Once Our Land 2 – Kickstarter

Remember Once Our Land, which was an original Kickstarter graphic novel turned Scout Comics two issue comic book? Well, for fans of Once Our Land, the creator Peter Ricq is bringing back this popular series with Once Our Land 2.

You can view the kickstarter campaign here for all the perks of funding the project.  While it’s almost backed, there’s still time to donate for some cool perks.

I have not seen any indication that this new volume will turn into a Scout comic series, there still might be a chance it show up on the comic shelves after the release of the Kickstart 160 Page Hardcover graphic novel.

From the kickstarter campaign if you’re new to comics or never read the first volume of Once Our Land:


Think of Miyazaki mixed with Mad Max sprinkled with Lovecraftian creatures all over it. It’s an adventure, horror, sci-fi, period piece, post-apocalyptic, comedy and ACTION story. Yep, it’s all made it in there somehow.

I was able to introduce Once Our Land through Kickstarter in 2015 and after a successful campaign, the book was published by Scout Comics (scoutcomics.com) where it sold out instantly and became a collectors item.

The nice thing about this new book is the risk is low, as the book has already been completed. It’s basically a pre-order campaign for the limited edition hardcovers.

As a fan of the first book, I can’t wait to see what Ingrid and Fritz have been up to in this post apocalyptic Germany filled with monsters set in 1800’s.

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    1. He admitted he got overwhelmed with orders as he was pretty much a one man show doing it all. Hopefully this time he’s using a 3rd party like he claimed he should have done for this next round.

    2. Similar thing happened to me. Maybe losing track of how many orders were received versus how many books were left is excusable, but I still can’t understand or excuse why Mr. Ricq took nearly two full months to refund my payment.

      1. Maybe he was waiting to see if there were any returns, then he could fulfill orders that were missed. Maybe there was issues with the payment system.

        Anyone get an explanation before just assuming?

  1. Seems like he could’ve at least offered to do an original piece for your trouble along with your refund. Especially since he was so late in doing so.

  2. I’ll add my voice to the chorus of “eff that guy”. He took WAY more orders than he could fill and then instead of offering any sort of solution was, just, “heynobookforyoukthxbye”. To make matters worse he sent all of us that tried to buy from him, regardless of if he filled our order or not, an email when he was rolling out his Kickstarter again. Because nothing says “you can trust me with your money” like not filling an order for someone and then asking for more money.

    1. I can only attest that you got another email about the next kickstarter due to you just getting thrown onto a mailing list.

      I don’t know the whole story but what other solution was there? Perhaps his ordering software failed him and allowed more orders so the only solution was to cancel. Perhaps some books came in damaged that would have been returned anyways.

      With a one man show trying to fulfill hundreds of orders, I can only assume trying to please everyone on a case by case basis would have been just as overwhelming. Did you ever try to reach out and contact him? I’ve emailed him and he responds rather quickly, seems pretty cool. The only thing I recall about the whole ordering fiasco was he did made the mistake in thinking he could handle it on his own. With a lesson learned, I can only assume this next round he’s got help or a 3rd party to handle the ordering, packing and shipping, etc.

      I’m not entirely defending what happened to some people with their bad experience but I also guess I tend to let things go when it’s just a single person compared to an actual business that has dedicated customer service employees and such (I’m talking about you ComicXposure and MyComicShop) that screw you over and do nothing to fix the situation they caused.

      1. It’s one thing to be unable to fill an order because you’re a one man show. It’s another entirely to try and turn your Kickstarter listserv (which is full of folks you burned) into a sales pitch. It’s fine he had another Kickstarter, but I also think it’s fine for the (numerous) people he burned to voice their grievances. The thing I’ve always enjoyed about this site (and the only reason I comment on it) is that it welcomes a plurality of voices. In this case some of them were those burnt by his last effort. It’s fine to ask what he could do to have made it better, and perhaps if he’d asked those questions there would be fewer sour grapes responses. He didn’t though. He sent out a generic “sorry I burnt ya” response and moved on. After that he then messaged us asking for more money that he took foorrrreeeevveeerr to return in the first place. I think it’s also fair though, given that he’s trying to run a business, to point out that he’s s#@& at running one and tends to burn his prospective customers since his eyes are, based on his past performance, bigger than his stomach. If the site wants to pump his Kickstarter that’s rad, but I dont think that those of us that were burned by him previously aren’t any less in the right for saying so. In fact, I think it’s great the site both promotes him and allows that. Especially when, objectively, his last a ttempt at a public showing was a bit crap. Honeslty, if more sites were this open to public ridicule of things they promote there’d probably be fewer “Alhoa Hawiaan Dick”s in this world

        1. I’m curious, do you still have the “sorry I burnt ya” response he sent out? It sucks when people feel they got burnt but you did get refunded right? At least there was some type of response right? Want me to tell you the time I got burned by ComicXposure and I got ignored for two months? Then I had to open a case with PayPal and the credit card company to get my money back after another month or so.

          Maybe its time to move on cause if you ask me, it could had been much worse. Trust me, I know how you feel in a sense but do you really think its still worthwhile to bash the guy with claims he sucks at running a business? I had to unsubscribe from ComicXposure myself after they just flat out ignored me in my experience cause yes, when you buy things on the internet you get thrown into a marketing emails.

          And for the record, I’m not pumping his book, I just know CHU had a lot of Once Our Land fans so its news that a new volume is coming… 🙂

      2. I gave comicxsposure another shot and they are the same. Just got my ASM 795-800s in the mail lol. Missing 3 books and only sent it because I had the credit card company place a stop payment on the order originally placed in February.

        1. Thats why I think in Once Our Land’s case being just the creator, people should perhaps give it another shot if they like the story and art.

          For myself when it comes to ComicXposure, I wont give them a chance ever again. I got screwed over once with crappy customer experience and it seems too many others still get screwed over. I’m surprised you even gave them a second shot with their ongoing shenanigans. When the stories of horrible experiences come in reprted all the time, thats when you can really “eff those people” and avoid them.

  3. I just read other comic forums (google) warn against posting about anything from here or CBSI. Anyone want to elaborate on that?? I get both sides. I just wish this site got more to flipping than a “great read” or store variants or kick starters. Seems like the “other” site is more long term spec. But I like the quick flip.

    1. What? For me, great reads can cause a book to heat up. If enough people want to read it, that causes demand. But I also see CHU more than a pure spec market site, it goes beyond buy this and flip it, it’s news in general of great books and art, amongst other things.

      1. Don’t get wrong, this is my go to for comics, but I also don’t want to be the sucker at Enron thinking what a great company I work for.

        1. Well, it was a great company until the shareholders and execs bent the employees over. But that’s the difference with spec sites, unless we secretly own the stuff we’re telling people to buy, we lose out just as much as the readers. Which is the case here, unless Anthony is lying to me and not sharing any of his mass wealth he’s accumulating. But he drives a Kia, so I doubt he’s hiding anything but you never know right? I kid Anthony.. or am I? 😛

          But that’s why I make sure each week that I specify if I’m picking it cause I think it’s going to heat up or if it’s going to be a great read. Great reads don’t always heat up but they can without the media or other options, first appearances, etc. I try to be very transparent with my weekly picks and predictions.

          Let’s see.. Seven to Eternity pretty much heated up because demand grew likely because people were like, go read S2E. God Country did the same. Those two stand out as books without anything really special except the fact they’re a great book to read and the values went up at one point due to demand.

          But yeah, we can only tell people to be cautious of what they buy and stay within their own budget. If you can’t afford to lose $10 thinking you can flip for $20 then keep your $10 for another day.

      2. Agreed! and I think CHU suits many types of readers. there is stuff for pure flippers who want to make profit. stuff for people that want to sell to and use the profit to go back into their collection (which is me, i prefer to not have my own money tied up in my collection). and for people/collectors who just want to buy what’s hot, whether they intend on selling later or just keeping it.

        Either way you look it at it, there is endless great advice on here. Both in the articles and in the comments. CHU is the only site where the “never read the comments” rule doesn’t apply lol

        1. Yes, CHU is one of the only sites I read and make comments.

          I told Anthony long ago that you can have great articles and pages but without visitors commenting, you lose that sense of community which I think this site has become.

          More comments that are clean only grows the site into more than just another website.

    2. I agree with Poyo. I find CHU to be the most neutral comic spec site. It is not driven by pure speculation but rather a love of comics in general. I read it as ‘hey this is out there, if its your thing’. Where as other sites are pure pure speculation based. A lot of P&D goes on with that too, imo. CBSI, imo, is run like a business (they are constantly promoting themselves and even ask for money to receive alerts about hot current spec, that can be found for free. Because it is run like a business, I feel the goal of the site is to enrich the owners and not to give good speculation, in time. A lot of garbage is pumped on that site, imo.

    3. Like any information you receive via the internet, you must always be aware of the sources of that material. Your best bet, imo, is to read all the spec sites on a regular basis. From that, you should be able to determine for yourself where good does come from. There is a constant learning curve in the spec game. The more you know…

      1. Please don’t get me wrong. For me this group is #1. I was just really surprised when seeing this site and another site I look at (CBSI) but don’t comment on being bashed and even “black listed” from a comic book forum if it’s brought up. And it wasn’t just one person it seemed like the whole group.

        1. No worries. I dont think your comment is negative, Kevin. There will be, like anything involving different people, some drama in this neat lil hobby of ours. People tend to want to be given credit if any spec they post, anywhere, is reposted by someone else, somewhere else. Which is understandable I suppose. I have found that there is some vitriol, on every site, towards the order groups. I suppose its kinda a rivalry thing. And everyone runs theres a lil bit different, so when things are done differently, there will be some people who dont like the ways other people run their site. In the end, I believe the goal is the same among all of us. To make money off of comics. I consider CHU my home. I enjoy BSs posts on FACTS and im weary of CBSI. CBSI is a mix of reposted, late spec, and weird useless spec (eg. 1st appearance of a new haircut, a post I actually saw on CBSI).

        2. CBSI I’ve heard will ban people pretty quickly for trivial things. That’s one thing about CHU, it’s going to take a whole lot to get banned. We’re pretty open on communication here, it’s key to being part of a community. I hold zero feelings if someone doesn’t agree with me, that’s just how life works.

  4. If you bought all the books from my spec write ups in the past when they came out, Your probably
    Pretty happy today with 95% of your purchases.

    1. “I can get a good look at a t-bone by sticking my head up a bulls ass, but I’d rather take the butchers word for it.”

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