Quick Spoilers: Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 Just What is Howard the Duck Doing on the Cover of #3

If you have seen the preview of the cover for Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 (shown to the left), you have seen Cable, a mash-up of Groot and Rocket, a female Captain America, and a very Juggernaut suited duck on the cover. Of course the solicitation gives us a key to what could be up, simply, “COSMIC GHOST RIDER VS. THE FUTURE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY FOR THE FATE OF THE UNIVERSE!”. However, Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 gives us a sneak peek of things to come.

As always, spoilers are redacted. The accompanying text is not. Click the spoiler warning for the full spoiled image.

I know people have been mentioning online the appearance of Jugger-Duck on the cover of Cosmic Ghost Rider #3. As it is a Donny Cates written book, it is one to watch. But Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 ends with a big cameo.

The team looks a little different on the last page of Cosmic Ghost Rider #2. We fully see Cable and Jugger-Duck, who we knew would be there. It looks like a Jubalee appearance as well. But the big difference is the female Captain America character is none other than Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, who we have seen quite a few future references of lately. Marvel has a lot of alternative future plans for her, including Captain America here, and president in All New Wolverine #33, which we previously spoiled.

14 thoughts on “Quick Spoilers: Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 Just What is Howard the Duck Doing on the Cover of #3”

  1. What popped for me on the cover is the ferengi LOL.

    Not the fact that a Star Trek character in on a marvel cover so much as said ferengi is actually fighting… LoL

    1. Hopefully not the same Kamala Khan that was acting like a fascist while helping Captain Marvel go to peoples homes arrest them for “future crimes” that the inhuman (Ulysees?) senses. Yeah……sounds like Captain America alright. Well, Nick Spencer Captain America.

  2. Thant’s it!
    We are heading into edge of CapAmerica-verse.

    Black Cap (Bradley)
    Cap Kamala Khan
    Cap Bucky
    Cap Falcon
    Cap Bradley
    Cap Punisher
    Cap Hydra
    Cap John Walker
    Cap Danielle Cage
    Cap 2099 Roberta Mendez
    Cap 1607
    Cap Richford
    Cap Commander A
    American Dream
    America Chavez
    Cap A-Next
    Cap Young Avengers
    Venom Cap
    Super-Patriot Cap

    Book it!

  3. howard the duck is the man . don’t f with howard the duck. I am buying pulse #11s all the time. d-cage as a birght future someday. a edge of captain ae americaverse I would so be for that. venom the movie I so want a cates howard the duck book love you all blind adam out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs2730zOBXo

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