Admiral Snackbar's Infinity War and Black Panther Spec

Hey CHU Admiral Snackbar here.  Haven’t been posting much for a while because I had to take a huge break from comics but I’m slowly inching my way back in. I watched a video about the Infinity War trailer and I started speculating about  the scene with Thor and Groot and Rocket.  
Check it out here, it is all cued up:

This scene got me thinking that was the forging of Thor’s new weapon, which would most likely be Storm Breaker. We know Thor lost Mjolnir in Ragnarok, and we know Thor will get a new weapon. The first appearance of the hammer Storm Breaker is Thor # 339 (available on eBay) . The panels in Thor #339, where Odin forges Storm Breaker for Beta Ray Bill, look very similar to the shots from the trailer.
Also, just noticing this, a couple of years after the fact, but the Dora Milaje warrior Ayo who appeared in Captain America: Civil War and who also appears in the Black Panther film, is one of the Midnight Angels from the current Black Panther series by Ta-Nahisi Coates.
Ayo and her lover/Midnight Angel counterpart Aneka are pretty prominent in the comics right now. It’s way too early to know anything about the next Black Panther film, though we may get some clues from Infinity War, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ayo and/or the Midnight Angels played a role in the BP sequel.
Regardless, it doesn’t seem unwise to invest in any/all first appearances of female characters these days, especially of characters who have already appeared on film and whose 1st app’s are still cover price.
Ayo’s first appearance is Ultimates (2015) #1 (available on eBay) and the first appearance of Aneka is Black Panther (2009) #8 (available on eBay)
-Adm. Snackbar (aka Capt. Needa Drink, aka R2-Detour)

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  1. I will share another one, though this one ain’t high on everyone picking it up but if you want the issue where the modern Guardians of The Galaxy meet The Avengers for the 1st time ever, Avengers Assemble #4.

    1. ADDITIONAL SPEC NOTE: in the comics stormbreaker is forged with the help of the dwarf king eitri. peter dinklage has an undisclosed role in infinity war and the possibility has been floated that he is playing eitri.
      eitri’s first appearance is thor annual # 11

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