New Deadpool 2 Trailer dropped today. Deadpool mentions X-Force

The newest trailer for Deadpool 2 dropped today featuring everyone’s favorite character Dopinder. But seriously, the trailer is awesome and watch for Deadpool mentioning the formation of X-Force.

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  1. Has hell frozen over now that people are paying money for books like NM 98, 100, Spawn 1, 2, Venom Lethal Protector 1-6, xforce 1, etc.. When people start buying up Xmen #1 Jim Lee I guess that means I’m very old.

    1. The market is ever changing, Alana. Not every collector can have all the silver and bronze goodies, so, to build their collection, they choose more affordable, reachable books. The movies certainly dont hurt either. Its not that your old, its just that the market is expanding way beyond the traditional key collector.

      1. A friend of mine, at the con on sunday, was diggin for old NM books and the shop keep was more or less laughing at him because he thought those books were worthless now, because theyve been worthless for 30 years. My buddy is laughing all the way to the bank.

      2. My LCS gives a free $1 binner for every $10 spent. Guess where all the New Mutants where, guess who has pulled them all out over the years. Hehehe

        1. Ive been pulling NM too for the last year or two. I live in Canada and a bunch are the price variants. I think Magiks ceiling, NM14, is in the stratosphere.

      3. Yeah, you are right JayClue…When I was in Jr. High back in the 80’s you could still find Hulk #181 and ASM #129 in the regular bins at most local shops. They were not hard to find at all with Vg’s going for around $7 or $8. When they started heating up most dealers laughed when I asked them if they would become major keys…They said too many out there for the prices to get crazy…. they were way off! There is always a new gen of collectors that can’t afford the older stuff so they start grabbing the newer keys…over time, especially now that the movies are bringing in a lot more comic collectors globally all these 90’s keys are starting to be snatched up…. Looking back at all this comic history…just calling those books from the 90’s keys…I’m with Alana, I do feel old…..sigh.

        1. Its not just newer collectors buying modern keys, but there all sorts of niche collectors. Cover collectors, certain artists, completionists, etc… Those types of collectors view the hobby from a different perspective. Hulk 181 might not even be cared about by a guy who collects Black Canary covers. The fact that all different types of people have interests in all sorts of different things is what makes the w

    2. I know, right!…I always thought there would be a day these finally start selling…honestly, that time came a little sooner than I expected.

      1. I think the girl with the purple hair could be Surge. As for the kid that Cable traveled through time to kill don’t really know prob young Black Tom Cassidy if that is the villain for the movie. Cable has traveled back in time to kill Apocalypse but that was ancient Egypt he also traveled through time to kill a Super Sentinel that was trying to eliminate him by killing his parents. But I don’t really know.

  2. Good to see this…Have been buying New Mutants and X-force keys cheap, little by little for a couple of years now. Nice to see these start selling. One that I did miss was X-force #116 so I picked up the one Alana suggested for the pc…I’ll check my local shops to see if they have any in their bins.

  3. What about the whole ‘reincarnated kid apocalypse, En Sabah Nur, Genisis, potentially a hero, historically speaking, but maybe not, so, Cable time travel bit, drop him, either way, problem solved.’ hypothesis that’s floating around.

  4. Clearly u guys are much more knowledgeable then me in all matters concerning comics and I am grateful that you guys share your knowledge. I am requesting someone post a list of all the NM, Xforce, Xfactor keys to look for. I did take a chance on NM #8 I found 9 copies and bought them all for $3 a piece, I figure I cant lose at that price. Thanks in advance, you guys are the best.

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