Likes and Don’t Likes for the Week of August 1st, 2018

I survived the road to Hana (yes, it’s apparently a thing) and didn’t get eaten by any sharks (but I did see lots of turtles on my snorkeling adventure). So there’s that in something to like this week. It was hard to leave but all good things must come to an end.

The absolutely best thing to like this week is to make it home safely. Now, I just need that vacation from the vacation.

Last week we saw a bunch of news come out of SDCC, probably the biggest comic con. The next big con is NYCC in October where we get more great news in the comic world but until then, you get to read what Poyo likes and dislikes this week.

Copyright What?

Nothing beats coming home to find a copy of Farmhand #1 signed by Rob Guillory in your mailbox from Anthony. But that’s not all that was sent. Anthony talked about some Rob quick sketches so when I flipped the comic over, seems he included a sketch on the backer board along with it.

Perfect! Mark this under things I like.

Perfect Ideas

So Legos makes some great toys. Lego Ideas is a place where they accept new ideas for new Lego sets. That’s where Voltron comes in.

So when ToyBoxOne mentioned that they’re doing a Voltron Ideas set, I knew I was going to blow a wad of cash on some of these being a Voltron fan.

So low and behold, you can become a Lego VIP member and order these before they go on sale on August 1st for the general public. The nice perk about his is, my sets already arrived and I started building one of them last night. What a great vacation from the vacation!

You can go here to visit Lego’s site to become VIP or order after August 1st. If you’re not already an VIP member, it takes about a day to become one after they do some type of verification. So you can beat the August 1st deadline when anyone can order. Or you can take your chances and wait until then, but from past Lego Ideas, they usually don’t last long.

And yes, I bought two sets (limited to 2). Keep one, build it. Eventually sell the other to pay for both and possibly profit. We need to start a Legos Heating Up website..

Saga on Hiatus

I don’t mind BKV and Staples taking breaks, we all know it’s a long tedious process to create just one comic book. But they kill off a major character and then claim they’re taking a year off? I might be behind on my Saga readings but I say BOOOOOO! to this for issue #54.

I knew this major character likely had a death coming their way though. It’s sort of expected when it’s the child narrating the story.

Thanos Dies Yet Again

Infinity Wars Prime #1 shows us Thanos dying in what I’d describe as in style. But how many other times has he died? Couldn’t they think of something else besides just killing him only for him to come back again?

Snyder Handing Over Titles

Is it me or has Snyder handed over new DC titles he starts way too often to James Tynion IV?

I’m going to tell you all a story, a story of when I was just getting back into comics and discovering great writers and artists.

Anyone remember Talon? Yeah, the one straight out of Snyder’s Batman New 52 run and the Court of Owls story arcs. I was really enjoying Talon, which I still think is underrated, well, up until issue #8 when Snyder handed it over to Tynion IV.

At the time I was reading this series, I barely knew who Snyder was. I had zero idea who Tynion IV was. I recall reading issue #8 and almost immediately thought to myself a few pages in, something is different, very different. The story was awful now, the narrative, the bubble captions. What the F$*k is going on I thought? That’s when I compared issue #7 to #8 and noticed Snyder’s name is gone and Tynion IV was on the cover as writer.

Why would they switch writers I thought? This book had so much going for it. I never finished issue #8 (I hate to say this but it was total garbage) and I didn’t even bother buying Talon again from that point on.

So you might ask me where I’m going with this? Well, this week, Justice League #5 hits stands. Snyder started this Volume 5 but it seems he’s handing it over to Tynion IV starting in his issue. I was picking up Justice League but I’m not going to bother with this new issue. I likely won’t even read the other remaining copies I hadn’t read yet.

Not to knock Tynion IV, he has his moments but when you go from Snyder to Tynion, it’s like going from driving a Ferrari to a Fiat (sorry to anyone who owns or drives a newer Fiat, they’re garbage cheap cars with the worst ratings year after year).

DC, stop doing this? Stop slapping Snyder’s name on every series you start to rope in readers only then to move him off onto the next series, leaving us with garbage.

Well, that’s all I got this week. Comments anyone? Anything you like or dislike? Do you like or dislike this column? Do you like or dislike Poyo? You can be honest, I’m a big boy who can handle the truth unless I don’t and rip it to pieces with my Super Chicken laser death rays.

34 thoughts on “Likes and Don’t Likes for the Week of August 1st, 2018”

    1. Yeah, seems it’s not just Tynion that takes over, seems Snyder starts off books and the moves on way to quickly.

      1. #7 , #9 and #10 are Snyder according to previews catalog . #8 is Tynion , so i guess some rotation is happening there . Which is par for the course these days , especially for the artists .

        1. Probably wont be long Tynion takes over though. I dont know though, even one Tynion issue right smack in between the others can put a damper on the series to me.

  1. Ive flipped a few Legos sets that I have found cheap at garage sales. Ive always been curious about the Lego secondary market. I would totally read a LegosHeatingUp site (they have to exist already, somewhere).

    1. I’ve checked out Lego sales myself, seems a majority of the popular ones double in value. I told the wife if I had bought two sets for every set we bought for the kids, I could have easily made enough money to cover both sets + some profit, basically getting legos for free.

      This is one reason I just buckled down and bought two Voltron sets.. I think this one is going to be limited and be a nice profit a few years from now as I kept the box with no dings or crunches sealed to sell later.

      1. You probably won’t have to wait that long, I know some older LEGO SDCC exclusive figures not even sets, can bring in hundreds

        1. I believe it. My kid had the Indominous Rex Jurassic World set and thought be lost the head to the Rex. So I check eBay to buy another one, just the Rex to get the head back and it was selling for $80 all on its own. I think the entire set originally was only $110 or so. Full sets were going for $200 or more.

  2. Tynion is, thankfully, only writing the one issue and then Snyder will be back. I agree though, Tynion is a terrible writer and wouldn’t be writing for DC if not for Snyder.

    1. Yeah, I’ve given him a few other chances on his own titles but found most of his writing not very interesting, at least for me.

      1. I buy every Batman and Detective Comics issues and I suffered through 2 years of Tynion on Detective. He writes some characters well, like Clayface, but he is really bad at writing Batman.

  3. I was thinking about dropping one of my Image titles. It was between Saga and Manifest Destiny, but now with this year long break and East of West ending soon I’ll be keeping both of them. I do think a year long break is a little bit too much.

    1. I’ve been waiting for East of West to end so I can just sit down and read all of the remaining issues in one big sitting.

      I’m still pissed at Hickman though, he promised us Dying and the Dead and it’s done nothing.. that was his best book ever!

  4. I saw the Voltron set at SDCC and took couple of pictures. I told my wife I wanted it lol. Good to know that there is a VIP for legos as I spend a grip load of $ on legos for my boys who play with them and then later on lose the pieces lol. Nice write up Poyo and great personal drawing!!

  5. Hana is always fun but they rarely let you swim in seven sacred pools any more since it became a National Park. It was my favorite place in Hana outside red sand beach and the lave tube.

    1. We didnt hit red sand beach but did stop by black sand beach. We did the quick stop at the lava tube as well.

  6. I love the Voltron legos, but can’t see myself spending $180 for it.

    I have flipped a few LEGO sets over the years. Sold a Sears tower, Apollo spacecraft and a sopwith camel for 4x paid…and I’m holding on to my millennium falcon (empire strikes back version).

    1. I completed it tonight and must say I felt it was money worth spent. Now if I can just convince the wife to make it the new dinner table center piece…. Hmmmm

    1. Apparently he’s back after this issue through 10 but we can likely conclude at some point Tynion will take over eventually.

  7. I think my dislike is the introduction of a “new character” only for it to be another character in disguise or it’s another character that was someone that showed up in a previous comic that people didn’t notice. (Seeming that’s the case with Requiem but I hope not) Sure it makes speculation more challenging/fun but seems like a marketing gimmick just to sell new issues. I’m sure it’s been happening for years too, I just got back into comics several years ago.

    1. I must admit, it’s fun and irritating at the same time for me. I’m just tired of all the mashup characters. Like, come up with a new character or hero without mashing two existing ones together.

  8. good luck with making Voltron the center peace of the table. tell the wife making Voltron the center peace of the table would make your blind friend very happy. not a hudge fan of saga taking a year long break . I enjoyed his detective run a lot . love you guys blind adam out

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