Signed Comic Alert: Weapon H #1 Signed

Here is your chance to grab signed copies of Weapon H #1 for cover price.

Midtown has two different signed copies of Weapon H #1 up for pre-order, and shipping out next week. They have copies signed by series writer Greg Pak as well as copies signed by series artist Corey Smith. Both copies are limited to one per customer (but you can grab one of each) and are priced at $4.99 plus shipping. All Midtown signed books come with a COA.


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2 Responses to Signed Comic Alert: Weapon H #1 Signed

  1. Dave says:

    Sometimes these sell out fast..other times not. Hard to tell with this one since so many already likely grabbed the regular cover last week.

    That would not be me…I ordered the homage Crain variant which I’m very excited to get. But I decided for cover price, why not snag one of these two. I’m not sure you can order both (says limit 1) but I just wante Greg Pak anyway…not a fan of Corey Smith yet…

  2. OC_GUY says:

    Didn’t buy heavy on the first issue..just the 1:25 variant and the Hulk 181 store variant, so why not. Picked up a set.

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