Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of Sept 5th, 2018

You want to know what’s really grinding my gears this week?

I’ll tell you what’s grinding my gears.
Hashtags are for Comments in Code
Are they really naming this new Venom Mech character with a hashtag in his name? Seriously Marvel, a hashtag? I know people are all over this with the initial hype but has anyone really stopped to think about how stupid this name is? Ven#m. Really? Maybe I’m getting old or something but hold that thought, I have to tell some kids to get off my lawn.
And for the record, Twitter ruined the original use of the hashtag which was used in actual code development and such. Not for social media.
Say It Ain’t So Drax
In an interview on the Jonathan Ross Show, Dave Bautista, better know as Drax is still spreading his displeasure over James Gunn being fired and now GOTG Vol. 3 is on hold.
During the interview, he briefly mentioned he’s not sure if he wants to work for Disney any longer.
Well, that just sucks. I mean, as much as I liked his portrayal of Drax and he could easily be replaced, I just don’t see that happening. If it were to happen, I’d be willing to bet they just write him out entirely. Either way, Disney needs to fix their mess because last I checked, Guardians make them some decent cash so I doubt the entire movie is scrapped after it was also mentioned the initial crew was dismissed from the set.
Marvel Capitalizing on Cates
More Guardians of the Galaxy news that’s actually better than the Drax news. Marvel has plans to bring back Guardians of the Galaxy in 2019 under a new creative team, Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw, the team who brought us Thanos Wins story line.
So this could be a good thing right? I just hope with more and more titles under Cates belt, we don’t see a fallout in the quality of writing.

It’s a lighter week for sure. Tells us what you’re liking or disliking this week.

52 thoughts on “Things I Like and Don't Like for the Week of Sept 5th, 2018”

  1. Anyone else notice that in the marvel knights in the previews they added “with donny cates” in little bold but are highlighting the fact that he’s on it

  2. What ongoings is Cates writing besides Venom? Death of Inhumans is going to end, and I think same with CGR. So as of next year, he will only be writing Venom and Guardians, and overseeing/partially writing Marvel Knights, along with his Indy work. I’m not too worried as of now, but if gets another ongoing, and keeps his Indy side strong, then there could be issues.

    1. That’s what I”m worried about. Sure he has some mini-series but if they start piling up too much work, I hope the writing doesn’t suffer.

  3. I don’t think Drax could be replaced that easily. He is the real comic relief and gets the most laughs. People will not accept the jokes the same.

    1. Yeah but aren’t all WWE stars booed? People know it’s fake right? I never understood why people actually pay to watch WWE.

  4. So in the finale of Cosmic Ghost Rider #5 we are going to get a new Donny Cates mashup because you know you all demanded it. Thanisher, Thanosher, or Punos, Punisher Thanos. I can digg Juggerduck but at what point is Marvel going to stop this madness.

    1. At least marvel is pumping out books to spec on based on creating stupid characters. Dc is barely keeping up with a handful of cool covers which is a lousy thing to spec on(aside from the BWL). 10 years from now no one will remember that great aquaman cover but everyone will remember a stupid venom robot or the first grootspider.

      1. I have to respectfully disagree Salty. You think that the waves Middleton created with some of the Aquaman covers and more certainly the Batgirl covers will wane in comparison to the staunch line-up of new mash-ups Marvel is producing? Really? History says otherwise.

      2. I beg to differ as well, Salty. I feel that some of Middletons recent covers, BG23 specifically, will be sought after in 10 years, where as hashtag venom bot et al will be an afterthought.

      I saw a spoiler spread of the new team on some site. Juggerduck looks dope. But there was a caption next to Kamala that ended with “Now with added shield!” and one next to Rocket explaining his suit saying “Shut up you like it.” That just about told me I only want one copy of it.
      Could catch heat but Idc. Accepting characters and forcefully shoving them down my throat are two different beasts. And this fall is loaded with those other mash ups, be interesting to see which ones stick.

  5. I tend to agree with most of you. Hot covers will always have a market. Look at Detective 880. Nothing important going on in that issue, but the cover sells the book.
    As for Ven#m, it all depends on the popularity and the writer. Look at Spider-Gwen (Ghost Spider) she was popular from the get go and stayed popular even before the Spider-Verse film.
    If Ven#m is well written and sticks she can be another popular character with staying power.
    If she was created simply for the current story and never written about again, then yes she will be an after thought simply because we don’t hear about her anymore.

    1. Haha. One does have to appreciate this. You might not like the mashup or characters he’s creating but the chance he makes an irrelevant back issue heat up.. I totally agree with.. “bring it on..”

  6. I say keep the mash ups coming. most fun I have had with marvel in years. I am now going to be cos playing as juggerduck . c.g.r. is a major hit . I ha ven’t sceen venom this good since leathal protector. so bring it on. #venom I see cos play written all over it . my business is booking sexy cos players for parties so fing what . cos play is #awesomesauce comics are #awesomesauce. comicgate can kiss my phatt blind a&& . people need to stopplayer hating . #testify blind adam out

        1. Actually I’ve seen him in action with his phone. It’s pretty impressive how he does everything by listening and speech to text. Yes, Blind Adam has met me.. but I’m not totally sure if he knows what I look like so my secret identity is still safe. 🙂

  7. Is comicxposure the site that frequently cancels orders? I just had my order for Ghost Rider 3 1:25 variant cancelled. This is the 2nd time this has happened with that website for a spec type book. Not cool. They had inventory of 91 about 20 minutes ago and then “sold out”. Weird.

    1. Comixposure is one of the worst shops to buy from. They are not good people, imo, and should be avoided at all costs for your own good. My sentiments are well known about that ‘store’. Buyer beware.

    2. I’m a fairly lax guy and usually give people the benefit of the doubt. Even businesses mess up. However, I have had bad experiences from both them and Unknown so I just steer clear now. I had some good shipments come from both but two bad from one and a nightmare from the other and 5 calls and 765 e mails later says I’ll keep my money. Everyone has different experiences of course but just my boring two 👍👍

      1. Yeah, if nothing goes wrong with your order, you are good to go. If something goes wrong, that’s where they’ll fail you as a customer almost every single time.

      2. haven’t had a comic exposure hater thread in a while! Yes. I too have had a very bad experience wit CX. It was so bad I had to contact another store in the Bronx (where supposedly CX is located, although I think it’s one guy working out of his apartment) who personally knew him and convince him to ship my damn book I paid for! Frustrating as I could tell others were getting theirs from him and even my attempts to contact him through social media were deleted from their page. Which is a bad sign when you know they see your complaint but erase it without trying to resolve it with you.

    1. Im pretty sure Cates just signed a contract extension with Marvel. I feel like we are in the infancy of Cates run over all things Marvel.

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