Jeremy Renner to Play Twitch in Spawn Movie

In an exclusive scoop, Deadline broke the news that Academy Award nominated Jeremy Renner will join Jamie Foxx in the cast lineup for Todd McFarlane’s forthcoming Blumhouse film adaptation of SPAWN.

Renner has now been tapped to play the role of Detective “Twitch” Williams, who will be at the center of the Spawn movie story. Renner is perhaps best known for his phenomenal performances in such films as Hurt Locker, Arrival, The Town, and Wind River. Twitch first appears in Spawn #1.

“With the ensemble of award-winning talent that has signed on to the Spawn Movie—Jason Blum (producer), Blumhouse Productions, Jamie Foxx (Spawn), and NOW Jeremy Renner—it is MORE than I’d EVER hoped for when first visualizing this movie years ago,” said Todd McFarlane, Spawn film director. “As a first-time feature film director, I’m humbled by the level of talented people putting their trust into my film project.”

This newest adaptation—a gritty, R-rated reimagining—marks Image President, co-founder and SPAWN creator, Todd McFarlane’s film directorial debut. McFarlane, an Emmy/Grammy-winning producer/director is also on board as screenwriter and co-producer with Blumhouse Productions.

SPAWN sold an unprecedented 1.7 million copies at the time it was released and is one of the world’s bestselling and longest-running monthly comic books, with hundreds of millions sold worldwide in more than 120 countries and in 15 different languages.

The comic became an Emmy Award-winning animated series on HBO and a New Line Cinema feature film that grossed more than $100 million. McFarlane went on to direct and produce award-winning and critically acclaimed projects for top movie studios and record labels.

21 thoughts on “Jeremy Renner to Play Twitch in Spawn Movie”

  1. Christ Almighty….did McFarlane write this news release himself? It really could have gone on for another couple of paragraphs detailing how great he is, the accolades, the adulation, the creativity, the public and private rimjobs. Jesus

    1. McFarlane been riding the Spawn cash cow for decades now, might as well keep patting himself on the back as much as he can.

      Call me a negative nancy but I don’t think Renner is going to save this movie. I like Jamie Foxx as well but I don’t think he was the best choice for his role in this either. But it won’t be either of them that make this movie bad more than likely..

      “Todd McFarlane’s film directorial debut. McFarlane, an Emmy/Grammy-winning producer/director”

      How can McFarlane be an Emmy/Grammy-winning producer/director when this is his directorial debut? I think the problem lies within that sentence….

      1. Now that you point it out, I’m actually more disturbed about a potential Grammy for that fucking guy….is he planning a musical now? Champagne, cheese platters and tossed salads for everyone!

  2. With the purported shoestring budget this thing supposedly has, the name Actors must be in for a piece of the action .. however little that may be ..

    Todd is still trying to re-coup the Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball cost of 2.6 Million ..

    1. Shoestring budget cause nobody gives a ton of cash to a guy who’s never directed a feature film before and the first Spawn movie only grossed 87 million while getting horrible reviews. I wouldn’t give him a lot of money either.. has to prove himself.

  3. we have little faith stop player hating #testify I have faith in mr. todd and spawn. love you guys blind adam out

    1. They can’t, Adam…it’s all this site has become. A couple of individuals who hi-jack each post with their opinions and there intellect picking apart everything a creator is doing, whether it’s a purported “cash grab” or not, never really having created anything of their own. It’s reminiscent of the visuals of a 40 year old virgin sitting in mom and dad’s basement throwing rocks at everything and everyone just because they can all the while “knowing” how things should really be….and in reality, never actually having accomplished anything. Everyone’s a critic now and this site used to be entertaining and informative with a collective of individuals who contributed actual useful information, not just casting stones and remaining negative….TAKE CONTROL, ANTHONY!!!

      (I’ll wait for the obligatory, “just leave then’s” instead of actually hearing my plea).

      1. Thanks Nicholas. I appreciate the feed back and actually don’t want you to “just leave”. I, personally, try to stay positive. But at the same time like to hear dissenting opinions. I enjoyed Die Die Die. It was over the top and violent. The scene with the politician flashing back and forth though her plan was entertaining and reminded me of the Fix.

      2. Opposing opinions is what makes Life interesting .. if we all rode the “Happy With Everything Train”, life would get pretty bland, PDQ .. there is still a wealth of Useful Information .. however, the “opinions”, with which we are all entitled to, make for the most interesting reading .. whether you agree, or not ..

        The use of Profanity by some to, apparently, appear “cool” since their ability to express themselves without it is, perhaps, limited .. now that’s a bit unmannerly .. unless you like Reddit ..

        1. I usually ask people to abstain from profanity on the site. Sometimes I miss the comments because there are days that there are just too many comments to keep up with. My #1 rule is be civil.

        1. Lol. Just my kids. So if you ever get books from me that are massively covered in Cheeto dust you will no why. Also all the spelling and grammar mistakes are their faults too. I have them chained to the keyboard some nights pumping out posts.

  4. All I know is I am making a decent profit on my small cache of Spawn #1. The only one I will be keeping for my pc is the Newsstand “variant” in about a 9.4.

    1. I know some one at one of the production houses that read the initial script that was being shipped around before Blumhouse picked it up.

      The quote was “this movie should be called twitch not spawn, spawns in it maybe 5 times and 3 of which are fight scenes”

      They also said it was good, not great but also not horrible in the edit they read. Also said McFarlane did accomplish what he set out to do with this.

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