiking, Street Fighter, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), AND NERD STUFF. You can follow him on Instagram - or his youtube at

25 thoughts on “Rose City Comic Con Review and Exclusive Variant Giveaway!”

  1. naz b
    i read most batman related stories cause im obsessed. i started reading alot of image books this year after i was recommended some of the hot books by a friend.
    my favorite storries this year have been namwolf and batman shadow. id really like to ser namwolf continue because i really liked the art. i dont think a movie would do it justice but maybe an animated film. id recommend it to anyone for a kinda fun read though.
    i also really like redneck. the story in as little words as possible so as not to be boring… vampires fighting the locals in a family fude thats been going on forever. every issue leaves you on a cliff hanger. everytime week that its out its the first book i read sometimes even before batman…
    the last series that im reading that i was really into was the riddle vs joker story in batman. but ive been kind of let down by the last issue maybe two. it started off really great but now it seems like its just filler… why am i reading about kiteman? who is kiteman? anyone ever heard of kiteman?
    i also pull alot of marvel books but im looking to stop because i havemt really been reading them. ive been reading alot lately. my pull list has almost gotten to big. got to stop adding things.
    i recently read the realm and think it has potential. i really liked some of the action near the end but dont want to post any spoilers. will definately have to wait and see.
    all star batman
    kill the minotaur
    batman shadow
    bane conquest
    baby teeth
    seven to eternity
    detective comics
    harley quinn
    old man logan
    weapon x

    1. missed the part where i saw its lcs
      but im in a small suburb and he doesnt order extras of alot of books
      so if theres something else i want or if i want extra of something thats “heating” up i have a file in calgary as well at a lcs there

  2. A lot of the DC books are on my pull list. I have a thousand kids so I don’t have time to read my books but if I did it would be the Current Space Ghost series. I will be purchasing the TPB when it comes our in the near future. The last series was awesome so can only imagine this series being just as good if not better.

  3. Matt Burton
    Pull List (2 local shops)
    – Dark Knights Metal: great story! As a longtime Batman fan this series is superb. Plus the Snyder/Capullo combo is incredible.
    – Walking Dead: long time reader cannot stop now haha.
    – Redneck: this series is killing it. Some of the most interesting vampire characters I’ve ever read.
    – supergirl: only in it for the Art Germ covers lol
    I would personally love to see Redneck turned into something in the media. It is the first book I read when it comes out.

  4. Chris Schultz
    On my pull list:
    X-men Gold & Blue
    Justice League
    Faith and the future force
    Unholy Grail
    I’ve always been an X-Men fan and Gold and Blue have the best team members in my opinion. Plus the artwork and writing are excellent. I’ve always loved Spawn, I’ve never missed an issue. I’ve also been a life long Justice League fan. I have have every issue from 1980 to present. I loved valiant comics in the early 90’s. Faith and the future force is the best current one out there. My new additions are Pestilance and Unholy Grail. The cover art pulled me to add them, but the excellent stories has kept them on my list. I shop at Samauri Comics in Phoenix. My favorite store. Such helpful and kind people.

  5. I`ve been going to the same comic book store for 23 years.Same guy, same weekly customers, same discussions. I have my normal pull titles, Batman, Detective, Walking Dead, Saga, Baby Teeth, Suicide Squad, just about any of the Spider-Man books and the newer titles like, Mister Miracle and Metal. I have my favorite artists and writers with Hughes, Neal Adams and Bilquis Evely as my top 3 and Snyder,Tom King, Brubaker, and Willow Wilson on Ms.Marvel are the writers. I started reading Winnebago Graveyard by Steve Niles and love the one on one character viewpoint. It`s like you`re there, and the action is right in front of you. If you like horror on a personal level, this is it.
    Metal is starting off well. Batman is leading the Justice League and Hawkman has a major role in this story line.I love how the introduction of a older established superhero can disrupt a dark multiverse. Redneck is like a vampire inspired Hatfield`s and McCoy`s.Donny Cates does a great job keeping this series interesting. And finally, Realm by Image. Just picked it up and it`s a great read. Dragons, Orcs, and just about ever horrific creature you could imagine rule the world in the future, and a small group of survivors fight to get it back. Just a few of my favorites. Check um out, you may get hooked like I did.

  6. David Bitterbaum is my name, and reading a weird assortment of comics is my game! I would love to win that, “The Realm,” variant or the,”Motor Crush,” variant and will answer both questions if that is alright.
    In regards to my pull-list:
    I enjoy DC titles such as Deathstroke and the new title, “Mister Miracle,” and I have been really digging, “The Wildstorm,” by Warren Ellis and am going to pick-up the spin-off comc from it, “Michael Cray.” With Marvel titles I read a lot less as they have been, “Meh,” lately. “Unbeatable Squirrel Girl,” is a treat and, “Jessica Jones,” is fun stuff. I am interested in reading the upcoming, “Moon Knight,” series too. From Avatar Press I like, “Cinema Purgatorio,” and their imprint Boundless puts out some really cheesecake-styled books that a good fun as well such as, “Unholy,” which just wrapped its first mini. Speaking of comics that can be racy, “Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose,” continues to be a guilty pleasure. I also am digging, “Babyteeth,” by Donny Cates from Aftershock and, “Heathen,” from Vault is rad as well. “Slasher,” is stellar from the publisher Floating World, “Amerikarate,” from Action Lab is stupid-good, and when it comes to all the stuff from Image there is a lot. I love me some, “Saga,” “Redneck,” “Southern Bastards,” “Black Monday Murders,” and the new, “Youngblood,” is entertaining as well. “I Hate Fairyland,” is hilarious, “Injection,” is superb, and, “Redlands,” is starting out promising as well.
    I clearly try to read a wide variety of stuff from the more mainstream super-hero books, to odd indie stuff, and it is hard to say what exactly determines if a comic will appeal to me. I suppose I like stuff that is a little different and quirky, as I myself am pretty different and quirky. I would rather read a weird comic that makes me think even if it isn’t, “Good,” than a, “Good,” comic that is competently done but lacks much of a hook.
    Now then, an indie comic that should be made into a movie is for sure the currently coming-out, “Slasher,” by Charles Forsman. Forsman actualy had his comic, “The End of the F***ing World,” adapted for a Canadian T.V. station and excels at doing weird and intense psychological thrillers. “Slasher” is a comic about two horribly messed-up and broken individuals who find each other online and bring out the worst in each other. It is dark, bloody, weird, and Forsman is as skilled an illustrator of the violence as he is a master of plotting. It is a mini-series but if it could be an ongoing that would be cool!
    I hope my answers were interesting and didn’t bore people. I have won some contests in the past so I completely understand if I don’t win this one to allow someone completely new to win, I was just eager to share!

  7. Z. Spencer
    Current pull:
    The Fix
    Walking Dead
    The comic shop I frequent every week is called Sterling Silver Comics out here in sunny Southern California. This is my go-to spot for new releases because the owner, Mike, is a huge fan of independent, creator-owned books and goes out of his way to order a broad selection of small-press comics every week.
    One of the titles I am currently pulling is Saga because it is unlike anything currently available. BKV’s masterful storytelling coupled with Staples’ beautiful illustration style is truly a work of art. The way Vaughan is able to weave a powerful and sometimes heart-wrenching plot through absolutely fantastical characters makes Saga seem at once both alien and all-to-familiar. If you’re not caught up on this title, you’re doing yourself a grave disservice.
    Another title I’m actively pulling is The Fix. The way Nick Spencer is able to turn the buddy cop trope on its head by delivering a hilarious tale of two crooked (and somewhat idiotic) cops and the people who surround them has become one of my favorite reads ever since it was first released. I hope it comes back soon.
    Finally, the latest addition to my permanent pull list is Redneck. Donny Cates has really outdone himself with this series. I’m enjoying everything from the southern imagery and setting to the way Cates is developing the characters. It’s still fairly early on in its life cycle, but I think Redneck definitely has what it takes to be a long-running series that will keep fans coming back month after month.
    Of the three titles I’ve mentioned, I think the one that would work best on the screen would be The Fix. I believe there is a great opportunity there to deliver some quality black humor.

  8. My pull list is huge@DrawnToComics but my current standouts include Seven to Eternity(Remender and Opena…need i say more??), Black moday murders(Hickman is my favorite writer and anything he produces is gold! But this is a the whole goldmine…….), East of West(If your not reading this already..your missing out), Astonishing X-men/Gold(god it feels good to have X-books back!)Ultimates was wonderfully done and so fulfilling each issue(Writing and art),Old Man Logan, Black Bolt( Surprising sleeper book that is way better than I ever expected!! The last issue was amazing!!!!) Infamous Iron Man (I’m a sucker for anything that involves Victor Von Doom_All Hail Doom!!) Hulk(Jennifer Walters) and All New Wolverine(Laura Kinney) continue to entertain as well as Valiants X-o Manowar, Ninjak and Bloodshot’s very under-rated series,Dc’ bat books(King is…….King, Vision@marvel was beautifully done)……I read a ton more as well but those are some i personally get excited for….probably missing a bunch….as for an Independent ongoing I would love to see Hickman continue Secret or Divinity in an ongoing aside frome the minis….As for the movie possibility, Pax Romana would be amazing in the right hands(Ridley Scott?Christopher Nolan??) or Kill or be Killed by Brubaker would also be a top pick. Awesome write up keep them coming.

  9. Dan Piercy
    I gots lots of stuff on my pull. I hit 2 stores every week: first one is near my work and the second is on my way home.
    Hillbilly: Probably my favorite title, Eric Powell’s art is wonderfully detailed and nuanced, but still quite accessible. I love stories of Appalachia and this series is really imaginative.
    Monstress: a close second. This book is tooooons of fun. At first you needed a road map to keep track of everything going on, but the story has really settled down and taken root. Sana Takada’s art is a highly stylized Japanese style that suites this book perfectly. This another highly imaginative book.
    Southern Bastards: who doesn’t love Jason Aaron’s indie efforts? I really loved Scalped and this is just as good. Crazy cast of characters and while a high school football narrative may not be for everyone, this book hits on a lot of deep emotions. Jason Latour’s art is really accessible and helps with the storytelling.
    The Walking Dead: still a great series and I already fear the Princess.
    Kill or Be Killed: Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have a great synergy together. Brubaker’s heavily influenced noir storytelling and Phillips painting art style about a 20 something guy being called out by a demon to kill deserving menaces to society or he could just be crazy.
    Star Wars: Jason Aaron has been great on this title any Star Wars fan should be picking it up.
    Iron Fist: I’m a huge Iron Fist fan and this book has been great so far!
    Thor: another Jason Aaron title, I’m a big fan of the Thor universe. I’ve really enjoyed what Aaron has done with Jane Foster as Thor even though I hated the idea at first.
    Wonder Woman: I really enjoy good Wonder Woman stories. The Jenny Frison covers have been great.
    Harley Quinn: the Frank Cho covers have been outstanding and the content is as funny as ever.
    Hillbilly, Monstress and Southern Bastards would all make for great weekly episodic television series.

  10. Andrew Cantrell
    For a chance to win The Realm: Pulls include Babyteeth, Cannibal, Pestilence, Spawn, Redneck, Punisher, Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spiderman, Venom, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, All of these are LCS pulls with the exception for one which is an Online subscription. I would also say that I used to be a strict Make Mine Marvel type of guy but that has changed mainly because of me being on CHU. For the Marvel books, being an 80’s baby and a huge Spidey fan, the new Peter Parker books bring back that old school Spidey feel for me. Don’t have to worry about which Spidey is which and what Universe we are dealing with, etc. Venom is a great read, kind of for the same reasons. Having the Brock/Symbiote combo back is awesome but really gets into the psychology of the two and the struggles they both individually face and as a team. For the indie books I will say that these are my top ones 1) because I was able to catch them from the beginning (thanks to CHU), and 2) these books are more for the adult reader. They don’t pull punches with content and language which makes the books more realistic.
    For a chance to win the autographed Motor Crush: I am going to go with Pestilence. I will be honest and say I am not sure about the long term potential for the book. Not because of the lack of exciting content but more the time frame they are set in. While they could certainly draw the series out, which I hope they do, it will eventually have to end. I’m picking Pestilence more for its film factor. I mean come on its like Game of Thrones meets The Walking Dead. Given the huge success of these two shows and the fact that both these shows are coming to an end soon I think should already give studios a hint of why this book should be optioned. There are going to be millions of medieval / zombie lovers looking for something to watch.

  11. I shop at two stores weekly, one near me, Colossal Comics and the other one half an hour away, Yancy Street Comics. I shop at Yancy for Redneck, Babyteeth, Regression, Pestilence, Unsound, Redlands and a few others. Was able to grab the Ream 1 there this past week. No time to read it yet though. At colossal I grabbed Supergirl 13 Lau cover, Metal 2, Amazing Spiderman 32, Harley Quinn, All New Wolverine and Walking dead.
    My favorites are Redneck and Babyteeth so far….haven’t read Realm yet. Love Donny Cates.

    1. I shop at two stores weekly, one near me, Colossal Comics and the other one half an hour away, Yancy Street Comics. I shop at Yancy for Redneck, Babyteeth, Regression, Pestilence, Unsound, Redlands and a few others. Was able to grab the Ream 1 there this past week. No time to read it yet though. At colossal I grabbed Supergirl 13 Lau cover, Metal 2, Amazing Spiderman 32, Harley Quinn, All New Wolverine and Walking dead.
      My favorites are Redneck and Babyteeth so far….haven’t read Realm yet. Love Donny Cates.
      Thanks ….. For a chance to win the Realm please

  12. My favorite three Indy books which are on my pull list are Curse Words (Image), Motor Crush (Image) & 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank (Black Mask Studios). I could see Curse Words being made into a NetFlix show & Motor Crush and 4 Kids made into actual full length features.
    4 Kids is probably my fave since it’s focused on younger kids taking on adult problems with adult consequences. I can’t recommend this book enough to people I meet.
    All these indies have huge creator talent behind them which I appreciate, it’d be great to see people’s own properties see mainstream success. Soule, Rosenberg, Steward, Fletcher & Tarr are all amazing artists/storytellers who are also very kind people deserve all their current and future success.

  13. Kevin Verdine
    My pull list is any Army of Darkness. Then whatever these guys say at CHU. I try to make a little money to complete my amazing spiderman series 1. Since school has started I’m looking for a new read. During this summer I’d read adventure time and regular show w my 9 year old son to (A) help his reading and (B) try to get him to like comics.

  14. Cody Davis
    On my pull list is walking dead, saga, hillbilly, Batman, mister miracle. The local shop I’ve been going to for the past 3 years is closing sept 31st. So I’ve switched to a store about 2 hours away, which is fine because either myself or my coworker buddy is in that town a couple times a month. It’s a cool place they usually have any hot item day of release but they limit to 1 per customer first week. They are good about adding books to my folder when I call. I also have a couple other local spots too. Not huge stores but I can’t complain.
    I think saga as a show would be insane, but may be more suited to do a movie with impressive visuals.

  15. Doug Standish
    My pull list is currently-
    1. Seven to Eternity- I will read anything Remender and Opena do together, they just flat out make great comics.
    2. Walking Dead- This has been on my pull list for as long as ive had a subscription box. Its been fascinating to watch Rick Grimes evolve as a character. I question if the shortened human lifespan will cause Rick to go into the final stage of Erikson’s psycho-social development. Watching despair battle Ricks integrity could make for a great read.
    3. Saga- Not much to say that hasnt allready been said, just an amazing read.
    4. Heathen- First picked this up at ECCC where I got to meet the creator. Really nice person, and a great read.
    5. Animosity- Solid writing and a great premise.
    I would love to see Y the Last Man made into a HBO type miniseries. I think it would be fascinating to see how gender role reversal on such a large scale would be received by audiences.

  16. I have the best LCS in the LA area: The Comic Bug.
    My ongoing pulls are:
    Old Man Logan
    All-new Wolverine
    Super Sons
    Seven to Eternity
    Kill or Be Killed
    The Wolverine related toothless are because I am a child of the 90’s and have always followed The Best, as my favorite.
    Super Sons because it is a truly fun title.
    The Indies, because as an adult, I find a lot more enjoyment in unique reads that are trying to tell complex stories than in superhero titles that simply try to continually create renewed interest in the same characters in largely unimaginative, repetitive ways.

  17. For a chance to Win The Realm:
    I have my pull list at Cosmic Ray’s in Columbia, SC. It’s a great local store down the street from me with a lot of stuff on the stands, and they have great owner and employee that are really fun to talk to and look out for their subscribers.
    I get mostly DC, and my pull list is on the small side these days because it’s hard to find time to read while being a first-time dad with a new baby in the house. Being a family man now is probably what makes Superman the favorite comic on my pull list right now. I’ve never been a huge fan of Superman’s but nowadays I can’t get enough of seeing Clark with Jon and Lois. If you aren’t reading it, you should get it because it’s not just about the action, it’s about the character and all of the qualities that make him a hero we look up to and, at the same time, a person we can relate to. When I suggest the title to people, a lot of them say that they don’t like Superman because he’s too powerful and that’s not entertaining, but I tell them that Superman’s battles are more about saving people under impossible odds, thinking through situations, and maintaining integrity, and it’s a really refreshing read amidst all of the nihilistic hero deconstruction and gritty violence shown in comics and other media.
    The other important title on my pull list is one that I don’t even read much, because I get it for my wife. It’s Adventure Time. My wife and I love the cartoon, so when I saw the first issue on the stands when it came out, I bought it for my wife so that she’d have a comic to read while I read mine. I was surprised by how much she like it, and I was also surprised when she asked me to put it on my pull list so that she can have a comic collection too. Our baby is too young for comics now, but we are keeping the Adventure Times for him and buying the DVDs so that he can enjoy them in a few years. In the meantime, we’re buying the children’t books that DC is putting out now (which are great). It’s weird to see that being a comic nerd (the thing that I always thought would keep me a single bachelor) is actually a source of family bonding…which is good, because hopefully my son won’t sell my comics when he inherits them.
    As for the rest of my complete pull list, this is what I get:
    1. Batman (my favorite character, and after meeting Tom King a few times, I like supporting his title..he’s a really great guy)
    2. Detective Comics (loved the Azazel story that just ended)
    3. Superman (Added this and Action around issue 10 after dropping Suicide Squad and I’m really glad I did)
    4. Action Comics
    5. Wonder Woman (I like the Rucka story, but the alternating issues seem kind of choppy, I think I’m going to try to put it in chronological order and read it again. I’m really looking forward to the Robinson stuff)
    6. Aquaman (Another one of my favorite characters, but this one doesn’t get enough love. Hopefully the new artist will bring more people to add this title).
    7. Dark Nights: Metal (great creative team, but even more than that, I like how it revisits the Barbatos stuff that Morrison used in his run)
    8. Mister Miracle (another Tom King book, but it’s also the Kirby 4th World stuff that I love. This has been really good and different, and I think it’s going to keep getting more interesting)
    9. The Wild Storm (I loved Warren’s original Wildstorm stuff, so I gave it a shot. It seemed kind of slow at first, but it still draws me in a lot. I’m really looking forward to seeing what it’s building up to. Plus, the Michael Cray maxi-series looks like it might end up being like a Deathblow Kills the DC Universe kind of thing).

  18. redneck
    walking dead
    I keep a kind of small list because I had to have surgery and it caused me to get behind… so most of the other stuff I just pick up as I go when I’m able to pick it up

  19. Mike Strahan
    For Realm:
    Current Pull List:
    All Star Wars
    All Batman
    All Spider-Man
    All My Little Pony
    All Image #1s
    All Black Mask #1s
    Mister Miracle
    Old Man Logan
    I’ve had a pull list with the same person for 25 years (he’s been involved in 6 or 7 stores for the past 25 years). Does an awesome job of taking care of me.
    My passion for the past year has been a little unique, I’ve been hunting down rare examples of Bill Watterson work in print. I just recently acquired his Senior High School and Senior College Yearbooks, a few back issues of the Mark Twain Journal, and a 9.8 CGC graded copy of Honk #2. It’s been pretty fun, as there are not many collectors in the space.

  20. I only have two comics on my pull list every month at the moment:
    Hellboy, BPRD, Baltimore – those three are pretty much for the same reason, Mignola is a great storyteller. Putting together actual events and folklore makes for an amazing reads.
    Walking Dead – not much of an explanation needed here, but the connection to the characters is what grabs me. Other than the zombie factor, which could possibly happen In some way or another, just about every dispute, relationship, interaction, etc has either happened to us or is a relatable. Very true to life stuff, other than the zombies.
    This might not count, since both of been adapted, but I believe a BPRD series would rock. Multiple characters with quite an array of events that have happened. Great backgrounds on the characters, I can see you getting invested in their stories, as well as the action scenes scenes using their unique powers.

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