New Comic Spec Review, Terry's Picks, for 1/3/18

Terry Hoknes from shot over a few additions to the New Comic Spec Review video for 1/3/18. Here are the additions:

and the original Anthony’s picks.

5 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review, Terry's Picks, for 1/3/18”

  1. Hi Anthony, let me give you a hand pronouncing Olivier Coipel’s name: Just think of Chapel but more like Kwo-a-pel…Real easy… Kw (as in quick) + O + A (as in Apple) & Pel (as in Pelgrin) I know it iz a French Name but you can do it…Thanks for the weekly picks+++

      1. Well, that’s very close Anthony, but it’s more like oh-live-e-hey! You’re doing good+++ Soon you’ll be fluent in French and be able to come to visit the comic shops in Paris and get ya some cool Exclusive Euro Variants…

        1. Ha. Thank you for the lessons. I would love to visit the shops in Paris, but like Mr. T in the A-Team, you have to drug me to get me on a plane that long.

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