Signed Comic Alert: Jim Lee Signed Immortal Man #1 (Plus Action Comics #1000 Jim Lee Cover)

Thanks to Ryan S. for the hookup on this one.
Graham Cracker Comics has an awesome deal, Jim Lee signed copies of Immortal Men #1, plus an unsigned copy of Action Comics #1000 Jim Lee cover for a steal. Check out the details below.
Graham Cracker Comics is having Jim Lee in store to sign copies of  Immortal Men #1. You do not have to wait in line to get the signed book though, they are selling the passes online and will ship copies of the book to you. Along with a copy of Immortal Men #1, you get the Jim Lee Cover of Action Comics #1000 for $10.98 plus $5 shipping. The book comes out April 11th, but they will ship them after Action Comics #1000 hits stores on 4/18/18. You can order the books here.
Immortal Men #1 is cover priced at $2.99 and the Action Comics #1000 has a $7.99 cover price so you are getting them both, including a Jim Lee signature, for cover price.
From the Graham Cracker Website:

Mail order customers that can not attend may order passes as well and we will get the Immortal Men #1 signed for them, please clearly mark on order that you WANT US to get book signed and mailed to you, otherwise we will assume you will be attending.  Please note your signed copy will be held until your Action Comics #1000 Jim Lee cover shows up so the two can be mailed out to you together.

So if you order, make sure to mark that you want them to ship the books to you.

19 thoughts on “Signed Comic Alert: Jim Lee Signed Immortal Man #1 (Plus Action Comics #1000 Jim Lee Cover)”

  1. Graham’s use to be an online honey hole, last 6 months seems like everybody has been shopping Graham’s. I’ve never mentioned Graham’s for a reason lol.

    1. I was calling around in like 2012 for the walking dead weekly 19 and they actually called me back like 3 years later and said that one was available for 20$ I said hell yeah. So customer service is top notch.

  2. Queen and country is being made by Fox and Ridley Scott. Queen and Country #1 will be a hard find 2001 Oni book. Only see 4 copies that are not the Fcbd versions on eBay, amazon and other online retailers might be worth a pickup.

      1. Sweet. I checked this lot I got off Craigslist a couple weeks ago and there she was queen and country 1. Thanks Alana.

      2. Damn with a print run of 7500 and 17 years to have some if these lost, damages, destroyed etc… and big time director Ridley Scott announced, all we need now is some star power and a good trailer and boom Q&C #1 gas the potential to blow up!

    1. I think this was announced a while ago was there new news recently on it? The regular book is almost impossible to find. The FCBD version is the one mostly out there.

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