Cosmic Carnage

Cosmic Ghost Rider is hot. Carnage is hot again (building up to Red Goblin) so What If? Marvel did a Cosmic Carnage. I mean that would be the hugest thing ever right? Well they did.

Twice in fact. In Amazing Spiderman #430 (available on eBay)  and Amazing Spiderman #431 (available on eBay) Carnage takes over Silver Surfer. The book is already pretty pricey with both books going for around $30 and up (#431 slightly more.) These books are getting more notice (the covers are shown below) with Norman Osborn getting the Carnage Symbiote in recent issues of Amazing Spiderman. Bt this is not the only appearance of the Cosmic Carnage that Marvel put out.

Cosmic Carnage also fought the Avengers in What If? #108 (available on eBay). Just a neat bit of history and with cosmic characters, and Carnage getting heat, worth mentioning.

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  1. Hmmm…. I missed this one from way back when…Back in the 90’s when I discovered that some of the girls would actually say yes when I asked them out, I would stray from my comic collecting roots here and there to spend some time with those crazy 90’s dames. So many movies! So many dinners! So much frustration!… Oh well, I did find one of these nutty issues (431) in higher grade for a pretty good price compared to what they normally go for so I added it to the pc.

      1. once I started working a little more I was able to do both but early on…. The sacrifice had to be made and it was the comics and even video games for a little while. Came to my sense…eventually.

        1. I had a girl friend that use to sit and play N64 with me in college. She would bring her own pillow and blanket over for sleep overs. She was the best.

      2. I came from a time just a little before yours…where “girls didn’t play vidya games” Came across a few later on but I was a bit older and started feeling like the creepy older dude.

      1. So true….My wife plays all those candy crush type games… May not be Gears of War, but still! Where was she 20 years ago!?!

    1. Y’know, there is probably a Marvel exec reading this in a dank, dark room with dramatic lighting on his face going “Mwah-haw-haw-haw-haw-haw! His eyes wide open, twiddling is fingers while petting a hairless cat on his lap and all that evil stuff.

  2. Soooo, Anthony….Is there something you’re not telling us? Have you been sworn to secrecy by some comic higher source not allowing you to tell us anything concrete???… Is this the only way you can let us know, by using a “grey area”? You might want to check your backyard for snooping Russians and N. Koreans. Even if you don’t see anything if you smell vodka and spoiled kimchi you know you have stumbled onto something big! Cosmic conspiracy big!!!

  3. Also worth noting the Mike Perkins Champions #1 unknown comics exclusive is a Carnagized cover. Contains first Carnage Kamala first Carnage Viv among others.

    1. That would be awesome if it wasn’t such an ugly cover though (no offense) and the book was hugely printed (champions not the variant). You know what the first Venomized cover was don’t you?

  4. I paid $45 CND for that two issue set about 6-8 months ago. Theyre sitting in the my PC ASM Legacy run. Not easy to find in the wild.

    1. From what I can find 69k print run for #430 and 66k print run for #431….A lot more than I thought…Still, like you said, not easy to find in the wild.

      1. I believe these issues, even with the 60000+ print, were pretty low print runs for ASM at the time. A lot of these are probably in permanent ASM collections by now.

  5. I was wondering why the copy of ASM #431 I picked up today at a LCS sold within 90 minutes of listing it. Thanx CHU!

  6. Remember that 4chan Deadpool 2 stuff. IMBD has a Pilot and a tree trimmer on the cast list, so they may be right because this gives credence to the whole helicopter and wood chipper scenes.

      1. Thanks for the tip on the Rick and Morty! One of the prizes of my PC is a complete run of all R&M main and variants (questionable authenticity of ‘the good morty’ mini-comic possibly a flaw). So much easier to find these store variants ahead of time rather than after the fact, so thanks again for the tip.

      2. That’s my goal too, to get at least one copy of every cover for the PC. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it but who knows. I’m only missing maybe 7 or so.

      1. Remember Poyo, that evil Marvel exec is probably still reading!….three months from now in the newest issue of Moongirl, guess who she fights….that’s right, Cosmic Crotch-Man! Have that trademark ready!!!

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