Red Goblin to First Appear in Amazing Spiderman #798, Here are the Covers

The hype on Red Goblin is real. Issues leading up to the first appearance have been selling well and have been going up in price. Well, some confirmation has come out that Red Goblin will appear in Amazing Spiderman #798. Here are some of the covers coming out.

Amazing Spiderman #798 Ross Regular Cover (available on eBay) – While the online shops are starting to sell out, cover price copies can still be found on eBay, for now.

Amazing Spiderman #798 Terry Dodson Venom 30th Anniversary Variant (available on eBay)  – Can be found from cover price to $9.99 right now.

Amazing Spiderman #798 Young Guns Variant (available on eBay)  Still available for cover price for now, but listings are trending up.

Amazing Spiderman #798 Ramos Connecting Cover (available on eBay) The fourth of the “Regular Variants”

Greg Land Store Texas Children’s Hospital Variant (with Space Cadets Comics)
Amazing Spiderman #798 Texas Children’s Hospital Variant (available on eBay)

Amazing Spiderman #798 ComicXposure Dell Otto Variant (available on eBay) There are a couple of different versions of this one, including a con variant.

Amazing Spiderman #798 ComicXposure Crain Connecting Cover (available on eBay) – Part of a 5 part set

Amazing Spiderman #798 Tyler Kirkham Variant (available on eBay) – Another Connecting Cover set.

49 thoughts on “Red Goblin to First Appear in Amazing Spiderman #798, Here are the Covers”

  1. I have to say the Clayton Crain is by far the best – and features the Red Goblin – the virgin for it is only 1000 copies correct?

    1. Yes , I was just going to write the same , Crain is the winner . He should be cover A and draw the interior and you’d have a classic .

  2. Mmm i keep seeing there’s marvel confirmation but is that a legit thing? I preordered a few regardless, but some confirmation would boost confidence, considering the 797 bust lol

      1. Comicxposure also sent out an email advertising it. I like their Crain variant but not sure I like their customer service & shipping. Order some copies of the new Rick & Morty last week and no email yet that they were ever shipped.

      2. I still havent received any sign of life from my ASM796 Comixposure Variant bought from unknown. 3 weeks since its release snd nothing. These stores steal your money. They are a joke. Save your money.

      3. Unknown comics ‘confirmation’ email was based on the release from Marvel, they dont know anything special and have not ‘read’ the issue. They are simply trying to get everyones money first. Im still not confident that this wont simply be a cameo.

    1. The problem with the Crain, other thsn its being sold by a snake oil salesman, is its part of a connecting set. It wont stand well if its not in the set, imo. Stick to marvel distributed covers and variants for sale at your LCS.

      1. Snake oil salesman so true lol. The covers really don’t connect well anyways on the Crain variants. But still the best cover of the 798s.

      2. 796 doesn’t connect with any of them 797 and 798 mountain ranges line up and 799 and 800 lines up a little with each other but not 796, 97, 98. The Crain 799 appears to have two green goblins on the cover further throwing a wrench in this whole Red Goblin story.

    1. The other variants are store variants and/or connecting cover, plus Red Goblin has already appeared on multiple covers before his 1st appearance.
      Take the Alex Ross 1:100 Virgin to the bank.

  3. Think I’m going to buy the Crain virgin already have the 796 Crain RG virgin cover coming. Makes a nice set. My only worry is this going to be a one panel cameo and not a full appearance until 799.

  4. Didn’t Red Goblin technically appear in ASM #797…In silhouetted “cameo” for two panels, one where he bites the head off a rat (shows his sharp teeth)and the other when he kills Phil (shows his pointy dagger hands)?

  5. The Ross standard cover is the best looking one, then the Greg Land, it just pops!
    Comicxposure, I’m just gonna say they’re “iffy” condition-wise, meaning don’t expect a raw 9.8

  6. Comic exposure 796 (crain) is still King of the red goblin covers…followed closely by Ross’s cover for 799.
    As for 798 variants, I’m going for theTexas Children’s Hospital Variant, because I’m just a helluva nice guy like that. 🙂
    i also love the dell otto variant from comicxposure…but im Refusing to give them any more business until i get my 796 Crain variant.

    1. Good for you. Comicxposure will try to rip you off every time. You know why youre waiting still on your 796? Because comicxposure purposely delays shipping so they can sell that same book on their ebay store, while you wait for yours. He gets all the buyers and you get your order once the hype has died off. Comiczpisure are true scam artists. Buyer beware

      1. Check your order and see if you ordered books that come out on different dates because they will only ship once the last book comes out. A lot of online stores are that way if you combine books with different shipping dates. Not saying that that is what the issue is but it could day

      2. or in conicxpisurs case, they just wont send you anything hoping enough time passes that you cant get your money back. The phone number on Comicxposure ls site is disconnected. That tells you how much they dont care about you or your order. They got your money, end of their game.

      3. I ordered both the trade dress and virgin separately. I sent a few emails asking the. To combine the order. I have heard nothing back and the virgin is delayed. So maybe they are honoring my request and holding into the trade until they can ship both. I paid for shipping on both and haven’t received a refund, though.
        I believe their store is not to far from me. May take a drive and pop in and star asking some questions since they’re not good about returning emails or phone calls

  7. What makes anybody think these are really going to be worth anything? This series is now way over-ordered and has far too many store variants. Given how Marvel has hijacked the bus with the 797 crap for the sole reason to sell more books—I think these have a very good chance of performing like the Spawn 280, 281 and 282….very little price spike.

  8. What if it’s just another cameo appearance and the next issue is the real first full appearance? Can’t tell anymore what constitutes a True Appearance of a new character, batman who laughs was confusing and so is kamala khan (apparently her first appearance was a cameo that looked nothing like her?)

    1. Hell no. I’ve had good experiences with comic mint and bulletproof. Especially he Dell Otto and Mattina ark nights variants. Wil boycott certain stores just because they state they charge you $13-$100 for a variant but will ship comics that are 9.2.

    2. Ive boycotted them. Another shitty practice that these stores do is, they offer CGC 9.8s, and when they receive their copies, they pick through the best ones to send off for grading to fulfill the 9.8 preorders, and any book that is slightly damaged or doesnt make the cut, gets shipped to you. You are guaranteed to never receive a high grade (9.8s & 9.6s) book from these exclusive dealers. Everything about them is shady, imo.

  9. I bought the ASM #797 design variant cover. To me, that seems to be a more affordable, safer bet. It’s also got the Red Goblin’s name and a more comprehensive view of the character. Of course, I broke my own rule of buying 1st appearances of female characters…so we’ll see if my choice holds up five or ten years from now.

    1. I agree the 797 Design variant is a good bet because it is not a store variant and it is a more official Marvel line book. Which means the market will completely decide otherwise 🙂

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