Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 78

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. I want to say thank you for reading this and every week and for listening to my Youtube show. Before we get started I want to say that Superman #43, Aquaman #33, Avengers #683, 684, and 685, Deathstroke #29, and Flash #42 are my reads of the week. Riverdale,Lucifer, Krypton,Legends of Tomorrow, and Gotham are my shows to watch for the week. Now lets make some with some comics cause you can’t teach that.
Before we jump into the books, I want to offer a rare signing opportunity. It is with Megan Fox. So if you want any TMNT or Transformers comic autographed, send me an email at and I will give you the details.
1. Astonishing X-Men #12-18 (available on eBay) (2004) the Deadpool trailer was #awesomesauce. Negasonic Teenage Warhead is sexy and needs more cosplay love. This story arch is her second appearance and has killer John Cassaday art and features a nifty Hellfire Club story. The Gifted show is all about the Hellfire Club plus the Marvel Knights Animated straight to dvd motion comics did this as well. Cheap books in dollar boxes $3-5 max but it is Negasonic, baby
2. Deadpool the Mercs for Money Volume 2 #1 (available on eBay) – Negasonic Teenage Warhead with her movie look. I love this series, Domino appers as well $3-5. Deadpool will own the box office
3. Excalibur #82 (available on eBay) – Warren Ellis written marvel books. First Pete Wisdom who might be on the plane in the Deadpool 2 trailer. And seeing the Pete Wisdom fight from Excalibur #90, it would be #awesomesauce. Dollar box hunting we are going
4.Excalibur #88-90 (available on eBay) – Pete Wisdom hooks up with Kitty Pryde… yeah that is the family friendly way to say it I think. Must be getting soft as I am now trying to do family friendly crap. Darnit! More dollar box hunting we are going
5. X-Force #82 (available on eBay) – first Marvel 616 appearance of Bedlam. Deadpool will be a great movie. I love the trailer
6. Green Goblin #13 (available on eBay) – if Tony is right, and it is Phil the Goblin King becoming the Red Goblin, then his time as the Green Goblin might become hot. This is the final, low printed issue of the series $5-10
7. Amazing Spider-Man #418 (available on eBay) – after twenty years, Norman Osborn returns. Norman is hot. He might be the Red Goblin and this is undervalued clone sage stuff $10
8. Spectacular Spider-Man #250 (available on eBay) – classic Peter beating down Norman Osborn at Norman’s home. Leads into the worst 1990’s Spider-Man story of all time. This story makes the clone saga look great. The Spider-Man identity crisis story sucked #testify $5
9. Amazing Spider-Man #649 (available on eBay) – Phil becomes the Hobgoblin part of the big time story $5
10. Superior Spider-Man #16 (available on eBay) – Phil becomes the Goblin Knight. Best run of Spider-Man ever. Yeah I said it $5
11. Amazing Spider-Man #5 (Vol. 3) (available on eBay) – Phil becomes the Goblin King. Dear Marvel, stop your relaunchs and your renumbering please. Filing comics in boxes and bins is a p.i.t.a. so stop it and enjoy the Goblin becoming the Red Goblin as my pizza and a beer bet is on $5
12. Walt Disney Comics & Stories #33 (available on eBay) – features the first comic book appearance of the Gremlins, the basis for the classic Twilight Zone William Shanter episode and the classic 1980’s movie. It was originally a book and almost a Disney movie. Awesome stuff indeed $30 and up
13. Transformers the Revenge of the Fallen #1 Megan Fox Photo Cover Fan Expo 2009 – when researching what books to get signed by Megan Fox, I came across this book. However, I think it might be a ghost. Limited to 1,000 copies. Megan is a fangirl, is sexy, and she was decent in the Transformers movies. The reason the Transformers movie was the turd in the punch bowl can be summed up in two words, Michael Bay. He needs to go back to film school #testify $100
14. Batman and Robin #1 (available on eBay) – first appearance of Nobody. She is back in Rebirth. Dear DC Entertainment, what person do I need to send cash to in order to not have Super Sons canceled? Please don’t cancel Super Sons! This series is key for Damian Wayne, the son of Batman, as well as a great series $5-10
15. Superman Rebirth #1 (available on eBay) – first Cathy Becken go for the Walmart three pack variant (available on eBay) if you can find it $5-10
16. Fish police #1-3 (available on eBay) no movie no TV show, no new series, just a classic comic series that needs to be read and enjoyed $5 and up
17. KA #1 Cirque Du Soleil Marvel Custom Edition (available on eBay) – the famous Vegas circus act with there own comic, dual collectible. Not sure of the print run but it was handed out at NYCC with no bag and borad so high grade can be tough $10
18. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #1 Fan Expo variant (available on eBay) – from Fan Expo 2013. IDW’s best licensed property. The ponies are #awesomesauce. Yeah I said, it being a bronie is a great way to meet hot girls #testify. Wow, I am doing the family friendly thing again $30-50
19. Archie Comics #632 and #633 (both available on eBay) – for all the freaking Riverdale player haters, first off it is a great show, and if you think Archie and the gang were all sweet and innocent, well… In these two issues, which could be used for future episodes of Riverdale, Archie marries Valerie Brown and then they have a baby star Andrews. So Archie got it on in the comics and Riverdale is just plain #awesomesauce $5 happy hunting everyone.
I love you all. thank you for being the greatest blessing in my life . take care and I hope to see you all at the wayne comic expo in new jersey
blind adam out

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  1. I believe Robin Son of Batman #1 is the book with the female (Maya Ducard) version of Nobody’s 1st appearance. The Nobody in Batman and Robin #1 is her father (Morgan Ducard). Thanks for the gems!

  2. “Yeah I said, it being a bronie is a great way to meet hot girls #testify.”
    Uhhh.. maybe a way to meet girls who are also underage and think being a grown man into ponies is weird! 😉

      1. Nope.. I’d imagine most Bronies are “asexual”.. no pun intended but they’re a very odd and weird breed of human.

  3. I ment exculbiar #86. typed it wrong into the brailer. and grown women go to the pony cons all the time #testify thank you all and happy holidays blind adam the comicpimp out

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