Matt DiMasi’s Next Mosaic, Exclusive coming?

I have been a fan of the Shattered Comics Variants, the mosiac versions of classic covers done by artist Matt DiMasi. They have been a nice change from the variants and exclusives we have seen before. Matt DiMasi has a finished a killer new mosiac and I am hoping this will be turned into an exclusive as he nailed it. Check it out below


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9 Responses to Matt DiMasi’s Next Mosaic, Exclusive coming?

  1. Jeff says:

    Please post if it becomes available to pre-order

  2. Kevin verdine says:

    Very nice. What should happen is every comic series from here on out should do a homage cover of that. It’s that good and never seen it done before.

  3. JayClue says:

    Must have.

  4. adam wonders the blind comicpimp says:

    this is how variants should be done nuff said

  5. David says:

    Mine mine mine…

  6. Marvel Zombie says:

    My guess is Amazing #800 variant. Or Venom Vs. Spider-Man 3rd print ha ha.

  7. Keoma Gopaulsingh says:

    please notify me when this becomes available to order/pre-order.

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