Francesco Francavilla Commission Sketch

Here’s a little treat I hope everyone enjoys. I managed to catch the second half of Francesco Francavilla finishing the commission piece I asked of him at Mondocon 2017.

So I brought some Walking Dead blank variants in hopes to not only get Francavilla to do some commission sketch work but also Eric Powell. Sadly Powell wasn’t doing commissions so Francavilla enjoys the spotlight for this post.


I actually got a little bit more video before this one started but a con attendee came up and was asking him questions and such, so I didn’t want that included in the video.

As one of my all time favorite artists, Francavilla does not disappoint. I actually told him to surprise me with a zombie sketch, who would have thought that he’d do one with Carl as a zombie. That’s like the best sketch ever considering I cannot wait for Carl to become a zombie in the comic book. You reading this Kirkman? You need to make Carl a zombie in the Walking Dead..  keep’em around for a while, you’ll boost readers by doing such at thing.

Here’s the still photo of the finished sketch.

Huge thanks to Francesco Francavilla. Can’t wait until next year, definitely going to turn this into a tradition more than likely.

15 thoughts on “Francesco Francavilla Commission Sketch”

  1. Very nice cover indeed. Looks like he used some water coloring and I was wondering if that caused any warping on the cover/inside pages. I had Bill Sienkiewicz do a wrap around blank “Rai” cover with water coloring at Comicon last year and it warped most of the pages, including cover of course. Don’t ever really plan on selling, since I didn’t get it verified or anything, but is it worth pressing out, and how would I even do that?

    1. No warping on mine. It looked like water colors but I think it was actual ink be was using. The cover stock on the walking deads are pretty thick too but no inks bled through the cover either.
      As for yours… Man, the warping sounds cringing. Nevertheless, its still a piece done by a respectable artist. But yeah, sounds like too much water caused the warping. If it was mine, I’d probably stick in a tight long box and leave it for a few years to flatten it out a bit more. Unless your going to sell it, I wouldn’t bother pressing it professionally.

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