Andrew Lincoln Calling It Quits After Season 9 of Walking Dead

Thanks to Uncle Willie for making a comment to bring this to our attention and I believe Collider was one of the first to report this news, but Andrew Lincoln is apparently departing The Walking Dead after next season, which is the 9th season of the hit AMC series based on Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s comic series from Image Comics.

According to and from Collider, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) will only be appearing in less than half a dozen of the scheduled episodes for season 9.
Also reports indicate Lauren Cohan (Maggie) will be in only half a dozen episodes herself, splitting time between Atlanta and Los Angeles for her new lead role in Whiskey Cavalier. She previously made waves with a contract hold out seeking more compensation as one of the lead actors in this series.
With Andrew Lincoln departing the show, Norman Reedus renegotiated a new contract supposedly in the 20 million dollar range to take on the lead role of the show.
With more and more of these actors seeking new roles in other projects, this departure makes sense for Andrew Lincoln. He’s almost in every episode so I’d imagine he’s been turning down other roles due to his busy schedule just on the Walking Dead. It’s hard for him to get away. Departing means he can focus on the other projects he wants to pursue.
I don’t know how well Daryl will be taking on a lead role for this show. My own personal feelings tells me this show is done, it’s past it’s prime. 9 seasons is beyond the average span of most television shows. I like Daryl on the show but for me, he’s only good at being a supporting role, not a lead role.
I think AMC should start to plan their exit strategy for this show, I know people love them some Daryl Dixon but the lead character (Rick Grimes) departing in which this show is based upon, I can see the numbers really dropping further if this all turns out true. I was already losing interest myself, I can surely attest that I likely will be dropping this from my weekly Sunday night shows I watch.
Also one should consider that a majority of the past 2 seasons based heavily on the comic book story line and plots, even the death of Glenn was pretty much identical in the show and the comic. With Carl dying in Season 8, Rick Grimes departing in Season 9 and possibly a limited Maggie and Michonne (who seems to be doing a really fantastic job in some Marvel movies), this can only lead to the show completely on it’s own in any future episodes and seasons since most if not all of these characters play major continuing roles in the comic books.
So what is everyone’s feelings about this news? Leave us a comment below to discuss with other fans.

29 thoughts on “Andrew Lincoln Calling It Quits After Season 9 of Walking Dead”

  1. They cant possibly be serious about continuing w/o Rick. That will never work. Lookin at you, TWD spinoff whos name escapes me right now. Dumpster fire.

  2. I can’t say I’m surprised. They’d be smart to just tie up loose ends and end it. The quality has been on a steady decline anyways. Even when they follow the comics they get the pacing all wrong. The elements they add to make it unique almost never add to the plot in any substantial way. Did anyone really care about the junkyard people or the group of women at all? Did they really add any enjoyment at all?
    Last two season ftwd has been far more enjoyable. I’ve said all season that it was better than twd.

          1. You must wear a chicken mask at all times. Its in your contract. Rick will wear a Reagan or Reedus mask. Ricks money will
            wear Grover Cleveland masks.

  3. The only way I can see this working is if they prep Negan in the next season. He is strong enough for the lead.

      1. They had a zombie preacher riding a horse with a mini Thor hammer leading his flock against the military on Izombie doesn’t get any better than that.

    1. You still have some time I think. Luckily for me I feel like a jackpot insider trader winner.. I started dumping my Walking Deads since a week ago, most are gone already. Yay me for the win…. I think..

  4. The producers lacked the creativity to keep the franchise afloat. Too bad the helicopters and CDC disappeared so long ago. Even the zombies lost their teeth when little fat girls had a stake because their chubby lesbian dish perished.
    So short sited, a better plot would have an overarching conspiracy theory to match the political climate. I’m glad to see the franchise diminish as other books aplenty will take her brilliant place.

    1. They should make it so a new plague hits all living humans, kills them but they all return as zombies. So the world is now full of hungry zombies. The End. 🙂

  5. Mr Poyo :: Thank you so much for the credit .. 🙂
    Reedus, IMO, is not leading man material .. the show, as it is now, is a shadow of its former self ..
    Kirkman needs to move on with a new narrative, “Fear the Walking Dead” is more entertaining at this point, AFAIC ..

  6. Stick a fork in this franchise. I’ve lost interest in the comic as well as the show. Watch #1’s start to drop in price a little too. A little! Still a very desirable book and an incredible read for the first 100 issues.

    1. I’ve seen dips with #1 now. A quick lookup of sold listings…2 different 9.8 CGC books went for $2377 and the other at $2275. Stabbed 9.8 use to command 3k or so on most days of the week. So yeah, I say sell if you want to maximize your profit margin, if the show ends and or when most of the major characters are gone, I can only predict more dips in value.

  7. Myself, if I had no interest in my Collection, I would consider selling now .. I don’t believe there is any remaining upside potential, which means, at best, flat prices, and, I don’t think there is any doubt the show will end .. whether they wrap it up in Season 9 or 10, it won’t last forever ..
    It’s always been the show that’s driven the Books .. no show and the books would have just been another Zombie B&W series ..

    1. Yeah, I think issue #1 will always remain collectible and will eventually hover around a certain value or price but I’m so happy a few weeks back I decided to start selling my collection.
      With any comic that the value was driven up by a show or movie, once the movie or tv show has come and gone, one can always expect a dip in value.
      My guess is the next indie book to start making waves is Deadly Class since it’s pretty much a go on it making it to our tv screens. This time I’m not waiting to sell either, once I think it’s at it’s peak value, I’m selling my CGC 9.8 #1.
      Y: The Last Man has a chance too but it’s gone back and forth so many times on options and deals, it’s still not a solid go yet, not without any promo videos like Deadly Class has sent out for people to watch.

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