Rick and Morty Homages Detective #880

The classic Jock image of the Joker with bats for hair has become a popular book. It has also become source material for some awesome Homages. Rick gets the Joker treatment but with a head full or Morty.

Big Time Collectibles and Ivy League Comics are releasing a 1500 copy exclusive for Rick and Morty #41 featuring the homage. Pre-sale starts today.

The book can be purchased at the Big Time Collectibles Web Store and at the Ivie League Comics Web Store.

9 thoughts on “Rick and Morty Homages Detective #880”

  1. I saw this cover the other day and had no clue it was a detective 880 homage. I think they missed the mark on this one.

  2. rick and morty king of the rare and sweet looking variants. just like adventure time and my little pony and the ponies do well season four is coming and I see rick and morty reheatri heating up again at that point love you all blind adam out

  3. As a huge fan of the Jock cover – the “homage” is not doing anything for me.

    My guess is…. the artist did the cover and someone said “Hey, if you squint real hard it kind of looks like Detective #880.”

    Hard pass for me.

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