Rob Liefeld Signs content deal with Netflix

News came out tonight that Rob Liefed will be joining Mark Millar by taking his Extreme Studios work to Netflix streaming service. had the exclusive.

Netflix has bet big on the Extreme Universe of graphic novel characters hatched by Rob Liefeld, whose disruptive Deadpool creation was the blockbuster movie surprise of 2016. Netflix has made a seven-figure rights deal, and Akiva Goldsman will set up and oversee a high-end writers’ room — similar to ones he has run for the Ology series, and the Transformers spinoffs — to generate a series of feature films with connective tissue, anchored by Liefeld’s comic book creations. Goldsman, Liefeld and Brooklyn Weaver will be the producers. Weed Road’s Greg Lessans will be exec producer.
The marriage between Extreme Universe and Goldsman came out of an earlier deal for Liefeld’s Avengelyne, which he is developing to direct at Paramount. The new deal gives Netflix a shot at a branded series of films. Extreme Universe covers six comic books, encompassing more than 50 characters that include Brigade, Bloodstrike, Cybrid, Re-Gex, Bloodwulf and Kaboom. An earlier deal had been struck involving producer Graham King and Fundamental Films, but that did not work out and Netflix stepped up.

Covering the books, Bloodstrike first appears in Bloodstrike #1 (available on eBay) , Brigade first appears in Brigade #1 (available on eBay) , Cybrid first appears in Extreme #0 (available on eBay) , Re-Gex first appears in Re:Gex Preview #1 (available on eBay) , Bloodwulf first appears in Wizard: The Comics Magazine #16 (available on eBay) , and finally Kaboom first appears in Kaboom #1  (available on eBay)
All are Extreme-ly cheap pick ups.

25 thoughts on “Rob Liefeld Signs content deal with Netflix”

  1. I know this will have plenty of snarky comments, but there are many comics that take an idea Liefeld had that became really, really good. Look at the, “Prophet,” reboot comic. If this deal takes his ideas but not his more…mocked aspects, it could be good. Now then, cue the jokes about all the movies made from his characters not having feet shown or something!

  2. Umm someone tell Rob you can’t have Wolverine and Cable on the cover of Bloodstrike at least there’s no feet to be drawn on that cover.

  3. Seven figures for the rights deal? Wow, good for him….I don’t think anyone knew he was as good a salesman as that. Netflix has far too much money if they’re spending it on stuff like this.

  4. whats good for extreme studios getting this deal is that now when EXCITING new ongoing series from extreme ( or image, next) come out…you know, the ones where there is 6 variant covers and the distance between issue 1 and 2 and 2 and 3 extend exponentially, there doesn’t need to be any excuses…they can just speak truthfully now”,I never intended to ACTUALLY write an ongoing series of any length…just enough to catch the eye of a production company who will buy the rights to my concept ,”

  5. I think that there are a few other extreme titles. I looked in my collection and saw Glory, supreme and prophet books. There’s probably more titles. I saw some extreme tour books and an extreme sampler ashcan. It’ll be fun raiding the cheap issue bins because of this news.

      1. I just tried to go down the Barry Windsor-Smith rabbit-hole, but he basically falls off of the map a decade ago. What a badass. BWS 4 EVA

  6. Don’t forget but Bloodstrike is getting a reboot from Michel Fiffe, creator of Copra. I will likely give Fiffe’s interpretation a go based on his Copra work.

      1. Is that being racist or prejudicial? It’s that type of shit that ruins the hobby. Like when you take your Topps baseball card to get a player to sign and he can only sign UpperDeck cause he signed a stupid damn contract.. Not sure about anyone else but if I was famous, I would not whore myself out for any company.. I have too much dignity and money isn’t that important to me when it’s at that level of greed. No amount of money is worth signing away your freedom to do what you wanna do.

  7. I don’t know if hunting any of these is wise but there are some corrections if you care about getting the firsts; Re:Gex has an earlier appearance is the Re:Gex Ashcan and Kaboom first appears in the 1997 Con Awesome Preview which is a true ghost. As far as Bloodwolf, Darker Image ashcan or a newsstand of issue 1 is probably the way to go.

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