Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 9/20/18 launched recently and has quickly become a go to spot for watching eBay trends on comics. They scour thousands of sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics:
Rags #1
7 Day Trend: +277%
Weekly Units Sold: 51
Sales Average Raw: $40.43
Sales Average Graded: N/A
Reason: Small press book. Hard to find.
Avengers #48
7 Day Trend: +279%
Weekly Units Sold: 49
Sales Average Raw: $52.50
Sales Average Graded:  $37.50 (CGC 6.0)
Reason: First appearance of Dane Whitman (Black Knight)
Red Hood and the Outlaws #26 B Variant
7 Day Trend: +168%
Weekly Units Sold: 49
Sales Average Raw: $11
Sales Average Graded: $66.78 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: Awesome cover. New costume.
Avengers #346
7 Day Trend: +127%
Weekly Units Sold: 60
Sales Average Raw: $17.62
Sales Average Graded: $71.99 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First appearance Starforce, Captain Marvel Movie. Appeared on last week’s list as well.
Marvel Team-Up #65
7 Day Trend: +188%
Weekly Units Sold: 39
Sales Average Raw: $30.50
Sales Average Graded: $146.00 (CGC 9.6)
Reason: First US appearance of Captain Britain. 
Venom #165 Deodato Variant
7 Day Trend: +191%
Weekly Units Sold: $35
Sales Average Raw: $7.99
Sales Average Graded: N/A
Reason: Variant cover for first Appearance of Venom’s Spawn (Appears in Venon First Host)
Venom #165
7 Day Trend: +178%
Weekly Units Sold: 37
Sales Average Raw: $11
Sales Average Graded N/A
Reason: First Appearance of Venom’s Spawn (Appears in Venon First Host)
Amazing Spiderman #300
7 Day Trend: +97%
Weekly Units Sold: 58
Sales Average Raw: $307
Sales Average Graded: $536 (CGC 9.4)
Reason: First Appearance of Venom
Ms. Marvel #1
7 Day Trend: +120%
Weekly Units Sold: 40
Sales Average Raw: $113
Sales Average Graded: $236 (CGC 9.0)
Reason: Captain Marvel Movie, Key Comic
Amazing Spiderman Annual #16
7 Day Trend: +139%
Weekly Units Sold: 23
Sales Average Raw: $33.01
Sales Average Graded: $287.00 (CGC 9.8)
Reason: First appearance of Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau. Captain Marvel Movie Tie-in

43 thoughts on “ Top Ten Selling Comics for Week of 9/20/18”

    1. Hard to find. Woman running around in her panties fighting zombies. Sadly, sex sells. Just look at the Batman Damned book.. who’d thought a bunch of comic book nerds are flocking to buy a book so they can see Batman’s penis.

    1. Id say . . . If its an ongoing series maybe. Who knows anymore. The market is just everywhere these days. The sure bets are the sure bets but you got small press books that get these hard followings and its like do you flip quick or hope people will always want it.
      Thats the whole fun of spec though. If ur gonna flip Id fastpass and flip quick. U never know could turn into another Saga though .Or turn into another Clone. Small press books are the toughest to spec imo.

    2. On release day last week, i passed up on a stack of 5-8 RAGS #1. Unbelievable. Any one read it yet? Is the story or art any good, or are desperate dudes simply paying $40 to see a cartoon in her underwear?

        1. Fuck me. I was holding them in my hand and thougt to myself ‘no way this gimmick catches heat. I was late to the shop that day and nobody was looking twice at the small stack of Rags #1. Ive been really slackin lately. 😢 But, there is always more opportunities next Wednesday. 😎

          1. That’s it man. Don’t cry over money missed as more is around the corner. I took a guy with me from work to the comic shop today. He bought two Batman Damned #1’s, two magazine bags and boards. Walked out spending $15. Had $65 back by the end of lunch. He couldn’t believe how fast he sold his two copies. He said he was hooked.

  1. I’m surprised Captain Britain #1 didn’t make tis list. Literally, every copy that was on eBay when the rumor of a movie started circulation sold within hours! Now fine 6.0 copies without the mask have bids over $100 with days to go. None on Amazon, Mile High or Mycomicshop. Ridiculously hot book right now. Is it because it is a magazine?

    1. Less copies available as news hit this tracks amount of copies sold. So if only 15 copies of a book up and they all move I guess wouldn’t make the list.

      1. If there is a Captain Britain movie high grade copies with mask will reach $1000+. It’s really kinda rare since it was only released in the UK and first thing most kids did was rip out the mask and punch the eyes.

    2. Never used CGC but would like to use them to do my odd size books Vampirella, Rocket Raccoon, Star Lord, Captain Britain, Betsy Braddock, Comico Primers, New Mutants, Man Thing all these keys I have that are in great shape sitting in a weird make shift box made specifically for the weird sizes.

      1. I picked up two copies (one with the mask one without), both around 7.0 with potential to press for a higher grade…Not sure how these would press since their paper stock is so thin….more like a newspaper. Have to find out if this mag is a good fit for pressing. Regardless, I could sell the two I bought last week for close to double what I paid. I will definitely sell one…probably the one without the mask. I have a strong feeling a dedicated Captain Britain movie will be made. Was reading that Marvel just booked studio space in England…just a week after this rumor started. Never 100% when speculating but seems likely. If/When that happens I will most likely be able to triple what I put into it. Even the one without the mask would most likely pay pay for itself and the one I am keeping for the PC…Still that “if” has to happen first. Fingers crossed…. Oh, and even without the comic spec I think Captain Britain would make a great film.

      2. Funny thing that will happen most copies in the UK have been sucked out by speculators and comic collectors in N. America, when the movie comes out there will be a huge demand for this book from the UK. People that don’t collect comics will seek this out just because it represents their country in the MCU. There will be a high demand this side of the pond as well. There will not be enough copies to go around to everyone who will want one.

      3. Yeah, agree with that! Might be overreaching a bit, but if Captain Britain does move forward it could turn out to be similar to what happened with Marvel Super Heroes 13. Don’t even think the magazine format will get in the way of demand all that much. Will agree that collectors in Great Britain will be out looking for this mag in large numbers if/when the movie comes out. This is a fun one to spec on.

  2. Wow 2 good weeks in a row!!! Rags, Riptide, Batman Damned. We should be happy. Who cares why it’s hot as long as it’s hot and sells. Do we now feel bad because we can make money on sexy zombies and not a “well written story”? Kudos Anthony, Mel V. , and Poyo and whomever else contributes on a job well done.

    1. To be fair, I love Riptide. It’s a great book I think. Interesting premise. Batman Damned was good, I enjoyed it. And Rags, well, Rags was not a bad book. It is selling great. Even after other hot books have rolled through. I always recommend selling now and buying back later (a short position) on hot comics. Most of the time the prices come back down and I don’t even bother buying back.

    2. I’d love to agree with you, but when you buy these books PRESALE and the shop doesn’t ship them to you…well, I’m a bit jaded at the moment…

  3. I’ve read the first two issues of, “Riptide,” and the concept is awesome with some decent characters too. I actually picked-up and read, “Rags,” and didn’t care for it because everyone is just so unlikeable. The protagonist is unpleasant, the characters she meets are jerk, I just want everyone to get eaten they are all so hateful. The art was good though.

  4. Wow just found out I have a book worth thousands somewhere in my boxes I didn’t even know about. Black Panther #1 Nycc partial sketch variant. I paid $3 for it when I was specing Shuri before Civil War.

  5. I got a copy of Rags #1 that I pre-ordered yesterday, and then realized I pre-ordered another copy that is coming next week. Listed my copy I have now went to the store, came back about 20 minutes later and saw it was sold. I’m not sure if I should sell the next one or put together a complete set.

    1. I’d sell it also. How many small print books go up in value? None. Think Henchgirl. Plus I think it’s peaked and Batman Damned took some “thunder” away from it.

  6. While I appreciate Covrprice, think it’s a great resource along with GoCollect, Covrprice currently has X-O Manowar #2, 5, and 6 as Hot Books averaging ridiculous prices. One look at EBay and you see they are probably confusing original art sold for comic books. Attention to detail people. Lmao I was about to go hunting 😂

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