Poyo's Spec and Drek for January 3rd, 2018

Happy New Year! This year is already starting off with a bang I think on spec books.

It’s not a huge week to start the new year but there seems to be a few books already selling out online, which is a clear indication of what could potentially sell well on the secondary market as collectors, flippers and readers all scramble for on new comic book day.
DC/Vertigo Pick
This weeks pick is a no brainer. Already mentioned several times on CHU and in the weekly spec videos, this weeks pick goes out to Batman #38 which potentially introduced a new villain in the Batman Universe, an Anti-Batman.
I’m still hoping that doesn’t end up being his villain name. Batman villains are probably some of the best known villains in comics. If they gain popularity, first appearances can retain their value for the long haul.
Cover A will be long term winner but don’t pass up a copy of Cover B, which by far is the better artwork. But history tells us, people love Cover A on spec books and while Cover B is the superior artwork in my own opinion, Cover A depicts the new potential Anti-Batman.
Also noteworthy, Green Lanterns #38 has a new villain people are jumping onboard with. These are selling out online as well ahead of release. Could be another potential key book if the character remains popular.
Another honorable mention goes out to Batman White Knight #4 which continues Sean Murphy’s new ground breaking series.
Marvel Pick
This weeks Marvel pick goes out to Guardians of the Galaxy #150 (starting back with their legacy numbering), apparently Adam Warlock is back.
I don’t expect this to be a huge spec book but could serve some valuable storyline or plots that affect the rest of the Marvel Universe as I’m sure they’re tying in the Thanos and Infinity stuff for the new Avengers movie coming out in May.
I’m sure we’ll be seeing a Adam Warlock series eventually as you know, Marvel says “we demanded it”.. or something along those lines.
Also be on the lookout for the new Star Wars Galactic Icon variants. The first one adorning Rey is already selling out online. Some of these could go the path of the 40th Anniversary variants that were under ordered and hard to find, which led to demand causing the prices to go up as availability was scarce.
Indie Pick
I’m not usually keen on picking Archie books as spec books but when all the covers of a book (all 5 of them) are sold out at Midtown ahead of release and being that Midtown usually orders heavy on books (since they have all the money in the world), this weeks pick goes to Cosmo #1, a new ongoing Archie series.
Not a very original title nor is it a ground breaking plot line for the story premise, this is likely good reason to believe that most shops under ordered this title as just a kids book (because it is dabnabbit). And I’m not talking most kids books, it gives me the impression it’s geared towards the 3-6 year old range.
So this one a book to keep an eye on. If it heats up, it won’t stay hot for long so if you intend to flip it, gotta stay on your game I predict.
Small Publisher Pick
Ah, our lovely Carrie Fisher is no longer with us but that doesn’t mean we still can’t tell great stories of her beloved character Princess Leia.
So this weeks small publisher pick goes out to Star Wars Forces of Destiny Princess Leia #1 from IDW. This is sort of a one-shot as they plan to explore all the iconic heroes of Star Wars in each issue, particularly the women of Star Wars.
From the description:

The Star Wars Forces of Destiny initiative celebrates the inspiring stories of iconic heroes from a galaxy far, far away…. Star Wars Adventures has joined the festivities with an exciting weekly series of comic books that explores all corners of the Star Wars universe, showing how choices both big and small ultimately shape the destinies of beloved characters, such as Princess Leia, Rey, Padme, Ahsoka, and Hera along with your soon-to-be favorites from The Last Jedi, Rose and Paige! Fans will be excited to discover these stories told by talent from across Star Wars novels, comics and animation, including Delilah S. Dawson, Elsa Charretier, Beth Revis, Jody Houser, and Devin Grayson! + Each issue has a variant cover by Elsa Charretier! Collect all five! + Featuring your favorite classic Star Wars characters and a couple of brand new favorites!

Cover A is already sold out at some online retailers. With The Last Jedi out in theaters, everyone has Star Wars on their minds.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.
I love when this happens. It’s a spec pick and an avoid pick at the same time. This weeks avoid is Cosmo #1. Pick it up if it’s cover price but do not pay a premium for it unless you just have to have for the personal collection. If you just want to read it, I’m sure we’ll see a 2nd print if it sells out making this book fairly easy to get for those that miss out who just want to read or give to their little one to destroy.
My other avoid pick is the Bill Sienkiewicz Walking Dead variant. Some shops might of missed this one during ordering but do not pay a premium for this cover if it becomes harder to find. You’ll find it likely for cheap on the secondary market.
I’m interested to see where this new story arc takes us in the Walking Dead universe but I’m also kind of skeptical that it’s just another masked repetitive plot line we’ve already seen as well. “A Whole New World” sounds awfully similar to “A Larger World” we saw back in issue 93.
Again, Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully 2018 will be great in the comic book world of collecting, spec’ing, flipping and reading.

9 thoughts on “Poyo's Spec and Drek for January 3rd, 2018”

  1. Zing. Poyo starts the new year off with a twist. A spec/drek two-fer. If I seesomeone scratching their head while holding that Star Wars book tomorrow at the LCS, I’ll know that they have read Poyos column and they do not know if they should buy or pass.

    1. Heh…. It’ll likely be me you see scratching my head, contemplating the buy muself if you shop where I shop. 🙂

  2. Oh Great. Another Star Wars variant set for me to complete. I just put together 2 set’s of the 40th anniversary variants, so I guess it’s two more set’s.

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