Poyo’s Spec and Drek for May 2nd, 2018

It’s new comic book day! The best damn day every week. The day of the week we drop everything else that’s important to go pick up what we think is going to be a great read or a great flip so we can buy more things to read or flip. It’s the never ending cycle of life for the comic book enthusiast comic flipper.

I think all the best books already came out for 2018. It started off so strong but seems to be getting less and less exciting. But hey, this week you can once again own another Avengers #1? Exciting right?

DC/Vertigo Pick

Not sure what it is but I love Tony S. Daniel’s art.
I truly think he’s not appreciated as much as he should be. So this weeks pick goes to his regular cover art on Batman #46.

Just like his cover for Batman #45, everyone was grabbing Jim Lee’s cover B but honestly, Daniel’s cover A was much better if you ask me.

I guess it’s all just a matter of opinion and taste. I think Jim Lee’s art is cool but I also think he’s a wee bit overrated. I do like his older work more than his newer work. Bring on the hate if you will, I can take it.

Marvel Pick

Oh hey, don’t forget to pick up your new Avengers #1. It’s got that guy with the flaming skull in it, which is probably the only reason I’m picking up a copy. I sure do love me some Ghost Rider (the original one, the one that rides a motorcycle and isn’t named Frank).
But that’s not this weeks pick (or shall I say picks with it’s enormous amount of covers).
This weeks pick goes to Star Wars Tag and Bink We’re Here #1. Sure it’s got a hefty price tag but who couldn’t go with some much needed humor in a very serious galaxy, far far away.

Indie Pick

Not a whole lot going on in the Independent section this week for me. So this next pick is just for the sheer joy and amusement.

Don’t expect this to be a long term spec winner but could be a quick flip for those that find them this week at the local shops as I don’t anticipate a bunch of shops to order heavy or at all.

This weeks Indie Pick you might of seen in Anthony’s spec video goes out to Alien Toilet Monsters #1(linking to eBay since it is sold out at most online stores) from Omnimorphic.

I mean, come on. A book with aliens, toilets, and monsters in the title has to be good fun right?

Small Publisher Pick

Rick Remender never seems to disappoint. Let me say that again. Rick Remender never seems to disappoint.

I got to read this in advance about a week or so ago. It’s such a simple story and concept. This is why I give Remender so much credit with his story telling and it’s also why Death or Glory #1 is this weeks small publisher pick.

We all know a Remender book can heat up (Seven to Eternity, Deadly Class, Black Science) with also the chance it gets a media option or turns into a show.

Pick this one up for the read as well.

So don’t overlook this book. I’m sure these will be easy to find come Wednesday so don’t go overboard but definitely pick up an extra copy or two to hold for the flip down the road, which could come sooner rather than later. That’s just the fun of spec’ing.

Now on with the dreaded avoid pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

This came as a surprise for me as I never thought I would have first this artist or title in an avoid pick.
This week I’m going to tell you to avoid Walking Dead #179 Cover B, which is the Bill Sienkiewicz cover depicting Carl with the hole in his face.

First of all, Carl looks nothing like the 10 year old girl in that picture and secondly, this is just horribly done if you ask me. Whoever signed off on this cover at Image should fire themselves. I love your art Bill but this one just plain sucks if you ask me. Maybe if it was artwork for something entirely different but since this is trying to represent a character from a long ongoing series, it fails miserably in that aspect.

Well, that’s all folks. Don’t forget to pay the lady..   oh wait, that’s the line from Storage Wars!

15 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec and Drek for May 2nd, 2018”

    1. I’ve been contemplating selling off my TWD collection entirely now. #108 was like $30 book and usually first appearances keep going up in value but this is now a $10 book. Seems most books are losing value instead of gaining. Might be time to sell while I can still make out. Decisions decisions.

      1. Ive pretty much sold off my entire TWD collection. I do still enjoy the book, but Im quite fine to own this in trades.

      2. The show seems to be in the decline, ratings wise and lots of complaining on the different Forums .. and really, the show has been what’s driven WD comics and prices .. If it were me, I’d sell .. but that’s just me .. when the show ends, which it will eventually, the market will have a big correction ..

        1. I’ve started losing interest in the show as well. What turned into a “get kids to bed early to catch the show” is now just let the DVR record it and I watch later on..

  1. I have 2 of the self-published Alien Toilet Monsters #1. My shop has a few more. Thinking about picking them up and seeing if it takes off.

  2. I do not appreciate all these new Marvel #1s either. I dropped several titles because of it, including Avengers. The legacy numbering was perfect. They needed to keep the legacy numbering and advertise the book as a new story. Anyone looking to jump on could do so easily witj a new story, they dont need s new #1. Uugh. I also am not liking the DC almost virgin B covers. Comic books need trade dress! Otherwise its just OA. I dont buy OA. I buy comic books. Aaargh. Why, Marvel? Why, DC?

    1. When i got back into comics 3+ years ago, it was so so confusing, as a new reader, trying to figure out the last 5-6 years of ASM. What volume is this? What .1 is this… i truly feel like they constantly shoot themselves in the foot. The big 2, I mean. The new ASM #1 is really concerning to me.

      1. I am in the same boat as you … i got back in two years ago . It is a mess and a big turn off . I think I am shutting down the floppies for awhile . I am waiting for Batman #50 and the rest of Doomsday Clock and that should be it for me . At least for awhile , i am not sure what could get me back in . On the other hand I could be addicted , lol .

  3. How could you not keep legacy numbering?! It makes no sense in the long picture of things.
    I get #1’s get sales hikes because they are #1’s but that lasts for what? 3 issues??
    Look at Action Comics? It hit 1000 issues, there is a certain prestige to that. Proving the quality and longevity of said comic.
    All the OG characters of Marvel should stick with legacy numbering.
    Avengers, X-Men, Thor, Captain Ametria, Spider-Man, Iron Man etc.
    And I won’t even go into how much od a pain it is to search for specific issues when there are 10 volumes with multiple identical numbers per volume?!?!
    “Yes hello! I am looking for a Punisher #31, do you happen to have one by any chance?”
    “Which volume friend? 1999, 2001 , 2004, 2006 , 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016 or 20108?”
    “Uhmm… forget it about it!”
    You know??

    1. Well, remember, DC rebooted their numbers but then reverted back to the legacy numbering as well. They haven’t done it as often as Marvel has but are still guilty themselves.
      But yes, Marvel should have kept their legacy numbering going but their excuse is that it confused people even more. Well, that’s their own fault in the making. If they didn’t keep rebooting with new volumes and new #1s, they wouldn’t confuse the crap out of buyers.

    2. When I get that question at the Shop, my stock answer is “Can you narrow that down for me just a little .. ??” 😉

  4. And I agree with you about Jim Lee…..Now when he switches up his style (Deathblow), dude is a beast but his regular work is EEEH! to me now.

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