Extra Extra.. Win A Copy Of Paper Girls #1


I really like the flash giveaways. They make giving away comics fun.

Did you miss the boat on Paper Girls? Don’t want to spend $10 or more to obtain a copy of #1 that they are now selling for?

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Midtown Comics July 2019 Events and Signings

Midtown signings and events are a great way to see what books will come in the near future for those cheap cover price signed books.

So here’s a look at their upcoming July Signing events which looks like a great line up of creators and writers. If you live in the NYC area, you get to attend these in person but for the rest of us, we have to wait and order online if and when these signed books go on sale.

This lineup looks pretty good, especially that last one on August 1st (yeah yeah, so it’s not in July).

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Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of May 9th, 2018

Welcome again to another amazing week of things I like and things I don’t like. This will end up being the most fun and best article each week cause you know, who doesn’t like to complain about things right?
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Saga 12 banned on Apple App store


Saga #12 drops tomorrow and there is already some controversy on it. Seems that Apple censors have banned the sale of it due to sexual content. Saga has been no stranger to sexual content in the past but this one apparently has graphic male on male sexual content. ¬†You can still buy this one in stores tomorrow. Saga back issues always do well and the added press it’s getting could help fire up the prices on the secondary market.

Buying books other than #1

I read a lot of forum posts, and have seen a trend. People talk about going into stores looking for certain books (Saga, Peter Panzerfaust, Sixth Gun) and not finding the earliest issues. They often state that they had some of the later issues but passed them up. I am not talking about key issues in a run, but just other books in the series worth selling.



We all know Saga 1 and 2 are commanding big bucks, but, Saga 3 and up are pulling in multiples of cover price and worth flipping as well.

Here are some examples of non-#1’s going for good prices

Saga #3 $9-15

Saga #4 $10-15

Saga #5 $14-18

Saga #6 $6-12

Sixth Gun #10 $10-15

Sixth Gun #11 $7-11

Sixth Gun #12 $7-12

Sixth Gun #13 $7-14

Nowhere Men #3 $8-10

Nowhere Men #4 $5-8


Just an idea. Do not pass up the chance to buy earlier issues (if you come across them) to sell on eBay. A lot of my sales come from these “other” issues in the run.