Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of June 27th, 2018

For those that sell books to buy more books, media options and or deals are the best thing one can hope for when it comes to selling comics.

So this week the big highlight is some movie news coming out of the Marvel Universe and my dislikes are just my normal rants and grunts.
Team Silk
I’ve been on Team Silk since the beginning. Around the same time Spider-Gwen gained popularity, there was also Silk coming directly from the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.
It was an easy decision for me, I just like Silk and her background story much better than the dead girl living in another alternate Universe that took the place of Peter Parker where he died and she went on to be Spider-Girl, Woman..  whatever they call her.
So the movie news in the past few days have made me happy and has also made Silk’s J. Scott Campbell’s variants are selling around the $125 range on their own, which depicts Black Cat on the cover.
The big winner will be the 1:10 Ramos variant though. CGC 9.8 are already selling around $300 with relative ease and even the raw copies are selling for an easy $150.
What was a $30-$50 book with very little sales in the past few months exploded over night with the movie news. Be on the look out for her Volume 1 Issue 1 books as well. These are starting to go up in price as well.
This is definitely things I like.
Liefeld being Liefeld
I’m not a huge Liefeld fan. Sure he’s done some great things for the comic industry but when you hear stories about his reactions when he believes he’s due credit, this just tells me the man has some serious insecurity issues.
Yeah, we get it Liefeld, you created Deadpool. You have some cover artwork that people create homage covers from. But you don’t have to act like a total tool because your name isn’t plastered on it.
And just so you know, Bloodstrike sucks. It sucked in the 90s and it still sucks now.
Walking Dead Day….    Again.
Just when we thought another Walking Dead #1 with what I feel is horrible looking cover art was enough, Kirkman and company decided to send out news of even more variants for Walking Dead Day. Kirkman is definitely milking the cash cow.

(Thanks to Uncle Willie to the linked image in a previous comment, hope you like my nice graphic edit)

Now we’re getting more reprints of all the major key issues from the long running series. Even better, they’re not just a single issue but come in a blind polybag where you might end up with a color, sketch (Black and White) or virgin variant.
So with 15 key issues being redone by artists and having 3 covers each, we’re blessed with 45 different Walking Dead books to add to the collection.
Yeah, no thanks. I’m already having a hard enough time unloading the 1st prints now. I just sold a full run from issue 127 through 178 for a whopping $120. It was around 62 total issues. That’s less than cover for each book at around $2 a book.
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Walking Dead is Walking Done!
Sweet Cover A Covers
There’s nothing better than a regular cover A book. I always tell people to bet on Cover A but I love a great Cover A cover art.
I haven’t even read the new Donny Cates Venom volume yet (I know, I’m behind) but I’m really digging Ryan Stegman’s cover art for issue #3.

It’s already selling out online. So grab’em if you see’em. They won’t last long when the cover art is badass.

60 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of June 27th, 2018”

  1. I just have a question, can an advertisement in a different comic book for a new character be that charactors’ first appearance or is it the actual issue when it comes out? thanks for any help.

    1. From my experience and knowledge they’re usually not considered first full appearance. These might see a bump in value but I believe even CGC and other grading companies will not mark these as first appearances since they’re advertisements.

  2. Mr Poyo .. I saw the insertion of the New and Improved Kirkman Kash Kow on another thread .. I was amazed you found a “head” that really worked out well .. Robert really does look like a Farmer .. 😉 .. Good Job ..

    1. Haha.. thanks. Yeah, I thought I’d have to search long and hard but that picture showed up on the first page of images on a search. Him leaning back in a chair worked out perfect. I just had to add a portion of his head on top that was cut off. 🙂

      1. You have my Vote with which to manufacture a Variant Edition with that Image featured on the Cover .. or, at least, a Parody Press edition ..

  3. oh ok, thanks for the input, I was looking at an obscure black and white issue that came out a month before Spawn #1 and there was a two page ad for Spawn, was just kinda hopeful.

    1. That would be Rust #1.
      I would go with the Bronze foil limited variant if I were you.
      Much much more rare then the regular cover. And indeed it has a great splashes large of Spawn in all his glory.
      That book came out before Malibu sun as well.

      1. Other books have the same ad Rocket Ranger #3. Planet of the Apes #2, Torg #3, Re-Animator: Dawn of the Re-Animator #3, Torg #4, Strange Sports Stories #1, Rust #1 among others have the same ad that predates Spawn #1. So because there is a dozen ad books just like Rust people gravitate towards Malibu Sun because of the cover, Spawns in color, and the interview by McFarlane.

    2. Haha, yeah. I’m sure someone would have been all over that one by now. But if you find the right Spawn fan, you could likely sell at a premium if that’s the intention.

  4. Ive been selling off all my TWD books for about 6 months now. I owned issues 92-present and Ive listed them in sets of 6 books and Ive managed to sell most, for a minuscule profit or for cost. I did get some decent coin for issues 91-96 and 97-102.
    You can literally smell Kirkmans desperation to keep this alive.

      1. Im not so sure about that. I think the problem with the book is that it hasn’t changed since the Governor. Its been rinse and repeat since then. I believe this is what has caused that title to tank. Mind you, 15 years for a story is a looong time, and regardless of lack of originality, you are probably right, Poyo.

        1. Most shows last what, 5-7 years on average? Even the creator of Breaking Bad originally wrote it to last 5 seasons (they split 5 into two to make it 6 seasons) because he knew if they kept adding to the show, it would start to lose it’s appeal, become redundant and lose viewers. Best to end on a high note.
          Sadly Walking Dead should have ended by now. The last final show should have the highest viewers from any and all other shows. At their current rate, this will likely not be the case for The Walking Dead. All those who dropped it long ago aren’t going to care to go tune into the last show, if and when it happens.

    1. I really don’t understand something? Did everyone really think that issue 92 and later would net a fortune?? The comics had been increasing in print run for at least a year prior to that at that point….I’m kind of lost at what is hard to believe that a random issue in the 100+ range with a large print run wouldn’t net the grand rewards….maybe you should look at sales for the lower numbered issues and see if they will net a reward over cover price.
      And I’m so tired with sheep….the newest hot thing to do is bash the walking dead. It used to be Marvel at every turn and now this has overtaken that….we get it. It’s lost the luster it once had. Stop reading it, buying it, watching it then. But to continuously bash it is old and boring.
      And lastly, Kirkman has been doing this for quite awhile now….who bought the Wizard World editions? The skybound editons of all of his properties? etc, etc…..nothing new to see here….move along quietly….

      1. It’s their marketing and sales tactics that is getting the bashing now I think. We dont need 45 more variations of this book. It’s both sad and comical for me. Thats what gets my attention.
        Yes I’m done reading it. I’m done watching it. I’m even kind of sad a great show got ruined by the creators and show runner. I invested not only a lot of money into it but time as well.
        So when this type of news hits the internet of their plans, we talk about it and express our opinions. If this was Marvel or DC releasing polybagged editions of all thier past 15 year key books, I’d probably be bashing their tactics all the same.

      2. Im not sure where you got the idea that anyone was expecting a fortune from selling these books. I dont see anyone upset about that point.
        I sold my personsal readers, and got exactly what I asked and was expecting.
        If someone expressess thier opinion about the current state of the TWD franchise, they have every right to do so, regardless of what you are sick of. If you dont like it so much, why are you reading and responding to it?
        Kirkman has been doing it for some time, and there in lies the reasoning for so many complaints/bashing.
        With a 3 paragraph response, you are not heeding your own advice of ‘…move along quietly’.

        1. Man, all I was hoping for was to flip a $2.99 book for $10 and I would have been happy. Now these books are selling for $2 or less.
          Yes, I bought multiple issues. One would go into PC, the others were held to flip to buy more books. I knew I wasn’t going to make a fortune but these were the books to help pay for the comic reading and collecting. I’ve made my profits from Walking Dead but now the recent issues I”m selling are lowering that overall profit margin as I’m losing money now to get rid of them.

      3. Well, Jayclue….the website is called comicsheatingup. Bashing the Walking Dead doesn’t necessarily fall in line with the title of the site and it’s conceptual nature. I have nothing against Poyo and have enjoyed and appreciated most of what he’s complimented the site with over the years.
        Now if you need another clue, read the intial statement of “I’m already having a hard enough time unloading the 1st prints now. I just sold a full run from issue 127 through 178 for a whopping $120. It was around 62 total issues. That’s less than cover for each book at around $2 a book.”
        Not exactly statistics, but I wasn’t aiming to supply them either.
        I enjoy the same things everyone else does but the “jumping on the bandwagon” gets a little tired and old to most, but I see you must enjoy familiarity to the point of repetitiveness. Now it’s clear that some “telephone tough guys” like to fancy themselves as critics because they have an opinion, but let it be original as it works best that way.
        Now, I’ve better things to do with the remainder of the day and appreciate your response, Jayclue, however witty it may be.
        Poyo, keep up the fantastic content you deliver week after week!

        1. Thanks for the kind words.
          As the website is called ComicsHeatingUp, it’s evolved to be much more than talking about books heating up.
          I only mentioned my recent sales to keep those who buy and flip books up to date on current price trends. There are a lot of folks out there that spec’d on Walking Dead. To watch these fall like they are, it’s kind of like watching your stock portfolio take a nose dive.
          Now I’m not saying people should invest their retirement into comics, but for some, it’s an investment to support their hobby. I have money elsewhere for retirement. Money I make from selling comics do two things for me.. 1. Vacation Money (I’ve already booked Hawaii for next month) and 2. Buy more comics so it’s self sustaining.

        2. Im glad you caught the wit in my last post. I tend to be just that.
          The site is called Comicsheatingup, which would imply that the site is about comic books. A popular comic book, TWD, was being discussed. A very apt conversation for a comic based site. I am unsure how you were mislead by any of that.
          I also enjoy Poyos, musings.
          We must have vastly different interpretations of what Poyo meant when he said ‘im having a hard time…’, because I still fail to see how that statement alludes to not cashing in on an expected fortune, as you have said.
          And lastly I will point out that complaining about a complaint is as, if not more, unoriginal than the actual redundant complaint.
          So it appears as if neither you nor me are ‘…moving along quietly’ or being very ‘original’.
          It is a pretty big leap to go from one stating his subjective opinion on a subject to veiwing said opinion as a professional critique. I have never said my opinion was gospel but you eagerly want to view it as such. I will now point out that playing the ‘internet tough guy’ card is as old a trope as there is. Not very original either, imo. I always enjoy a good chat, Nich, and I appreciate your input as well. Perhaps both of us need to look in a mirror before we stroll around on any self perceived high horse. Cheers.

    1. I think that book may be worth a few bucks to the right buyer. I have no idea, bit thats my initial hunch. Alana would know more as to its value in that market. Alana, what is this book with the early Spawn image worth?

  5. Im not overly familiar with Walking Dead. I barely know the characters, so I won’t act like some know it all. Just curious how many seasons deep and around how many episodes per?? Everytime I hear a new season announced in my head I think, are they STILL killing zombies!?!? And I’m sure #1 will hold value but Im curious are there any major later keys that are just tanking??

    1. So they’re starting Season 9 which ended the All Out War story line which ends at issue #126.
      Key books are:
      127 = First Magma (and her group but haven’t played a huge role in the comic book if you ask me)
      130 = First Whisperers
      132 = First Alpha (Masked)
      138 = First Alpha (Unmasked)
      144 = Death of Ezekiel and Rosita
      154 = First Beta
      167 = Death of Andrea
      171 = First Princess
      175 = First Common Wealth
      So if the show continues and they introduce any of these characters or deaths, these would be the key books I think.
      The problem is, most books now after issue 100 have bigger prints. People were gobbling up these keys so the flip value is non-existent now. We saw this with issue 108. That was Ezekiel’s first appearance. In the past we would see major new characters who were prominent in the show shoot up to $50, $80 or $100 and above. With issue #108, it pretty much peaked at around $30 and now it’s a $8 book.
      With the current trend, I don’t see these new key books I’ve mentioned starting at 127 and up as being as prominent as the early key books success.
      I’ll be surprised if the show continues for more than 2-3 seasons, especially since Andrew Lincoln is leaving after Season 9.

      1. Oh and Common Wealth starting in 175 introduces yet another “Governor” in 176. We already had a Governor back in issue 27 through 48 or so. Just shows the lack of creativity with this series.
        And Princess introduced in 171 is just annoying. The best thing to happen to Princess is she gets shot in the face asap.

    2. Oh and they’re still killing zombies in the show but they’re just there and more of an annoyance for the survivors now.
      The real plot behind the Walking Dead was Rick Grimes, a small town Sheriff who barely ever had to pull his gun on the job just happens to get shot, wakes up from a coma and finds himself in the zombie apocalypse who soon learns over time that the zombies are not the threat, it’s people who are the real threat. You watch his morals change over time to survive.

      1. Thanks for the lengthy response. Well thats the funny thing is I picked up a few issues starting with the Princess run. I thought she could have been a decent character, but I dont know much about the world and if she could have been wrote in better or what.
        I’m more of a “let’s get to where we need to go” reader as opposed to, here’s some filler and new characters until we think of a new arc. The last Avengers arc was rockin but I doubt we’ll see some of those new players. Challenger was a bad mutha!!!!!!
        I wonder if TWD will do a slow sizzle for now and if they do spin offs and such if the books will heat back up. I assume the first few issues the print runs were super low is why they go for a cool 800+ graded. I’d be curious to know numbers. Which furthers an interesting notion of mine that It seems with the optioning of more and more indie comics, its turned into the 90s where everyone seems to be gobbling up the issue #1s and Image and even Marvel recently just keep cranking um out!!!!

  6. With Carl getting killed off in the show I doubt Lydia will appear unless she is a little older and takes Eugene’s cherry. Kirkman has to make The Whisperers beyond brutal or the show will be deader than it already is

    1. If it goes on that long, I’d imagine Enid will take place of Carl. Perhaps Lydia becomes a boy to be the love interest that causes chaos.
      With Lincoln gone, Lauren Cohen pretty much gone.. they can certainly do the Whisperers story arc but the show is pretty much on it’s own now compared to the comic.

    1. Well said! Seriously; if Jeff Lemire can make me care about the Sentry then he just moved into my #1 spot for writers. It seems like the man can do no wrong at the moment. Hell, make that the last two years!

  7. Glad to see Silk (ASM #4) is doing so well! Two of the 1:10 copies that I have are 9.8 candidates and the other one is a 9:6 so I am thinking of sending them in and cashing out on two of them when the movie hits (in what, two years?) I will probably sell two of the regular cover now to cash in and cover most of the cost for all the #4s that I have purchased. I only have one of the second print though. That one is looking like if will be a tough find, so I will keep it for the pc.. glad I picked it up way back when. I still think ASM #1 Ross 1:75 variant is a good purchase. Only a Cindy Moon Cameo sure, but it is her first… with the huge print run (over 500k) and tons of variants there will only be a handful of “winners” when it comes to issue #1. The Alex Ross variant I think is one of the few. The 1:200 variant going for $100 plus, so that is a little high but the 1:75 is as cheap as $10 and can still be easily found for $15. With about 7000 of the 1:75 printed and the affordable price I think it would be a good pick up for anyone, especially those who missed out on getting #4 before it skyrocketed. Regardless, the movie news is putting Silk on the map and I don’t think there is any going back.

    1. There is over 300 listings on feeBay for ASM4, 1st Silk. Market is flooded right now. The 1:10 is the one to have for this book.

      1. Yes, yes it is.
        We have to remember, Amazing Spider-Man has a huge audience and the regular print runs still hover around the 100k mark for most issues.
        I know I always say bet on Cover A, which I still do in terms of potential profits made from cover cost (since ratio variants usually are set at a premium price) but in this case, the winner right now will be 1:10 variant since you know, supply + demand + availability..
        I just made back all my money + profit though on all the Silk related books I’ve bought. I just sold my Campbell Variant 3 Book Set for ASM #4 for a really nice price. I also sold the Silk #1 1:25 Anka variant for $100 as well, that will be the other winner right now.
        It’s all profit from this point on for me when I sell these books.
        Go Team Silk! 🙂

        1. I have 5 cover As and 1 1:10. If that 1:10 ever cracks $1000, ill sell it at that point. The 1:10 and 1 cover A are staying in my ASM run for my PC. Ive listed and sold 1 cover A for $70 shipped. That covers my entire investment into that book. Go team Silk!

          1. I ended up with 3 x 1:10 variant of ASM #4. One of those was already a 9.8 CGC.
            I had 3 other Regular #4. I thought I had more, could have more and if I do have more, they’re tucked away in some long box I haven’t uncovered yet.
            I also had 2 x #1 Silk 1:25 Anka variant. One I bought for $20 I think and the other for cover price.
            And like you, if 9.8 CGC 1:10 variant ever hits the $800-$1k mark, I’m unloading. I like Silk but I’d rather have money than the book. $1000 pays for a lot of vacation 🙂

    1. Together with hundred other sellers. Could be fun to download the CGC census now and compare 1 and 2 months later. Think I might just do that for fun

      1. Heh… True. I think prices will drop back down after the news hype, with the market now flooded, we’ll see availability affect value since people have so much to choose from. Once the movie gets closer to being released we’ll see prices go back up…. After release, we’ll see them start to drop again. Comic speculation and values are certainly like riding a roller coaster.
        I also think actual auctions will be real winners. Real demand setting final value will cause those who do BIN to keep adjusting their prices accordingly, along with those undercutting others for the quick sales.

      2. Most likely holding onto the ASM 4 for a bit, but the Silk #1’s are hitting $100, not bad for a book that’s still around $10 raw

        1. Yeah, I should send off a few of mine. I thought I had 10 of the regular cover but found 5 or 6 so far. Got a few listed with the Hastings variant and a listing with her first appearance #4 ASM.

  8. the phatom variants for silk will do well as well. I think the black cat should be the villan and they should just shelve the silver and black movie. I belive the five below vaule packs had the 1 in 10 variant in them at one point. never scored anything coll in those. the walking dad is the new pogs the new beanie babies . it is time for the walking dead to walk off intopt the sunset and just ride away love you guys blind adam out

    1. Sadly I sold a two comic set of Silk #2 Phantom for around $18 like 4 weeks ago. But I’m not complaining, I had already made my money off those back when they were selling like hotcakes right off the griddle.

  9. Addendum to the Walking Dead Pile On :: WD was and still is nothing more than a mediocre at best black and white book with mediocre Art .. it was never Bernie Wrightson, although it would have been nice to have Wrightson guest artist an issue or three before he died .. I will give AMC credit for dedicating Season 7 / Finale to Bernie ..
    The show is in decline, the books are in decline ..
    You want a Book that will last as a true Collectable .. find a high grade copy of House of Mystery 179 / Wrightsons First Comic Work ..

    1. The problem is AMC doesn’t have much of any other show that has a large viewership these days. So without TWD don’t see how AMC will rake in the advertisement money it’s become accustomed to over the last 6 years after the show became popular.

      1. Yes, well .. the show still has good ratings .. so, AMC will limp it along .. I’m sure the “Rick Final Episode” will draw a good crowd as well .. AMC should bring back “Rubicon” .. which was a much, much better show than WD .. I like “Preacher, I like “Into the Badlands” .. I loved “Breaking Bad”

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