Year In Review

Happy New Year everybody!
Thanks for a wonderful 2017. I want to send special thank you’s to Agent Poyo for his Poyo’s Specs and Drecks, Mel V. for his Mel’s Variant Picks, Blind Adam for his Hidden Gems, Shawn B. for his One Year Later posts, Drunk Wooky for his Star Wars Reports, Alana for her Weekend Spec posts, Louie M. and Cruzzer for their con coverage, and everyone else who contributes, sends tips, reads, comments, and otherwise visits the site. Also big thank you’s to everyone who contributed books for our free comic Wednesdays. We did a ton of great giveaways in 2017 and look forward to doing more in 2018.
We have been doing a summary of the year at the beginning of the new year. There is a lot to get into. We have already done our Spec of the Year selection and our Variant of the Year selection. Now it is time to talk about the year in general. Here is what our year looked like:

It was an incredible year of growth for CHU. We were up nearly 25% year over year for site views. The site was viewed 2,449,072 times from 345,249 different readers from 175 different countries. That is an average of 6,710 views a day (or just under 5 views per minute averaged for the entire year.)
The 10 most popular stories for the year were all spoilers, here is the top 10 stories of the year:
1. Spoilers and Review: Dark Night Metal #1 ROCKS!
2. Spoilers: Phoenix Resurrection Return Jean Grey #1
3. Spoilers: The Walking Dead #165 Big Cliffhanger
4. Spoilers: Batman The Red Death
5. Spoilers: Dark Days The Casting #1
6. Spoilers: Dark Night Metal #2 – Something for everyone
7. Doomsday Clock #1 Review and Spoilers
8. Spoilers: Dark Nights The Batman Who Laughs Gives Secret Origin on Joker/Batman Mashup
9. Walking Dead #167 Spoilers
10. Spoilers: Spider Gwen #24, You Will Want To See This
The most interesting story of the year, for me, was the Doomsday Clock #1 Spoilers. Not only did it bring in a lot of traffic, but it was such  big deal that Bleeding Cool wrote a story about us posting it. And they went as far as throwing us under the bus for posting it and saying we released the DC Promo book which was under an embargo, (we didn’t get a copy so they were wrong about that), and also proceeded to use our images on their site, while excoriating us for posting the images, they also went as far as releasing a Youtube video using our images…
They copied the images directly from the site and posted it on their Youtube Channel. You can see that video here.
The most popular non-spoiler stories:
Mel’s guide to selling Funko Pops
What Happens When CGC Misgrades a book?
Lee JeeHyung accuses Francesco Mattina of copying his work
Heavily Censored Image of Savage Dragon #225 XXX
Maniac Makes the Cover on 1:25 Stegman Variant of Amazing Spiderman #792
Attack of the Killer B’s, Marvel Edition: Gabriele Dell’Otto Cover Price Variant for Secret Empire #10
The most popular country for visitors for the site was:
United States 1,915,613
Canada 218,440
United Kingdom 124,450
Australia 32,893
Philippines 28,337
Here is a break down of where our traffic is referred from:
Search Engines 285,493
Reddit 86,972
Facebook 84,318
android-app 25,797
Twitter 8,506 6,720 3,821
Google+ 2,612 1,514 1,223 1,078 1,073
We had a total of 23,728 comments this year, with the top commenters being as follows:
A. King
Kevin V.
So, 2017 was a huge year for us. I cannot thank you all enough for supporting the site. It is an awesome experience running this little site and seeing how much it has grown. We will be switching hosts for the site this year and making a lot of tweaks, so stay tuned for that. Here is to a happy and prosperous 2018!

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  1. Happy New Year!!!!!!!! To all. I didn’t even know about the bleeding cool /Doomsday Clock thing. Who cares they suck anyway, I never really liked their site much anyway and as soon as I discovered CHU I have no need for them. I know I check this site multiple times a day.

    1. It’s true. They did a post about our post. They took the pictures and basically said here are the spoilers they posted with a “how dare they” tone about it and then immediately put up a YouTube video of the spoilers and never said anything about that.
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  2. Here’s to another great year!!!
    I see I’ve slipped a bit in the comment rankings! I’ll try and make up for it this year 😉

      1. Ha yeah that will never happen. I always came 2nd years past. Sometimes just 10 comments under this chit chatting chicken lol. Much love Poyo. ???

    1. Glad you are here man. I have made several life long friends off running the site. Yourself included. I remember when we first met at NYCC a few years back. It made me feel like I had done something important.

  3. batman white knight #3….variant cover…on eBay $53 american with 3 hours to go ending at 1:11 eastern time. wow. big jump.

      1. That listing is confusing. Why does the seller have in the description “RELEASE DATE: 1/23/17″… the books already been released.

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