Middleton Aquaman Jabberjaws #1 Up for Cover Price

These will go quick. So don’t delay if you want one, but the Aquamna Jabberjaws #1 Middleton Variant is live for cover price.
Already selling for multiple times cover. You can grab them here.
They are being listed on eBay for $20 and up./a>

13 thoughts on “Middleton Aquaman Jabberjaws #1 Up for Cover Price”

  1. Do you have a source for where there are selling for multiple times above cover? I see they are listed for multiple times above cover on eBay, but so far they are not selling for that from what I can see. Highest I saw so far was $6. Looks like cheap covers are bought up, but I don’t see this being a $20-30 book.

    1. I will have to look again. They were listed two different ways. But yes. They are being listed in the $20-30 range. But 1.5 is technically multiple times cover lol. Let me see if I can find what I saw earlier.

      1. Lol. No worries. It’s an interesting cover for sure. I’ve been looking at it for awhile. What exactly is Jabberjaw doing? Looks like one of those pictures where the shark has been caught is hanging like a trophy.

        1. That’s exactly what it looks like. I am a huge great white shark fan (kinda stupid thing to say because I never want to meet one) but love the depiction on the cover.

    2. Yeah, I think some are banking on last weeks Batgirl 23 will carry over with this one. As I like the cover myself, I don’t see this one holding the same success myself.
      I’ve only seen the most recent sold listings on ebay for $6.99 and another at $3.99.

        1. I’m staying positive but I also don’t like potential market manipulation in some sellers automatically jacking up the prices before it’s even released. If these are truly going to be $30 dollar books, setup some auctions to see if the demand is real.

      1. The amazing spiderman 800 Mayhew variant (raw) was SELLING on eBay for $150 before it even went on sale at the shops. now it looks to be around $200.

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