Quick Spoilers: Justice League #1 Lex Luthor on a Rampage

Justice League #1 by Scott Snyder is out today. It is a really cool, villain-centric story featuring the re-establement of the Legion of Doom. the story has some pretty brutal moments at the hands of Lex Luthor. Check out the spoilers below. The images have been redacted, the accompanying text has not. Click the spoiler logo to see the spoiled images.

Lex Luthor doling out his own form of Justice

And the vedict is….

Funny I thought he was immortal.

And speaking of people looking like they are dying at the hands of Luthor


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15 Responses to Quick Spoilers: Justice League #1 Lex Luthor on a Rampage

  1. Kevin verdine says:

    Haven’t had a “Wednesday winners” in a while?.?.?.?

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, we got spoiled in January and February.

    • Anthony says:

      There have been some winners lately like Mazscara which is doing well on the secondary market. I just have not had a lot of free time to do follow up. Also that Uncle Scrooge Cover Mel posted about is another winner.

      • Kevin verdine says:

        And my bad I’m talking about the article. I like reading Anthony and Poyos articles.

    • JayClue says:

      Batgirl 23, Aquaman/Jabberjaw, Infinity Countdown #4, Champions 19…these have all been winners for me the last few weeks.

  2. Jetski says:

    Just wanted to mention Anthony Bourdain who is no longer with us. I just finished reading his Hungry Ghost series from Dark Horse. I thought it was some great spooky and dark material. He will be missed.

    • Big Kahuna says:


    • Kevin verdine says:

      And they are selling like hot cakes. Easy triple cover. …And what’s with these adults ages 45-64. I know bad sarcasm but you always hear “what’s with kids today”. The answer is poor parenting from the adults complaining about the kids.

    • Anthony says:

      I wrote a story earlier today and finally got around to posting it tonight. I mentioned the series in y picks of the week because its food and horror. Two things I love. Good series and Paul Pope covers. And yes, even at 61, gone too soon.

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