Sunday Funday Signed Comics Giveaway – Eric Powell Signed Comics

You know what’s better than attending cons? Giving away signed books from such cons (It’s the inner Santa Claus in me, I love giving stuff away). I was so excited when I learned that Eric Powell was going to be at Mondo Con this year so I loaded up a bunch of books for him to sign. Now you all, the readers get a chance at some of these by doing one thing, commenting with your name.

So here are the books. There are 3 books in fact, so you have 3 chances at winning a book. 1 book per winner, 3 total winners. The books will go in order listed here.
The first book drawing is Spongebob #73. I love this cover, Powell could draw Spongebob interiors and that would make me very happy:

If you’re not the lucky winner of the above book, the next drawn name will get Namwolf #1 Powell Variant:

And if your not lucky enough to get second place, the third place drawn name gets Eric Powell’s Spookhouse #1:

AgentPoyo says, Good Luck!
Some basic rules apply.

  1. Enter your name below as a comment.
  2. One entry per person
  3. No purchase necessary
  4. Winner drawn at random.
  5. Free Shipping to the US, Foreign winners agree to pay for shipping.
  6. Winner announced on site, you will need to check back later to claim the prize (if prize goes unclaimed, we’ll start going down the list of entrants, you know, the losers who didn’t win!)

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    1. Haha.. yeah, I was gonna make the Namwolf the first draw but figured being 2nd place this time around wouldn’t be so bad. I did happen to have another one with Fabian Rangel’s signature on it, so now I have both his and Powell’s, but that one stays in my PC. 🙂

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