Kamala Khan to be in "Captain Marvel" film

MCU President Kevin Feige told BBC that a film of Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) was in the studio development. He left it pretty vague to any details. Here is what I have learned since then.
On Wednesday June 6, 2018. Casting Director and Reporter IMDbPro Alan Baltes is reporting that Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures is now casting a female actress to portray the role of Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan in feature film “Captain Marvel”.

The Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures feature film “Captain Marvel” is now casting a female actress to portray the role of Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan. This character is an American Muslim from Jersey City, New Jersey, and will be introduced in the feature film “Captain Marvel”, and will star in a new stand-alone film “Ms. Marvel” to go into production next year. I have the talent search details posted at the following Disney Casting website http://www.moviecastingcall.org/captain-marvel-talent-search-for-ms-marvel-kamala-khan/
Posted by Alan Baltes on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Captain Marvel #14 and #17 are already going up in price. It may be wise to start grabbing those Ms. Marvel #1 (vol 3) and All New Marvel Now Point Oneas well.


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12 thoughts on “Kamala Khan to be in "Captain Marvel" film”

  1. I am not questioning the reporting on this. I am questioning, that if the “Captain Marvel” film is going to be set in the 90s. I wonder how it’s going to fit in the skeematics.. lol.. of Kamala Khan being an American Muslim Teen in the 90s as opposed to 2000s, I wonder how it will fit in to the scheme of a stand alone film.

    1. Maybe she will be a baby?….. But that would still put her well into her twenties, maybe even her thirties if they wanted to introduce her properly in Phase four…. Time travel? Time traveling babies?

    2. I think the film will be in the 90’s and jump to present with the coming of Thanos. Maybe we will see the rest of the code red scene that takes place at the end of Infinity War and that’s where the film will end.

      1. The code red scene was originally wrongly spoiled as part of the end credits of Black Panther which includes what we saw in Infinity War + what we still haven’t seen Captain Marvel in space doing her punch pose towards Thanos’s space craft, According to the wrong BP end credit scene in the past.

      2. The other thing I wonder is if they keep her Inhuman and same origin maybe the end credits is the scene when their all cheering Captain Marvel and Kamala is in the crowd and goes home and comes into contact with Terrigen mist and just maybe Inhumans are not as dead as you think in the future.

  2. I had 4 of each Captain Marvel 14 and 17. Sold 3 of each a few years ago, made my nice profit but man, I would have traded today’s price with yesterthen’s price. But I have no regrets, I got mine with 20% off cover price back in the day and from what I recall sold them for $20 or more.
    I still have a set now I’m holding onto. Waiting for peak time to unload it. 🙂

  3. I made a nice profit when I sold my copies of Ms. Marvel #1. I think I was selling them for $60 each and sold them within the hr of listing them.

  4. Found 5 avenging Spider-Man 9 2nd prints yesterday. They only had 1 priced for $20. I asked if I could buy them all and the lady says yeah but they get more expensive as we sell them I’ll have to look them up. Quickly I say well can I get 2 for $20 each and she says sure. I cant wait to go back and see what the new price is on the others.

  5. I’m suprised they would allow this info out. Disney/marvel tend to keep things under wraps more tightly .

    1. That’s what I was thinking, too. Usually you’d see a casting description with no name attached, and a lot of speculation about who it Might Be… not to come right out and guarantee it. Things are usually a lot more vague. And from what we’ve heard in the past, Ms. Marvel was being eyed for TV, not the films.

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