Rick & Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons Contest Finalists – You Vote Now

Alright, it’s time to announce the finalists so the final voting can commence for the Rick & Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons Sneak Peek Preview giveaway.

I must say, I loved them all and think they’re all winners in my opinion, I wish I had a copy for everyone but sadly we had to narrow it down to the final 4 (yes, we originally said 3 finalists but we couldn’t settle on how to split up the two that were splitting the difference on favorites between myself and Anthony so Anthony said, let’s just make it 4 finalists) that now you, the CHU readers get to pick to go on and pick the overall finalist.
So the finalists are Jesus, JTRodgers, OC_Guy and Black Bolt. Here they are again so you’re not having to search for the old post to view them again for your votes on the overall favorite:
1. Jesus

2. JTRodgers

3. OC_Guy

4. Black Bolt

Now to bring this to light as an honorable mention, you all weren’t aware but the entry by Maddie Buck was special as this entry was done by a 6 year old. I have kids myself and absolutely adore kid art. So just for entering and drawing us a pretty awesome Snowball to view, I got something for Maddie as well. If you don’t recall Maddie’s Snowball, here it is again.

Alright, so pick your overall winners by commenting below and typing their name or number next to their name. We’ll announce the winner this Saturday, Sept 8th, 2018 at 7:00pm so you have until then to cast your vote.

41 thoughts on “Rick & Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons Contest Finalists – You Vote Now”

  1. Maddies is my top choice. In all honesty. I clicked on the post and quickly scanned down, without reading, to see if I made the cut. In my brief initial glance, I had Maddies pic as my winner. I love the fingers and the toes on Snowball in that pic. They truly stood out for me. If Maddie is not a finalist, then I will pick JTRs Snowball.

    1. Maddie isn’t part of the overall finalists but I already made her a winner just for entering. I’ll be in touch via email to Maddie’s mother to arrange her prize.

  2. This was so very well done by all the participants that I am having a heck of time just choosing one!! Digging deep, I have to go with JTRogers for my pick. Congrats to all the entries though—fantastic work!

      1. The ahcan does have an earlier copy date but don’t know if it contains Talos yet the ashcan is 16 pages if you take out the ads in #418 Talos would appear on page 16.

      2. Don’t forget HULK #419… People are listing that as Talos first “full” appearance. Has him on the cover as well.
        Also, Amazon still looks to have cheap copies of Hulk #418…but it’s Amazon, so ya never know.

        1. I’d constitute that as a first appearance. Those trying to say otherwise would just be pumping up the other book to increase sales..

        2. For ya’lls viewing pleasure:

          Yes it’s brief appearance but this is why I hate the debates of first appearance. For me, a 1st full is if you can see their face, know their name and they speak. 418 Talos does all 3.

    1. I would think 418 would be his first too…Four panels is enough for me but you never know how the grading services will see it….419 is definitely his first cover…seeing that he is movie star I guess it is “important” now.

    1. Yes. It’s just like a real democracy, you can vote and you can even vote for yourself. But you can’t change your vote once you voted. 🙂

  3. Man, I swore that Taco Rick would be a finalist … and the winner!
    Now, if I can, I’m going with #3 OC_Guy cuz is funny as hell XD
    But about Jesus, i think he deserves it for the good work he did… so we have a draw?

  4. There’s still time to vote. Currently Jesus is in the lead at 8 votes. OC_Guy and Black Bolt are tied at 5 votes each and JT Rodgers has 4 votes.

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