New Comic Spec Review, Terry’s Picks, for 1/3/18

Terry Hoknes from shot over a few additions to the New Comic Spec Review video for 1/3/18. Here are the additions:

and the original Anthony’s picks.


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5 Responses to New Comic Spec Review, Terry’s Picks, for 1/3/18

  1. Christian says:

    Hi Anthony, let me give you a hand pronouncing Olivier Coipel’s name: Just think of Chapel but more like Kwo-a-pel…Real easy… Kw (as in quick) + O + A (as in Apple) & Pel (as in Pelgrin) I know it iz a French Name but you can do it…Thanks for the weekly picks+++

    • Anthony says:

      Thank you for the lesson. Is the first name oh-live-e-ah?

      • Christian says:

        Well, that’s very close Anthony, but it’s more like oh-live-e-hey! You’re doing good+++ Soon you’ll be fluent in French and be able to come to visit the comic shops in Paris and get ya some cool Exclusive Euro Variants…

      • Anthony says:

        Ha. Thank you for the lessons. I would love to visit the shops in Paris, but like Mr. T in the A-Team, you have to drug me to get me on a plane that long.

  2. Thanks for bringing us Terry’s picks as well, always good to see the different items you guys recommend and your reasoning..Happy New Year!

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