Poyo’s Spec and Drek for August 8th, 2018

It’s another great week of comics. Not sure about you all but I think there might be some winners this week.

I’m not anticipating any real winners out of DC or Marvel but there could be some quick flip potential with some small publisher books and independent books.

DC/Vertigo Pick

There’s an awesome new Artgerm Killer B

cover out this week for Catwoman but you know, I’m really digging Joelle Jones Awesome A cover.

Maybe this becomes the norm. Killer B and Awesome A covers. Talk about a good way for DC to make money, just make sure all covers are badass.

Don’t forget there’s also a pretty cool Detective cover this week with the Batmobile. We need more Batmobile in our lives and I might be behind in my readings but I can’t recall the last time I even saw the Batmobile in a Batman issue. Anyone?

Marvel Pick

Marvel’s big book this week is of course the return of Fantastic Four #1.

I’m not going to pick that book though. I might not even pick up a copy. I just have zero appeal to picking up Fantastic Four books anymore. It’s not even the fact it’s Dan Slott writing it. It just seems like they’re all out of place, in a different time. They’re like Captain America, they’re the team out of time but in the sense they’re outdated.

This weeks Marvel pick for me is Darth Vader #19. We’re suppose to learn more about Vaders Castle or Fortress as the story arc is calling it.

I love Vader and learning more about his past after the events of Revenge of the Sith before his death in the Return of the Jedi is a must for me. Lots of story telling to tell I think.

Indie Pick

Blastosaurus is New Zealand’s all time best selling comic book is now being relaunched here in the U.S., which I cannot confirm from any source lookup so we’ll just take their word for it I suppose.

My kid loves dinosaurs. I love dinosaurs as well. So this is a definite book to check out. It might not end up being the best selling comic book of all time here in the U.S. but I can bet being it’s getting published by a small independent publisher, the print run will be minuscule.

From the description:

New Zealand’s #1 selling comic of all time is being relaunched as a brand new series in the US! Blastosaurus, a 6-foot-tall, mutant triceratops, aided by Tabitha Jones and Richard Green (the twelve-year-old sidekicks he never asked for) battles monsters, robots, sentient meatballs and whatever other weirdness Freak Out City can throw at him. This action/fantasy all-ages book is big, stupid fun, grounded by a real emotional core and the most human dinosaur you’ll ever meet! Perfect all-ages comic for fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gravity Falls and Will Eisner’s The Spirit.

Already selling out online, don’t pass up a copy if you see one. Could be quick flip potential and who knows, if it was the best selling book in New Zealand, some of those fans could be ordering copies for themselves to get shipped back home.

Small Publisher Pick

I mentioned this in my likes and dislikes.

This weeks small publisher pick goes to Black Badge #1 out from BOOM! Studios.

Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins have done a wonderful job together on Grass Kings so this book is a definite pick up for sure. The story sounds great but I just hope it doesn’t get too preachy and political in nature.

But the premise likely has one thing right, our poor kids will be cleaning up our messes in the future, that’s just how it goes right? The circle of life. Be on the lookout for the virgin Lemire cover as well.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.

Come on DC, you usually do so well in not pushing a book with a billion different covers. The avoid picks this week is all the Sandman Universe #1 covers you don’t like as much as the one cover you like.

Sandman has a huge fan base. It’s one of the most popular comics in the past few decades. People who don’t read comics read the Sandman (my wife read Sandman yet she doesn’t read any other comics).

So why does DC need to push so many covers onto the masses? Is it because they know all the fanboys and girls will gobble them up, pushing the sales numbers? My guess is yes.

So Poyo says, don’t give in to this if you’re a Sandman fan. Pick the cover you like and stick to that one cover. These are going to be plentiful so if you think they’ll be valuable, that likely won’t happen until well after you’re gone and turned into sand yourself.

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  1. After seeing the spoilers for FF #1 I wouldn’t hold it against you if you made it the co-pick to avoid of the week lol I pre-ordered 2 of the supposed covers with the new villain on it but besides that not giving in to the variant overkill

      1. Yeah I know lol..I picked up 2 copies of the Ramos cover only for possible 1st appearance of new villain I’ve heard of. Not sure if it’s confirmed though.

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