Poyo's Picks for Wednesday November 29th, 2017

Hopefully everyone survived their family this past Thanksgiving week. If you went shopping on Thursday, shame on you. If you went shopping on Friday morning, you’re brave and also stupid at the same time but hopefully you had enough turkey and food to last a few more days. The best thing about Thanksgiving is the leftovers.

So now we find ourselves post Thanksgiving and I must say, it’s a smaller week again. Not a whole lot going on I must say but there could be a few surprise hits and possible spec’s.
DC/Vertigo Pick
This weeks pick is already selling out online but I don’t expect it to heat up, if it does, it won’t last long. It’s Batman Annual #2. Most shops go light on annuals as they’re not as popular from the ongoing title in most cases with side stories, not part of the main storyline.
In this annual, we revisit the past and see the caped crusader’s first date with Selina, Catwoman. An on and off again romance that led up to Bruce popping the question to Selina, who we learned recently accepted his proposal.
Ultimately we’ll find out if they ever get married, if it falls apart or maybe one of them dies. Who knows in this fantasy world. There’s also some Elmer Fudd storyline going on as well in this annual.
Marvel Pick
My marvel pick this week could result in a long term pickup and gamble. Or we could just see a dud, but Old Man Logan #31 we find ourselves with a new character named the Scarlet Samurai.
We all know with first appearances the potential is there. They’re really the only books that retain value if the characters ever gain popularity that sticks.
I’ve been enjoying this series though (despite being seriously behind) but now with Brisson writing, can’t go wrong as I’ve enjoyed Brisson as a writer, even with his indie work. Everyone remembers Sheltered by Image Comics right? Yeah, great series.
Indie Pick
This book was a great read, before the writer became a comic nerd household name. The first volume was published by Heavy Metal and now it’s under the Vault Comics name.
Interceptor Vol. 2 Reactor #1 is out by Donny Cates. Yeah, the guy who writes God Country and Redneck from Image.
I really enjoyed the first volume. I didn’t even realize it was Donny Cates who wrote it until later on when I was enjoying his later works with God Country and Redneck. If you like Sci-Fi, mech tech and vampires, this book is for you.
If you also enjoy Donny Cates writing, pick this book up. I don’t expect it to heat up or be a big spec but it should be a great read.
Small Publisher Pick
This weeks small publisher pick goes to the book that likely won’t heat up or be a big spec but it was a movie that I didn’t even think I was going to enjoy as much as I do.
This pick goes to John Wick #1 out from Dynamite. Sure it’s hitting stands after the movie is already out (cause we all know what usually happens when comic books get media deals and then make it to the screen), but John Wick seems to be one of those movies that will retain a cult following and these fans might seek out these books.
This has several covers along with a movie variant and Bill Sienkiewicz cover. But like I said, don’t go heavy on this. If this does ever heat up or go up in value, it’s gonna be for the long haul. It’s more of a reader for the fans of the movie.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.
This weeks avoid goes to GI Joe #246. It’s got special variant covers as well. The description makes it seem as if it’s the first appearance of the new female Snake Eyes but this is honestly the 3rd or 4th appearance, I can’t keep track.
So don’t buy into this hyped up issue, it’s nothing special if you ask me. It’s not even her first cover appearance, that occurred with issue #245. So buy it if you read GI Joe but don’t buy it to spec on it. And if you do pick up a copy in hopes it heats up, don’t go heavy on it.
That’s it for this week. Until next time..

5 thoughts on “Poyo's Picks for Wednesday November 29th, 2017”

  1. I’ve also enjoyed Old Man Logan, so much so that it’s now the only Marvel title that I buy regularly.
    My only gripe would be what you’ve already kind of mentioned in your summary, is that this title, although well written and executed, doesn’t leave any meaningful, or lasting, stakes.
    I don’t know if that makes any sense? The Days of Anger storyline was fine, but each story should leave a mark, or scar (I prefer scar for a better visual reference)

      1. I want stories that have a lasting impact, not stories that are easily forgotten through time.
        Stories that make an impact on the character and their legacy mean something.
        For instance, Days of Anger had no purpose. It had no end reason to even exist. You could read it and all you’d get from it was that it was entertaining. No lasting effect or meaning, for both the reader or the characters.

      2. A lot of mainstream comics are written this way, which is part of why I enjoy new books and indy titles so much better these days. Mainstream books strive to “maintain the status quo”. This is always really evident when a single character has multiple books, but one is considered the flagship title. Amazing Spider-man was the only title where any major changes or revelations happened for the character, so books like “Web of Spider-man” only told random side stories that didn’t have any impact.

        1. Yeah, I tend to stick to the flagship titles myself. I dont need 12 different Avengers books…. Or 15 X-Men titles…..

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