Poyo’s Spec and Drek for July 4th, 2018

We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today, we celebrate our New Comic Book Day!

Happy 4th of July.

DC/Vertigo Pick

This contains spoiler text, stop reading if you don’t want to know what happens in Batman #50. Seriously, stop reading unless you like spoilers. Skip past the next paragraph, you’ve been warned.

Forget that stupid wedding we all knew would never happen. Seriously, Catwoman never shows up while Batman waits for her. Just not Batman’s style to get stood up, he wouldn’t have never asked her to marry him in the first place. Now, can we get on with Batman being Batman already?

This weeks pick goes to Artgerm’s Killer B cover for Catwoman #1.

I know most retailers have caught on to Artgerm variants but this one is a must for the personal collection. If it does heat up, I’d be surprised.

But this one is hard to pass up for sure, so grab a copy or two if you see them.

The actual spec winner for DC might end up going to Nightwing #46 Cover B by Ben Oliver.

Already selling out online, I’m a sucker for skull artwork on comics.

So grab it if you see it, it’s a great looking cover. I don’t read Nightwing but I’ll be sure to pick this one up if it’s available.

Marvel Pick

Not a pick for possible spec but more for the potential great read.

The surprise winner character out of the pages from Thanos comes Cosmic Ghost Rider, by it’s creator Donny Cates.

It’s a mini-series so I think that’s going to kill any potential heat but could be a long term hold if the character continues to keep a fan base and stick around.

There’s a few covers available for this one but Poyo advises you to not spend too much on the higher ratio variants. If you’re only in it to read it, just go with cover A.

The Hans variant is pretty cool but I wouldn’t spend too much on these. I’m betting one can wait a while to grab at the lower prices on the secondary market.

Indie Pick

Anthony will be proud for my next pick.

House of Waxwork #1 out from Waxwork Comics is my indie pick. The concept is nothing new but I’m anticipating this will be a hard book to find.

It will be a long term gamble for those horror fans.

There’s even a 7″ colored vinyl that accompanies the book available from waxworkrecords.com for those who want the companion music for this horror series.

Small Publisher Pick

I had to skim a few of the small publishers this week as there might be a few spec books out but in the end, ultimately my choice went to the guy who rarely disappoints with his writing.

From the pages of Black Hammer comes Jeff Lemire’s next story. Quantum Age from the World of Black Hammer #1 is my small publisher pick this week.

Black Hammer is probably one of the best reads on the market currently in my opinion.

Pick it up, read it, enjoy. I don’t expect this to heat up but it’s the reader pick of the week.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

This might actually be a spec book this week as well. It’s got so many “As Seen” advertisements on the front cover, it looks like that magazine you see next to all the tabloid magazines at the grocery checkout.

My drek and avoid goes to Gekido #1.

With that said, this book just looks and reads so damn cheesy. If you grab a copy, sell it if there’s any flip potential but please, for the love of comics, don’t ever do a cover like this again Beyond Comics. I have no issues with a publisher marketing their books but if you have to plaster this much junk on the cover just to sell your comic, our comic industry is doomed.

They plastered so much crap on the cover on this book, I’m surprised they didn’t get the Shamwow Guy to do an Infomercial for the comic..

9 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec and Drek for July 4th, 2018”

  1. Im happy there was no wedding. I heard a comedian once say that the best part about marriage is the divorce. You’ve never heard someone complaining about how their divorce is falling apart…..what percentage of marriages last these days? Its gotta be below 50%. If you were standing at the side of the road and you watched your buddies cross the street, and over half of them got hit by car, how quick would you be to then cross that street?…cant remember who the 1st one was, but the second joke is Bill Burr, I think.

    1. That is a terrible and awful way to the no about marriage – it’s a beautiful and holy institution that further grows our community

      Ok, my wife finally left the room – ignore what I just wrote

      1. Just think about it, if they did get married. She could divorce him, and they could spend a bunch of issues about her taking half of his money.

  2. As one who has benefited from becoming a better person through a happy marriage, I’m a little disappointed in the news. But this is Tom King and he is seeing/reading the fan reaction and has already admitted his Batman/Catwoman story is not 50 issues, but a 100 issue story…so hold on!

    Batman was ready. He shows he’s ready for the big plunge. It’s a natural progression and we all know the only woman who can make him more complete of a man is Selina. But this build up was way to obvious and “predictable” to go through with…good for King to throw very one for a loop! Loving the switch backM

    But They’ll figure it out. And knowing Tom King it’ll be when you least expect it. Excited to see what the next 59 issues brings. Yes, I actually read comics!

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