Baltimore Heads Up: Dark Ark #1 Sells Out Print Run

Sitting in the Diamond Retailers Breakfest listening to Joe Pruett give his presentation. He let it be known Dark Ark #1 has sold out. 

Joe Pruett made mention that the first issue of Dark Ark #1 has sold out the entire print run on Wednesday and is going back for a second print. Dark Ark is Cullen Bunn’s new series that hit this Wednesday. 
Joe Pruett is doing a store tour, so look for him at your local comic shop. He is a nice guy. 

3 thoughts on “Baltimore Heads Up: Dark Ark #1 Sells Out Print Run”

  1. Man, I like Cullen Bunn but I wasn’t feeling this book. It was okay, but nothing ground breaking to me. Sadly with my reading list already big enough, I’m probably passing on picking up #2. Bible stories being regurgitated with a twist is hard to come by anyways.

    1. This is where I’m glad I’m a newer comic book reader. A lot of these comics that I’ve heard that have been rehashed are new to me. So I say bring them all on!!! Lol

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